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Winter Digging:Italian Pumptrack Update

Winter Digging:Italian Pumptrack Update

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Remember we showed you the story of Scott 11 honcho and trail builder Claudio Caluori and his efforts to build a pumptrack at a hotel in Tuscany, Italy?

Well, Claudio has just sent some recent shots through and oh my golly…it looks amazing!

The hotel is called Massa Vecchia and is in a place called Massa Marittima.

italian pumptrack

Above…this is what it looked like in December…a snowy wasteland…now check below…a magnificently manicured masterpiece.







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  1. Taff

    What’s the name of this hotel? The girlfriend loves Tuscany, so next time we go it would be nice to accidentally pack my bike and end up staying here…

  2. TimBud

    Most beautiful pump track… Ever

  3. Luc "Acadian" Albert

    amazing! wow!

  4. stooky

    yup pretty cool!

  5. dirt dodger

    bloody hell, thats a lorra pumpin’ there duck! wonder what the lap time is, and wtf is goin on the world when a hotel does this? is it that close to a really good cycling venue to justify this? im just so bewildered, confused, in awe, whatever – never been to italy, hoping to go to watch the culmination of the wc season in August……are they bikin bonkers or what like?

  6. Matt

    That look amazing! Yeah what is the name of the hotel? My parents love tuscany looks like it could be a good family holiday!

  7. Matt

    That look amazing! Yeah what is the name of the hotel? My parents love tuscany looks like it could be a good family holiday!

  8. billy
  9. Ghettoleox

    per la madonna it’s beautiful !!

  10. centrifuge

    Excellent work from A to Z! I daydreamed this landscaping marvel, but bigger in 1997. No joke. In my minds eye there were 5 to 7 meter high rollers, off camber wallride-esque turns and quarter spines in the mix. Is anyone up to creating my daydream of years gone bye?

  11. Danieldh

    You guy are kidding me!!! This is bullsh@#%##t!!! Photoshoped! hahahaha…. It can’t be real!!!

  12. Ben Walker

    Wow! Nice work Claudio.

  13. Fábio Moreira



  14. mellon


  15. craig

    pump golf course track. manuall or birdie anyone

  16. Laurens

    That hotel has a long history serving as a Tuscan base camp in spring and fall for mountain bikers such as Thomas Frischknecht, Flo Vogel and Nino Schurter, generally with the Swiss cycling federation, and they also work together with Nick Beer’s parents for guided rides. So yes, it’s kind of a specialized (no, not the brand…) hotel catering to bike-heads.
    Go and visit Ernesto, the boss – he deserves to get some guests from Britain after having Claudio build that marvel of a pumptrack at his site.

  17. Dirt Diggler

    Thats got to be the Gleneagles of pumptracks !!!!

  18. Brentstyle

    I get the same excitement and envy when looking at pictures of pump tracks as my parents do when watching Grand Designs. More pump tracks and digging news, please!!

  19. NZrox

    concrete breaks bones

  20. swissDH

    @danieldh: Hahaha Photoshop, funny you *rofl* Now THIS is real swiss-quality trailbuilding 😀

  21. ronin

    damn. it’s my dream to do that to every golf course I see.

  22. PUMBC


  23. rh

    Holy crap!! Pump track mixed with golf course mixed with skate park!! I like.. Puts all other muddy fields to shame! Good work fella!

  24. billy

    @NZrox, it’s clay not concrete?!

  25. azzyp

    thats sweet! doubt my nearest travel lodge will let me re create it! im sure they dont need all of the car park!!!

  26. dhdave

    This is sooo sick!

  27. Cioffi

    Tryied last sunday, amazing track
    pretty fun!!!


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