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Winter Digging: Crosets in Champery

Winter Digging: Crosets in Champery

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Champery resident Ben Walker is always digging, the man is unstoppable.

These latest pics were actually from the Autumn and now the trail is covered in snow but when the white stuff clears this looks like it’s going be a super fun track:

Will, Joel and I rebuilt the Crosets 2 trail in Champery this last fall. Eric the winter ski patroler was driving the Kaiser walking digger. The trail is lots of fun now with huge berms, a couple jumps and lots of lines to pass your friends in the corners. We were having a blast on it right up until the snow came and then it was over for the winter. We didn’t even get to ride the second half of the trail before the snow came. Now it is under a ski run until next spring.









Photos: Will Walker

  1. ddmonkey

    One for list when spring comes, whoop! Can’t wait…. :)

  2. tom

    Thank you very much. That track really needed some work.

  3. Ed

    That track used to be bloody awful! looks like it will be a lot better now!

  4. g

    cant agree more, was a frankly bollocks track before. Looks like good fun now.

  5. Jeron

    cant wait to ride that! make sure its done for the start of july 😉

  6. t

    sponsored by 5.10?

  7. Butch

    So….if Ed McMahon gave away vacations, I would put the Champerey sticker on my entry form. Go big Ben!

  8. PhilG

    Wish I was there

  9. Dirty Dee

    Is this the one on the hill facing the swiss national course? I need to get back out there, the memories are fading…

  10. gulson

    @dirty deeeh i think it is

  11. omp

    going out to champerey in july, looks like fun! thanks lads

  12. derek

    looks great!

  13. Sam B

    Loving that last shot Will. Cool angle and framing! But really, all the shots are rad.

  14. Donny Tabascoe

    Thank god for men like the Walker brothers and their crew. Lads if you’re reading, well done.

  15. Adam

    more trails is good, but can we have one that lasts longer than the chairlift please?

    i am a little concerned that this will be another steep-ish track – meaning everyone except experts will be on their brakes all the way down, meaning it will be full of braking bumps almost immediately…

    i hope i’m wrong…

  16. Ben Walker

    Thanks guys! There are a couple other trails that will get a makeover before the lifts open next summer. I got the OK to keep the 4X track for World Champs as a permanent fixture as well and add a bunch of dirt jumps, drops and pumptrack to the spot. Should be a sweet little bikepark at the bottom of the DH track before next summer.

  17. dan yeomans

    I can feel some nice Swiss DH camps coming up this summer. looks nice!

  18. Paddy

    Looks amazing , cant wait to ride that in July when our group o guys arrive.. Thats opposite the swiss national track is it ?


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