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Winter Digging: Tottenham Pump Track

Winter Digging: Tottenham Pump Track

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Kev, Yanto and Dazzla have been on the shovel up London way recently and have just finished a rather mint pumptrack in Tottenham.

The Welsh mob from www.back-on-track.org (Bryn’s outfit) have swapped the valleys for the bright lights of old London Town and have shaped up a lovely looking ribbon of pump.

It’s at a place called www.thetrax.co.uk and should be open soon. If you’re a Londoner looking for some pumping action (not the Clapham Common type of pumping) then check it out.

Incase you’re wondering:

Kev: Shaun Bevan
Yanto: Nikki Whiles
Dazzla: Dazzla
Bryn: Rowan Sorrell

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  1. Danieldh

    It looks pretty awesome, but maybe a bit too big for a pump track, looks a bit more like a BMX single track. Regardless it would be amazing to ride it for hours!

  2. Gareth

    Aye. Looks magic that track. I may well have to get my fat lazy hungover ass off my east end sofa this weekend, oil the chain on the old trailstar and ride for a change. Inspired.

  3. ddmonkey

    Amazing, I’m inspired to find a patch of mud to build one near me for the winter.

    Hand up who spent a few seconds waiting for the black bar at the end to turn into a picture. Doh.

  4. Gar Gulmanuts

    Beauty. I love the way it’s groomed, too. Going to come out looking very St. Andrews when it’s all grown in.

  5. Tom

    the council round me wouldn’t dream of let something like that be built.

  6. stooky

    lucky you got it finished in time for summer!!!
    looking sweet.

  7. MuSkA

    Sweet Jesus that looks so smooooth…
    I want so bad to build something like that in my backyard but dont have the time…

  8. nickyb

    Looking great everyone in the club cant wait to get on it and smash it!!! Also some shameless plugging!!! Make sure you check the website out and if your free get involved with the club, we always need volunteers to help coach, assist ride outs, and now to help maintain the track.


  9. Daniel Mintz

    Back on Track have done an awesome job (as would not surprise any of us),to help bring a community run bike park to Tottenham at what could not be a better time for us all.

    Official launch is November 19th. Come join us – will be a bit of a party as well as a fun ride day (dress warm;). If you want to get involved in the project then you can get my details of the website.

    Massive thanks to Mpora/ dirt for their ongoing support. Makes projects like this thrive.

    Daniel (Chair -the Trax.co.uk the off road cycling club of Lordship loop, Tottenham)

  10. bobek

    …thinking of getting myself a bmx 😉 ,track looks awesome!!!!

  11. Benny boy

    As a downhiller/idiot on any bike and a digger owner/operator, all i can say is, its a work of art! Too many people take for granted the skill and sheer hard graft that goes into places like this. Well done guys! It looks awesome!

  12. Dingo Dave

    Awesome pumptrack – is that limestone on top? nice way to finish it off. Any videos of riders on it?

  13. FirecrestMTB

    Firecrest MTB ran a six week Mtb skills coaching program for the local youngsters from Tottenham early last year and it’s great to see this exciting project come together. For the young guys and girls that came on the sessions having this facility is going to make a huge difference to there lives.

    Dan you deserve a huge part on the back for your passion and commitment to this project. For anyone out there thinking that they’d like one of these in their local park this just shows what’s possible if you have an unshakeable belief that you can do it and can evidence the benefits to the comunity of what you want to build.

    Looking forward to the opening in November. See you there.

  14. oliverghost

    I went up there today to have a look.
    It’s massive, no londoner is going to make a full loop, they haven’t got the lung capacity, london smog’s fucked it.

    Boy it looks fucking awesome, can’t wait to get out on it.

  15. mrsmokeybear

    It would be better to call it the 1%
    The track is built for elite riders and fails to offer the opportunity for those of less ability to bridge the divide between simply rolling over a series bumps to being able to develop the skills needed to ride the track to its potential. At its opening, I watched elite riders skipping over moguls on their back wheel wondering what the track provided for children who will never attain those skills. Too many of the sections simply kill any speed you have built up, there should have been sections for people to accomplish and learn what is needed to progress to more challenging sections, the basic premise of any form of inclusive education is scaffolding activities to allow people to attain their potential rather than patronising them with a ‘well at least you can just roll over the bumps’….. So if this park is provided for local people it certainly fails to be inclusive.
    The jump park at Learnie, the bike park at Kielder and especially the skills loop at Dalbettie are the best examples I know where riders are able to develop their skills, of course the problem is they are all more than 300 miles away, the real shame is the missed opportunity of providing something of real use to the local community.
    PS it is not even a loop

  16. Александр Симонов

    Hi, guys, could u share, what kind of coverage did u use? Just loamy soil, or some kind of hardeners or another adds?


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