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Winter Digging: Birmingham BMX Track

Winter Digging: Birmingham BMX Track

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

The crew at Birmingham BMX Track have been busy working on a new addition to the facility in the form of a pump track.

Nathan Carvel beamed in this news about a new pumper at Birmingham:

“Perfect to warm up on before hitting the main track, the pump track is surfaced with the same dust used on the facility’s international level BMX track so it rides well what ever the weather. The floodlit BMX track offers plenty of light for your ‘pump tracking’ in the dark too!”

Club details are as follows:

Club sessions (with gates):
Monday, Wednesday 5:30-dark
Saturday 10:00am – 2:00pm

Public sessions:
Tuesday, thursday, friday 4:00pm – 8:00pm
Saturday and Sunday 2:00pm – 6:00pm

Birmingham BMX Club consists of an international standard track built by Clark and Kent, Bensink gate, 5m start hill, a huge pro section, tuck shop, clothing, mechanic on hand, bikes and kit for hire, fully flood lit and a pump track. Mountain bikes are more than welcome (there are just as many of us there!). Following the success hosting a European round we are hosting the Midlands Champs on the 16th October complete with a MTB/4X category.

Perfect for winter training!

Find us at Perry Park, Perry Barr, Birmingham B42 2EY

Twitter: @BirminghamBMX
Facebook: www.facebook.com/BirminghamBMXclub’

  1. dirt dodger

    if you haven’t ridden the BMX track @ Brum and you think you are man enough, go try it. How the Pro’s make these things look so easy is really beyond me. Great place. And not.

  2. Gogzee

    Nice and local to me,just joined and bought a cheap BMX for dossing about on in the winter evenings.
    A lot harder than it looks with some big step ups and rythem sections plus a sweet pump track.
    The guys that run it are all sound and kids are very welcome so a good excuse for some of us older lot to get down there and recapture our misspent youth!!

  3. Si Paton

    Midlands BMX Champs this Sunday, only a tenner to race and there is even a MTB class. I’ll be racing, will you?

  4. Mossy

    Bloody typical, there is a race just when I have a big ride planned on the 16th!

  5. twoWigs


  6. spunkface

    Perry park (at Perry barr) bmx track is mint. It’s such a good venue and thanks to some mega flood lights winter evening riding is now so much better. The track is made really well, the gate is a proper and they even have a tuck shop. Safe as!!

  7. Matt

    This is a great place to ride and is a fantastic well built track that its actually quite a chalenge, the pro section jumps are huge. The speed that you get out of the gate is quite scary but great! Great bunch of guys down there too its well worth a visit you wont be disappointed.

  8. mark sleigh

    check out our new .com website, http://www.birminghambmxclub.com

    it has listings of our dig days coming up.

    we are hosting huge events this year, get involved :~)


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