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Winter Digging:Queen Elizabeth Country Park

Winter Digging:Queen Elizabeth Country Park

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Jamie Beaton and the Petersfield massive have been putting in some hard graft down at the Queen Elizabeth Country Park.

Jamie: You want winter digging? Well here goes! Since June myself and a group of mates have started making improvements and extensions to the trails at Queen Elizabeth Country Park, near Petersfield in Hampshire.

There has been an orange “advanced” mountain bike trail there for about 20 years, but not a lot has changed in those 20 years so the park approached us to help out. Since June we have added over 1.5km of new trail and at a recent trail building committee meeting (4 guys in a pub) came up with a plan for the next year and a half. The trail will be re-launched as a red graded trail next summer, by which time we should have added another 1.5km and tidied up and improved a lot of the trail.

The trails will have jumps, berms, tables and pump sections all designed to improve the skills of people that ride here. Long term plans include a black run, skills area, blue and green trails. So far the feedback from people riding the trails has been really positive and hopefully we can continue to get more people riding the trails.

The park operates at a loss and we are volunteers with full time jobs who give up their weekends (and riding time) every 4 weeks for our dig weekends.

Our next dig weekend is 5th & 6th November.

We are always looking for more volunteers, people to ride the trail and sponsors would be great. If anyone wishes to contact us they can e-mail qecptrailbuilding@yahoo.co.uk or contact me on twitter @eldiablobrewery

Keep your Winter Digging photos and stories coming in to Billy

  1. slam hill

    make pop corners retards

  2. Tom

    Go and help them build if thats how you feel, maybe even tell them that. Jeez, some people…

  3. Burf@BTR

    Ah man, up a bit late for us to help out on the dig day!?
    Recon we could get an update on the next one? Been up QE a lot in the past, but haven’t been in years. Looks like it’s worth checking out again!

  4. Mark

    Couldn’t agree more Tom, the trails have been in need of some tlc for too long. It’s great that people are putihe effort in. As for ‘pop’ berms, ok the switchback/berm section isn’t perfect but at least someone tried. Personally I think the awkwardness is great and have loads of fun trying to get round them quick. If you want scalextric berms go ride rogate, (no offence rogate diggers!) Id rather ride something that needs a bit more thought.
    If you don’t like it, go join the trail crew and help.

    Moan over.

  5. DannyT

    Builds are every 4 weeks, so next one is 3rd/4th Dec I believe. It’s amazing how much can be achieved each dig so please all, get down there next time and help out, it makes a massive difference.

  6. eldiablobrewery

    The next trail build weekend is 3rd & 4th December. I’m really proud of what we did this weekend and the tables are open. Everyone is welcome to the dig weekend, even slam hill :-) We will be tidying the switchback section and make it flow better before the red trail launch on 19th May 2012. Hope the work wont dissapoint you Mark as we want to make the trails challenging (as Barel would say) but flow well (as we can’t ride like Barel!). We just need to find a balance. Hope to see some more people next time out as we appreciate the extra hands as well as points of view.

    Cheers, Jamie

    P.S. we are also on facebook

  7. Mark

    I’ll do my best to make the next one, between Gravity Project and a house to do up with a baby on the way free time is short though!
    Thanks for putting the time and effort in Jamie.

  8. Gee

    I was going to comment, but that tranny photo of Tim Flooks keeps weirding me out

  9. SwF

    I like slam hills idea. They should have some corners of the park where you can go and listen to s clubs 7 & steps. A sofa with pink fluffy bits to chillaxe. Great idea slam :)

  10. Onion

    Was there on Sunday.

    Thought we’d go and check it out for a change. It was pretty lame 2yrs ago so planned a bit of a south downs epic.

    When we got there, the place was unrecognisable. We didn’t bother with the south downs. Not only are the trails getting sorted but it’s being done by a really enthusiastic bunch who are trying to get the most out of a pretty flat bit of the country [ie the whole of the south of england][wish there was work for me in wales].

    Also got shown round by locals [and builders] Jon and Russ [nice bike Russ], many thanks for that, shame we couldn’t quite keep up with you – typical locals showing off!!!!!

  11. FjOL

    The trail is very nearly finished now… official opening on 19th May, but all rideable, so come on down. Here’s what we’ve done to the Final Descent (http://www.pinkbike.com/video/248587/ and http://www.pinkbike.com/video/244187/)


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