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Winter Digging: WynTV- Chile Digging

Winter Digging: WynTV- Chile Digging

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Wyn Masters has been out in Chile doing some hard graft with the shovel and spade.
Check out the photos of the new line on the Super Cougar trail, it looks like it’s going to be sooooo much fun to ride!!!

Good work Wyn and crew.


So today was my last day digging here’s a bit of a wrap on the trail we have been done this week.

I have just finished 3 months out here in Patagonia, Chile digging trails and am heading home tomorrow which is cool, after digging 6 days a week all by hand for the past three months I am finally starting to feel the effects of it, so it will be nice to get back to NZ and relax for a bit, well I really won’t be much relaxing much but that’s just what I am dreaming of right now.
Despite the fact it is meant to be the Patagonian summer we have had all sorts of weather to work in out here, and in one week we can have rain, snow, hail, and hot sun which is pretty crazy, but sure did make it interesting some day’s especially on the ride home from work too.

So this past week the crew and I have just finished a pretty sick trail, well by my standards, it was a new line for the Super Cougar trail to start the trail higher up the hill and we have built some pretty huge berms that flow their way down the hill, here’s a few shots for your viewing pleasure.












After work today we did an epic session of trail testing and all the boy’s couldn’t get enough of it doing lap after lap on the new piece of trail, I will get some GoPro footage up from that soon too.

Cheers Wyn.

  1. Ben

    would rather be there than here…

  2. jack

    hearing that!!!

  3. gert frobe

    Heard a few kiwi boys talk about going round the world digging trails for random people, any idea how to get in on this action?

  4. dirt dodger

    that looks sooo sick.

  5. red squirrel

    They’re pics for the wank bank. Looks amazing! sculptured to perfection! Come and build one near Manchester please

  6. Faceplanter

    Aw come on, are you trying to depress us Dirt?

  7. TommyD

    Just wow.

  8. MuSkA

    All those berms are just simply perfect…

  9. Paul S

    how much fun does that look! awesome!

  10. Skcom

    Looks great, wait till the brakebumps come, even more fun

  11. stooky

    Yes please!!!

  12. Daire

    This is the God trail…

  13. --

    looks very steep.

  14. Matt

    That looks so perfect! beautifull scenery to boot.

    I’m jelous

  15. Olly P

    Dear Santa…. 2 Tickets to Chile please!

  16. Pager

    Lets get Wyn and those boys building work cup tracks! Looks amazing there. Good work fellas…..

  17. Jeff M

    Where’s the said GoPro footage? Porn is way better in action.

  18. mikeh

    gert frobe – I saw this on vorb:


    the company is called NZ Trail Solutions

  19. derek

    That looks so damn good.

  20. NZrox

    same as les gets bob slieigh tracks, brake bump hell yawn. But nice view

  21. jonzo

    Jeez if you even thought about building something like that where I am the local authority “though police” would have you burned at the stake in the name of preservation!

  22. Leon

    thats amazing work there man , to do all that by hand is amazing

  23. sandro

    OMG…that track is sick!!
    A dream for bikers…wyn your my heroe continue!!

  24. J

    Love shreding super cougar looks like u guys did a epic job of fixing it up cant wait to get back there!!!


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