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Winter Digging: Italian Pumptrack

Winter Digging: Italian Pumptrack

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Scott 11 honcho and trail builder Claudio Caluori sent over a great story about his efforts to build a pumptrack at a hotel in Tuscany, Italy.


After two trail building jobs in Switzerland had do be stopped because of the snow, I went to Massa Marittima, Tuscany, Italy, to build a pump track for a Swiss hotel. Not sure if this might even be the first pump track in Italy. If not, dirt readers will let you know.



I planned on ten days of work with the Velosolutions crew, but the Italians taught me the Italian way: On the second day, the builders didn’t want to work because it was slightly raining. And they didn’t want to start again before the dirt was dry, – meaning some time in spring. It took me a week to find another digger and digger driver to be able to get going.


After another week and technical problems with the digger, we thought we were now finally on the right way, when the police showed up and took the digger driver with them. – He didn’t come back. But at least we still had the digger, and so we took turns driving it.


I had two days left before I definitely had to go home, when it started snowing! What about global warming?!



One day left, and suddenly, the Italians were working like machines, and we made it Saturday night!

I’m now back home, back to the kids and back to SCOTT11 business!

Have a good holiday season!

Claudio Caluori

P.S The job we had to quit in Samnaun, because one morning, it looked like this:


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  1. Jimbob

    looks mint! Love the arrest story, Italy eh? Not quite the first pumptrack in the country as Finale Freeride have one on their land too.

  2. Olly P

    Looks fun!

  3. Tom

    Looks ace, but why is it made out of play-doh?

  4. jackjenkins

    looksssss raaad !!!!!!

  5. Trillian

    Yeah and verily it was spoken thusly:
    The 1st sign of global warming (other than warming) OK the 2nd sign of global warming… Wait there is also the melting of the Arctic. I’ll come in again. AMONGST signs of global warming will be the cooling of England and Europe because more fresh water dripping off Greenland causes the Gulf Stream (your heating service from the tropics) to slow down. Don’t mention it.

  6. Adam Lock

    He needs to build a pump track like that in the UK! Looks sick!

  7. ddmonkey

    Amongst our weaponry are such diverse elements as, fear, surprise… oh I’ll come in again..

  8. Claudio Caluori

    Hey Adam! Tell me where and I’ll be there. But honestly, I think you have some of the best shapers in the UK, so you might not need me :-)

  9. dirt dodger


  10. enri

    aha great job claudio!luckily here in italy we’re not all like that..^^

  11. Adam Lock

    Yeah, that would be mint Claudio.

  12. Leon

    Thats gotta be one of the longest pump tracks I have seen! looks sweet

  13. Emil

    looks awesome
    what is the yellow and grey clay look a like stuff?

  14. Claudio Caluori

    Hey Enri, don’t worry, I know that. It’s just fun to have a laugh about it sometimes.
    Emil, it’s our special pumptrack trailmix! Only little clay in it, but lots of added binders to make it durable. The reason for the two coulours is that we ran out of paint, and – another italian mystery – were not able to get more of it during last week. Once we get it, the whole track will be yellow.

  15. Hampson

    Where abouts in tuscany is this? Im there for a wedding this summer.. was hoping to get one of these going in Budapest. Thanks for the inspiration!

  16. Claudio Caluori

    The place is called Massa Vecchia, the town is Massa Marittima, close to Follonica.

  17. braaap

    amazing…such a good job. please contact Perth and Kinross council in Scotland and show them what they could do with all those football pitches!


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