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Winter Digging: School Pumptrack

Winter Digging: School Pumptrack

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Sixth former Paul Worthy from near Chepstow sent over a great story about setting up a school mountain bike club and digging a pumptrack without so much as a “oi, what do you think you’re playing at?!” from the teachers.

‘Enrichment’ lessons are where it’s at!

And the good thing is it’s not too far from DirtHQ so we’ll have to pop along and check it out soon.

Here’s what Paul said:

“I just thought I’d send you over some pics of some winter digging that’s been going on at Wyedean school.

At our sixth form we have scheduled ‘Enrichment’ lessons which occur once a week, in which students are encouraged to participate in alternative activities (cooking, knitting etc. ) So my mate and I, decided to set up a Mountain Bike Club, to allow students to ride during school, and to encourage other people to try out mountain biking. So the school gave us the digging rights to a smallish plot of land, and let us loose. Armed with only spades, forks, barrows, and a pick axe, and with the help of our friends and classmates , we began designing and building a pump track (something none of us have ever done before ). We have now finished the pumptracks first loop, and are in the process of applying for funding to buy some bikes for the school. ”








Remember to send your winter digging photos/videos/stories to Billy

  1. Morgan

    Let me know if you need any help, happy to lend a hand in return for riding

  2. Leon

    Lucky students man !!

  3. TommyD

    Nice work, wish we could have a pumptrack at the school where I go!

  4. Pip

    We had mountain biking at Glentress for PE when I was at high school.

  5. Matt Grindrod

    outside of school time, there is nothing stopping locals from riding (which is what a lot of kids from the area have done). When there is an official opening we’ll spread the word, let people know and have a whole day of riding. (very possibly with photo competition, bbq, music etc)


  6. Ali Todd

    Nice work guys. Shame I couldn’t come and ride it last weekend – I’m quite jealous now!

  7. Douglas Owen

    cant wait to ride it, gonna be awesome

  8. Morgan

    Cheers Matt!

  9. derek

    Nice work guys! If more people to the initiative to build tracks near them. The world would be a better place.

  10. Randell

    .kann nur besser sein als der Bikepark Leogang (dieser wurde zuehcrt in der aktuellen Freeride kritisiert)


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