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Winter Digging: Boston Hip

Winter Digging: Boston Hip

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Brian Piper from Boston, Massachusetts spent 25+ hours digging solo on a new hip jump and got it packed in enough just in time to hit before the freeze.

Good work Brian.

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  1. wormba

    Hey Brian looks killer! I’m from the Worcester area. Any chance on letting me know where these are? Would love to shred em. Thanks. Tim.

  2. Butch

    Piper…no tree tap?

  3. Leon

    Fair play dude , I know how hard it is working on ya own , I’m in the middle of making a new free ridey jump line thing atm and its taken me 18 hours and it’s only 3/4 done.

  4. Piper

    Thanks guys – wasn’t expecting a post just on these haha. Hoping to see some other fresh work!

    Butch – funny you should mention that. I’m actually hoping to put a wall ride in on the 2 trees to the right of the first main double (You can see the 2nd tree in the right of the landing of the 2nd pic). They are spaced/angled perfectly for it, hopefully it happens! Right now the setup is just 2 rollers, small double, S berm, and the 2 jumps pictured here.

  5. Piper

    Heres a snippit from another place I’m helping out at too to build the winter stokage:


  6. Leon

    @Piper , those trails in that link are awesome , top work

  7. haddad

    piper, dont tell wormba where they at! save the dirt! notice he said he would love to SHRED them as in, go in, tear em apaaat (boston accent) and then peace without liftin an ounce of dirt.


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