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Rachel Atherton wins Windham WC: Full results

Rachel Atherton wins Windham WC: Full results

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Rachel Atherton has come back from injury with a bang, taking an amazing win at the World Cup finals at Windham.

She said “…I can’t believe it…I had nothing to lose so just went for it…just happy to be racing again!”


  • Manon Carpenter didn’t race after suffering a broken elbow in final practise.
  • Suemasa hot seat for ages.
  • Kintner crashed.
  • Buchar finished 7th at all 6 rounds this year.
  • Jonnier off the pace, but has won the overall title.
  • Ragot looked fast through the rocks.
  • Tracy down at the first split made some time up but not enough.



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  1. Gaz

    Brilliant result… well done Rachel coming back from injury and well done Sabrina for holding the overall results

  2. Anoobis

    So sad for Manon :( – mainly because of missing the worlds! she’d have taken it easily!

  3. Tom.D

    I think Claire Buchar deserves a special prize for coming 7th at every race. Should of put a bet down for that.

  4. iceman2058

    Superbe Rachel!


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