Winter Digging: The 2 Minute Pumptrack

Derek Kost from Surrey, BC (check here for more Derek) has been at it again with the spades and shovels and crafted a beautiful new pumptrack at a place they call the 604.

Checkout the great timelapse of the pumper below.

The old pumptrack.

After development.

Derek says: “This time I am writing about our pump track we call the 604. We’ve had a pump track at this location for over two and a half years. Unfortunately, last spring our old track was bulldozed to make room for new housing. ”

“The dirt at the 604 is prime. So we moved down the field a bit. In fact you can see the house construction where our old pump track used to be in the time lapse.”

“In December my digging partner Jordan and I drew up some plans for a new track. We started digging the pump track with the help of local volunteers. The project was completed in seven dig-days over the period of two months. We finally finished it last Sunday. ”
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Best hurry up mind, it’s nearly Spring…but then again we can do Spring Digging.

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