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Winter Digging: Downhill

Winter Digging: Downhill

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Two lots of downhill winter digging for you today.

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Adam Ramsay: “Over the past year and a half, me and a few mates have been digging in a secret spot called Lumquhat. It is only a short hill but many hours have been spent making the most of the secluded hillside which now has 4 lines top to bottom. Each line is a little gem. ”





Olly Hopkinson spent the weekend on the shovel in his back garden in Gloucestershire.

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  1. semtex

    Is it really necessary to hurts trees like on second pictures ?

  2. Christiaan

    That tree looks pretty rotten and dead to me, you mena the stump at the front on the right?

  3. Christiaan

    That tree looks pretty rotten and dead to me, you mena the stump at the front on the right? Or do you mean the bark missing?

  4. sideways sid

    I’m with you semtex. I always thought a major part of biking was working WITH nature to create unique lines, not smashing it out of the way. I know a bit of pruning is needed sometimes, but you can always find a line around trees, not through them. The 2nd set (Ollies) looks great tho. Wish I had a garden like that…

  5. Tom Laws

    Barrier tape is better than scarring trees with an axe. Just little tags in the trees is enough to show the line ’til a corridor is cut.

    VERY exciting project to be showcased early next year… winter digging to the max… :-)

  6. ben80

    Im with you boys,thats exactly the sort of stupidity that gives the sport and riders a bad name.Its not suprising its so hard to get permission for tracks after pics like that.
    Other than that the tracks look sweet.

  7. Tom

    They’ve only scarred the tree’s…They wont die…Jesus..

    Nice trails,keep it up.

  8. dj fergoose

    @sideways sid,to be fair that is the only part of those trials where a few trees have been removed for sweet berms the rest is fairly natural! also lol at the goon in the red jumper.

  9. boo-ers

    ben80, you sound like a right twat!

  10. Tom

    ….Boo-ers…thatswhat i was saying in code!

  11. Duncan

    The trees won’t die but have been vandalised which is what other people would focus on. Sick trails though!

  12. baddog

    Ace fellas, always inspireing to see a good bit of dh digging. gives me ideas. But ya all right about those trees, it happend at a local spot one school summer hols. Me and a loada mates built a sick dh run,took ages. Ranger was happy with it until some noobs on summer hols decided to build a track near ours and ring barked a load of trees. The ranger said after flattening our track and there poor effort,that if it wernt for the damage to the trees the tracks could of stayed. Gutted…..

  13. Leon

    Very very nice left hand berm you have there!!

  14. Leon

    Shit ! Just realised that’s you Olly !How ya doin man ? You been busy dude , nice work!

  15. dugsuprlegodude

    I live 1/2 mile from this, just wish me and my mates could ride it.

  16. rusty

    keep it steep and natural

  17. Cant Climb

    Flag, rake it then ride it. No reason to dig up worthless 3-4 foot high berms. After it is ridden in go back and spruce up the sections that need some work.

  18. zak

    Nice work lads, with that kind of idiocy i’m sure land owners will be queuing for you to build trails on their land. Looks shite too.

  19. VivJones

    Ahhh (Can’t Climb) I working build those track with olly and there idea brem is very tall due hill is very steep when you get there you will see…. one day ! And there load rock garden and drop off….ect load stuff. And yeah we will still working rebuild hope load riding down should harder it so it would stay brem after !. Viv

  20. FatTim

    Damage to tree = limited. Damage to reputation of trail builders = ? What you can get away with depends on the circumstances. There are loads of things that wreck trees; cutting the bark does little damage – most damage will be done at the roots (root compaction and building against a tree is most likley to kill it). Damage to bark might not do much but it can turn landowners and user groups against riders. Decide what works for you. Peace.

  21. ben80

    @ Boo-ers Im not getting into an argument with a spotty 14 yr old,but after having many trails closed down because of this and what others have also said i think you will agree there is a point here.

  22. ANDY G

    Both very nice trails – agree that the berm looks a little bit excessive but fun no doubt..raking it and riding it is usually best bet. The gloucster trails look barry.

    As for the tree “issue ” on the first pics, well as a tree surgeon I would say that the tree might find it difficult to compartmentalise that large wound (I’ve not comments about the stump – just trim it down and cover it -I know the rangers at my trails tend to take note of stumps etc) – the brach stub should have been left, to allow the wound to callous over and to prevent rot spreading into the main stem of the tree, perhaps some undercutting of branch to be removed would have allowed the the branch to be pruned of without ripping the bark from the cambium as it came off. The tree will probably rot from that point now and in 15-20 years time may well fail and fall over the trail. acch well. They’re only younguns.

  23. marcus

    viv, you write english like an idiot

  24. zak

    Oh, I didn’t even think that was english.

  25. a-sound-guy

    oh hey. Didnt see you there.

  26. fishy-supreme

    ben80. you are a penis head, you should die of anal prolaps and fall off a tree.

  27. non-self funded world cup rider

    Marcus. You’re a prick. Why does it matter what he writes like. Surely you’re not a mountain biker…

  28. Duncan

    Thanks a lot for the info Andy G


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