Winter Digging: Hawkes Bay, New Zealand

Florian de Vries from New Zealand sent us pics of his local DJ spot that he’s been digging.

Looks like a lot of hard work has gone into this spot, good work lads!

Florian de Vries says: “It’s not really winter digging but the weathers been cold and terrible so I guess that counts?!”

“Local pinner George Brannigan has been giving us some ideas to come up with something new at my local DJ spot. So we have started and are half way through building the new line.”

“Myself and my brother started this spot with council approval around five years ago, after years of jumps being busted down at Aari Barrett’s spot up the road.”

“This was the spot to ride after school as it’s close to town and is always good fun with a slalom type track too on the small hillside. It also features in one of Brook MacDonald’s videos from wayback. Hopefully will be ready in the next month!”

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