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Winter Digging: The 2 Minute Pumptrack

Winter Digging: The 2 Minute Pumptrack

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Derek Kost from Surrey, BC (check here for more Derek) has been at it again with the spades and shovels and crafted a beautiful new pumptrack at a place they call the 604.

Checkout the great timelapse of the pumper below.


The old pumptrack.


After development.

Derek says: “This time I am writing about our pump track we call the 604. We’ve had a pump track at this location for over two and a half years. Unfortunately, last spring our old track was bulldozed to make room for new housing. ”

“The dirt at the 604 is prime. So we moved down the field a bit. In fact you can see the house construction where our old pump track used to be in the time lapse.”




“In December my digging partner Jordan and I drew up some plans for a new track. We started digging the pump track with the help of local volunteers. The project was completed in seven dig-days over the period of two months. We finally finished it last Sunday. ”

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Best hurry up mind, it’s nearly Spring…but then again we can do Spring Digging.

  1. Jack

    Great work, looking forward to seeing some videos of it being ridden (with hopefully some better music!).

  2. keeneyboy

    That looks insanely nice, good job!

  3. rh

    Excavation! You’se really shifted some tonnage there lads. Inspirational.

  4. luca masserini

    hey Jack, if you don’t like this music you can lower the volume. I like that!

  5. Agne

    It looks great! Great job guys!
    Where exactly the pump track is located? I’m from Bellingham and we don’t have anything like that up here :(

  6. sulley

    Wow.., them boys can dig…, our one took a lot longer, then again there was only 3 of us digging…,
    Looks the bizness…. :)

  7. derek

    The track is in Vancouver BC, If there aren’t any pump tracks in your area. Build one, or petition your local City for one. We are happy to share our designs and information on pump track building. Contact me for more info.

  8. derek

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