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Danny Hart Wins Gold at World Champs in Champery

Danny Hart Wins Gold at World Champs in Champery

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Daaannnnnnyyyyy Haaaaarrrrrttttt!!! Wonder boy Danny Hart wins an amazing World Championships in Champery by nearly 12 seconds in the wet!!!

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  1. Robz

    Just amazing. Well done Danny.

  2. Lee

    GET IN!!!!!!!!!

    Absolutely awesome!!!!!!! WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  3. Neil

    Danny Champion of the World!!!!!!

  4. Tobias


  5. Daire

    Amazing! So happy for him!

  6. ddmonkey


  7. Jon


  8. Owl Films

    This is absolutely MASSIVE and totaly SICK

  9. Krissboo

    The bwoy done good…Well done Danny. Awesome stuff.

    Just wish I was able to watch it. Not the same refreshing the Live Timing page every 10seconds!!

    Anyone know what happened to Gwinny? 23 seconds down from Danny!!

  10. Fabi

    Congrats to Mick Pascal, too! Great to see him in fifth place.

  11. chris

    Gwin was a second down and came round a flat corner and slid into the netting and got stuck. Lost it from there on

  12. TimBud

    So glad I paid to watch it. Danny’s run was absolutely amazing! Biggest lines and the biggest whips too.
    Didn’t want Gwin to win but was gutted that he lost it by crashing… would have been super close otherwise.
    Fairclough in 4th too. 😀

  13. r_mac

    Daaannnnnnyyyyy fffuuuuucccckkkiiiinnnnggg Haaaaarrrrrttttt!!!

  14. Med

    @krissboo – gwin lost it half way down and got stuck in the catch netting……… Dannys run was the stuff of legend and even managed the whip to end all whips at the finish!!!!!

  15. Jon Kibble

    Well done Dan. What a great end to a dream season.

  16. wow

    that run and that whip.. just amazing..

  17. cycloholic

    Broadway Danny Hart – top of the world. What a rider! Fantastic news. Go on son.

  18. jake

    finally, hart has been on it all season and the crazy champery course was just what he needed. well done

  19. Fat Tony

    Congrats to Danny, what happened to Gee?

  20. Tobias

    Troy got second in elite men amazing ride from the junior

  21. cr

    Young Guns smashed this season! Troy would be second…Amazing

  22. Zero Cool

    Sam Hill was still up there above a lot of the other big names and Brendog as well. Well done all. I just wonder if those of us who didn’t pay will ever get to see the winning runs?

  23. Krissboo

    Thanks Med,

    Thought it had to be something like that, otherwise Gwin would have been top 5 easily, if not number 1.

  24. ANT


  25. Dav

    What happened to Bryceland?

  26. Duncan

    bryceland had a high speed otb on a steep corner and his bike flew for miles…. quite literally given the steepness of the place

  27. Gomez

    Stunning run from Dan the Man…almost couldn’t watch it..but couldn’t look away…some run…brilliant.!!
    Well done Danny…amazing…rewarded so many faithful GB DH fans for paying on Freecaster…
    So hope we’re able to follow all the DH exploits in 2012 and beyond..pisses all over F1, Moto GP etc for viewing excitement…

  28. ross

    pure awesomeness. so pleased for redcars finest. his run was mental.
    Hope we get to watch live coverage again next year.
    I’d happily pay a subscription to freecaster to watch the world cups not just the champs.
    Danny’s run was worth about £50 alone, let alone 30 euros with a dvd chucked in.

  29. Greg

    Insane. I shed a tear.

  30. Neil

    @ Fat Tony, Gee had a pretty sh*tty run – bunch of slips and some big crashes, just completely lost his flow.

  31. Jamie

    “Oh Danny boy, the pipes, the pipes are calling
    From glen to glen, and down the mountain side…”

    What a run! He looked in control for 97% of his run too! In the zone. Congratulations, definitely a well deserved result!

  32. konalotsi

    @ant, i agree whole-heartedly the greatest run I’ve ever seen. It’s 1.30 A.M and i woke the whole house with my hooting and cheering, maybe even the whole neighborhood. Just awesome.

  33. Mad

    so Gwin didn´t win…Well done Danny Boy ! Respect !!!

  34. Anthony

    What a result!!!!! Congratulations Danny.

  35. Mad

    finaly lost my bet, Rob Warner is not on the Podium… 😉

  36. Andy (USA)

    DANNY HART!!!!! UnFUCKINGbelievable!!!! That was the sickest ride I’ve ever seen. That tops Hill’s run of ’07 in my books. Gwin was the only one to keep him honest, being a second down at the first split, but even if he didn’t crash I don’t know if he could have bettered Hart. Hart was absolutely….I don’t even know how to describe it. WOW!

  37. Rod Kimble

    Get in, Danny Hart you ripper

  38. Iceman2058

    I didn’t think I’d say this, but we’ve finally found something to eclipse Sam’s 07 Champery run. How fitting that it should be Danny’s ’11 Champery run. It was pure insanity on a bike. How to win with style. It’s not that often that I stand in front of my computer and scream with my hands in the air, but that’s exactly what happened when Danny was on the final stretch, whipping the HELL out of that sender, and CRUSHING the time. A truly transcendant moment.

    Wow, pretty speachless after that. Absolutely, hands-down, best ever 15 EUR I ever spent on any kind of media, all genres confounded. It may not have been a technically always perfect broadcast, and probably not clean enough for mass-media consumption, but did it deliver suspense and raw emotion? HELL YES.

    The UCI are crazy if they don’t realize just how much potential this sport really has. I don’t remember last time I was so excited watching something. (OK, of course we are biased, but still). UCI, don’t let petty greed get in the way of Freecaster continuing to bring us this kind of coverage, please.

    Shame for Gwin who was in with a shot. The speed that guy carries is unreal – he just doesn’t even look close to the edge (of course, this time he came TOO close, but that just goes to show…).

  39. bacon

    Amazing ride and an amazing result, well done Danny Hart! Unmatched speed and style!

    Also, just looking back at GB results over the last 5 years; 3x mens senior titles (Gee Atherton, Steve Peat, Danny Hart) and 2x womens senior titles Rachel Atherton, Tracy Moseley). That’s pretty good, but then you get add junior titles as well; at least 2x mens (Ruaridh Cunningham and Josh Bryceland) and 1x womens (Manon Carpenter)!

  40. TimBud

    Got to say that Warner and Page were on fire today. Superb coverage and commentary.
    Really hope the UCI will pull their finger out and do the right thing for mtb.

    Warner even came up with some one liners I’ve not heard before@
    “that was uglier than a bag of smashed assholes” after Gee’s crash (i think)
    “with balls that big I’m surprised he can sit down” about Hart

    Page even tried one but got a massive ridicule from Warner though.:)

  41. iPilot

    Sir Danny Hart ! ….

    Still no comments, eager to watch the replay !

  42. Treehuggergraeme

    €15 euros well spent, even my mrs enjoyed that!!!! Danny you fucking Weapon!!!!! Congrats to Bren too in 4th!!! Simply

  43. Mark

    Well done Danny, you so deserve this. Immense whip to finish an already stonkingly good run.

  44. ross

    11.699 wtf? a legend at 20. Danny ‘Lion’ Hart, the nations finest (oh yeah worlds finest!)
    Congrats Danny

  45. dave

    can i just point out to those who didn’t watch it that gwin only had trouble in the middle sector, danny was still almost a second quicker on the top and 1.4 seconds quicker on the final section so the fact he caught the netting really has nothing to do with danny winning, he took lines nobody else even tried and had his own sketchy moments but a big well done to him, massively deserved.

  46. MmmBones

    Danny Hart is DH!

  47. Matt

    Amazing run, had my heart in my mouth the whole way and then when he pulled out that whip at the end I couldn’t believe my eyes!

    Just emailed the BBC website to query why there’s no mention of him or the rest of the GB team on their sport pages. Once again winning in a minority sport is pushed aside by mediocrity in the mainstream sports. Surely our teams deserve better than this!

    Let’s put the pressure on the media to give our sportsmen and women the recognition they’ve earned!

  48. Dave

    That is what downhill is all about, the 5 guys with the biggest kahunas ended up on top of the pile! Wish i could have seen Brosnan’s full run, the conditions for him were even worse than the elites! WTF

  49. Turpy

    Jesus that run was awesome Hart and Spagnola nailed it amazing.

  50. TimBud

    Would liked to see Brosnans run too. Weird that Freecaster didn’t have rights for the junior races?!

    Yep @dave Danny was the only rider to taken the vertical log drop! Perfect.

  51. B-Roadie

    Good ride by Brendan too in 4th! Thought he would do well here.

    Has a non world cup winner ever won the world champs?

  52. ronin

    D.H.art! Simply f*cking amazing! Congrats!

  53. Ben H

    @Matt, don’t worry, that’s under control…

  54. Ben H

    …But yes, pressure the mainstream media.

  55. iloper

    What a top5… The future is there!

  56. optimus doddsy

    YES danny boy good lad!

  57. nuts

    Danny champion of the world!

  58. Wozzman

    Great to see Danny, Bren, Manon and Rachel doing themself and us proud, the sport just gets better and better every year!

  59. Tom KP

    Wow, Troy would have placed second in the Seniors. That’s impressive. I guess Spec Monster Energy won’t be changing their line up for a while after today.

  60. fordy

    best £13.48 ive ever spent to see the best dh run ever the best man won end of, please let freecaster cover 2012 cos 2011 was unreal, who the fuck are rocky roads anyway!

  61. Tim

    Nice one Danny. Gwinn was super fast and smooth, it would have been down to wire if he’d stayed on. So stoked for Danny though, amazing run. He got the loudest cheer in the arena, first when his split came up, then second when he came into the finish. Magic.

  62. twebeast

    Such a mental run!!! And the whip should have given him extra sickness points too. Superb

    Fastest through the speed trap by 3mph+ over most folk too!

    Nice one

  63. mark B

    Wow the buy smashed the world….
    Must have been the Fly up downhill training …..;)

    I even shed a tear…..

  64. flats are gay

    clips 1+2 boom!

  65. j

    pascal man! leg-end

  66. David

    Was awesome listening to Warner and Page proper go for it when Danny was riding. Well funny

  67. luiz carlos

    Tom KP….Keep in mind that Brosnan rode the track in better conditions.

  68. nozes

    What a race,WHAT A RACE!
    Look at that top 10,it goes to show the battle it was on that hill,truly epic and memorable day for our sport!
    Danny Hart,World Champion at 20!
    Spagnolo,big respect for the underdog taking silver at the worlds
    Blenky,making up for a not-so-good world cup

    …BAREL,10th with broken ribs,putting it all on the line,HERO!

    God I love this sport.

  69. Tom

    definitely one of the best dh runs in history

  70. Kate M @DirtMag

    Many congrats to Danny!! I hear it was amazing… Looking forward to seeing the race.

  71. wheelermook

    Yes Danny Hart! That was amazing. Can someone at dirt let the BBC know we’ve got a rock star DH world champion. 11+ secs up wtf!

  72. Uplift

    On our way back from Champery.. What an amazing race. Absolutely p*ssed it down all day but the atmosphere was incredible.. so much support for the brit riders. I think we have a new king of that hill, literally couldnt believe what we were seeing as Danny came down. And big well done to Manon too, she was in a league of her own.

  73. bob

    Someone should download the media file and put it up at the place where pirates sail

  74. ben

    Well done Danny, Rachel and Brendog!

  75. Matt

    Just realised that all the races were won by massive margins.

  76. Joe A

    Troy should get a silver medal for elite as well. I reckon his story is more impressive.

  77. TomH

    I was there and Troy’s conditions were not that different….it rained most of the day….that said it did rain a bit heavier for the last 20 or so elite men, but that may have actually improved things and given more grip…

  78. Justin

    Sh*t a brick! Hope I can watch it still? Well done Danny, and all the other guys and girls that killed it. It is great to be British sometimes eh…

  79. seb

    Was danny clipped in too….. looked like it to us. Certainly kept his feet up a lot where everyone else was flailing, and when he did dab it looked like there was a twist out to unclip. Unreal. Best riding I’ve ever seen! And I LOVE that he threw down the sickest whip of the day as well, after being quickest in every split and the speedtrap. Duuuuuudddde!

  80. LammaSteve

    Well done Danny. But not even a mention, even in the cycling section of BBC news, what tossers!

  81. Brajal

    this one goes for the best Portuguese at the worlds !!! well done POMBO !!! 25th in this course and conditions is great!!! ride on man !!!

  82. raddog

    The greatest spectator sport on the planet and there’s nothing written about it on any news site anywhere. Why isn’t more being done to push the profile of the sport?

  83. TimBud

    ^^^ because the uci MTB rep doesn’t think people understand it… So she had her wedding this weekend.

  84. Tobias

    Blinky got a mention on new zealand websites hopefully it will be on tv tonight

  85. Hunter

    Beaumont’s 6th is pretty amazing

  86. Tobias

    anyone who can get down that hill is pretty amazing hunter

    Props to everyone who rode at worlds and freecaster for so many camera angles on such a hard hill to do it on

  87. chris finnimore

    As a newbie to DH this season, a big thankyou to Dirt & Freecaster for everything you do. The quality & comprehensiveness of the cover is incredible. 15Euro’s F*** all to watch a hero like Danny do what he did, cheaper than a ticket to a Premier League game for sure, and the only whips there are in the players cars…

  88. nomacman

    Danny Hart!! Jaysus, the little booger can roid a fekkin’ boik! Bit of a boring tit though. That (Giant) Spear and Jackson Number 3 wern’t quite broken then. Good onya lad! Job well done eh?

  89. Whipman
  90. Jonny B Good

    Whipman – been searching all day for a link like that. Solid.

  91. Ben

    “How does Danny Hart sit down with balls that big!?” Top draw Warner, brilliant……

  92. Rob C

    The lack of coverage from the BBC is even more disappointing when you consider the GB teams junior results. We even did well in the XC, which is pretty unusual. You would think that there would at least be room for a ‘look how well Britain did at the mountain bike championships’ type story.

    I agree with the sentiment that mountain biking as a sport needs to think about promoting itself a lot better. Whatever happens at the world championships the event should at least get a mention in the mainstream media. It’s the world championships

    Moaning aside it’s been a joy to watch downhill racing this year. Gwinn, Hart and the rest of the new school have been riding in a way I never thought possible.

  93. dirt dodger


  94. Dr Kenneth Noisewater

    Nearly a 12 second gap a dirty whip to boot….JTFC! Few ciders bought for him down Redcar when he gets back me thinks!?

  95. Jamie Walker


    There is a link on the cycling section of the BBC website to the above UCI release, but that’s it, pathetic show from them.

  96. cycloholic

    Watched the run on you tube – WOW! Absolutely gunning it down the track – what a ride!!! The whip at the end is proper class – Dann

  97. ddmonkey

    I was lucky enough to see Danny walking back to the pits after timed practice on Friday and asked him for his autograph. He happily obliged and chatted to me about his run. Such a nice guy WYSIWYG it couldn’t be more deserved. Can’t wait for next season now!

  98. Joe A

    It sucks how mybing never gets a mention on the news, each time Sam Hill won, nohing on the Aussie news. Hell even rodeo or curling or EQUESTRIAN!! gets more of a mention. Very very sad.

  99. dlr

    Brilliant result for Hart and other UK riders. Anyone know what tyres Danny was using and was he clipped in?

  100. Chris Waddup

    Remember Danny at a National (about 13 years old) clipped in and middle finger braking (in those days), being the first young un I heard say `all the gear and no idea`.We both rode cross country as well at the time.

  101. Jase

    Brosnan made Fox news here in Australia. Great work mate!

  102. Jamie Walker

    @ dlr I think the Giant team run Schwalbe? Not 100% sure though.

  103. le jacques
  104. Jamie Walker
  105. paul crowley

    Just saw the footage. That whip was the best thing I have ever seen on a bike. FACT.

  106. sam

    Maybe the greatest run of all time?? Certainly the best I’ve ever seen. Love the fact that he beat everyone hands down. Most guys, 2nd – 10th took a few dabs or had a few stalls, but I reckon even if they’d had clean runs they still wouldn’t have touched him. Total domination!!!

  107. ando

    props to damien spangolo, i think he should get more of a mention for holding off the big names along side danny.

  108. Paddy

    What a great ride, hopefully one day we will see this live on mainstream with the likes of F1 and the redbull air racing. Britain is so good at DH but where is the support from the public

  109. Si Paton

    Guys will be on Eurosport next Tuesday morning for all those that have it so a little more mainstream will help our cause.

    Spoke to Danny in person yesterday and he and Manon Carpenter have agreed to come and open the Halo BDS (UK Nationals) at Fort William this coming weekend on the Sunday. Parking and spectating is free so come along.

    If you fancy £80 to watch Danny and Manon race and your over 21 you can be a marshal. Just send me an e-mail to si@descent-gear.com and we can discuss.

  110. Rich

    I’ve only just seen this. Holy Shit!! Phenomenal. Well in lad.

  111. twebeast

    oh yes, another new line from the gobshite:


    brill. And for all those folk grumbling about lack of media coverage, dry yer eyes, stick this link in your browser:


    and send the BBC an articulate message that it’s UNACCEPTABLE to overlook a new British UCI World Champion.

  112. Daniel Blaney

    Two new British World Champions!

  113. stooky

    @twebeast Was all over that link this morning good job for posting it!!

  114. Krissboo

    @twebeast, thanks for the link.

    Have just checked out the “other” page on the BBC sports website and all I could find were 2 links to the British cycling and the UCI website!!
    Shame on you BBC. We have 2, yes 2 WORLD champions. Isn’t that enough for an article or at least a headline somewhere. Oh I forgot, it’s not road cycling, or BMX so it doesn’t get a feature!!

    And all I can say after watching Danny’s run on youtube (sorry Freecaster for not buying my live pass)is OH MY FAPPIN GOD!!!!!!!!! What an amazing run!!

  115. mushy

    Check out danny’s winning run on Youtube here! 😀 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9NLcLqT4SwE&feature=player_embedded

  116. Tartine

    Danny Hart = D.H
    Predestined !!!

  117. chris

    get in well done danny.!!!

  118. Hunter

    Danny was clipped in for his run??!!! WTF!

  119. gert b frobe

    If you are feeling lazy:


    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Did you know that Britain had a UCI cycling world champion as of Sunday the 4th September?
    Danny Hart won the UCI downhill world championships in the pouring rain in Champery Switzerland in a packed elite mens field.
    Is there a reason that this has been overlooked by BBC sports reporting?

    Many thanks,


    to http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport2/hi/front_page/3701180.stm

  120. stalker

    for all the “what if” comments. gwinn crashes @ 2m 29s – danny passes this same spot at 2m 25s – nuff said.

  121. VonDH

    Knew Danny would take a win at some point,but holy shit he just blew them all away,cheers to Dirt for another years great coverage,and also Freecaster for their live feeds.

  122. chris finnimore

    Complaint to BBC done.

    Did it all in capitals.

  123. raddog

    Are there filming rights issues stopping post race interviews from being posted?

    I’m sure it’s already on the radar, but it would be great at some point to hear rider/team owner feedback on the race as well the whole broken roads fiasco too.

  124. gTuz

    With a ride like that it doesn’t matter who you go for, it’s just straight up brilliance that can’t be denied. Sam did it, now Danny has done it, with styles for miles no less. I can’t stop watching that run! Pagey and Warner crack me up. “WHHHHHAAAAT THE HELLLLLLL?” I think Pagey’s mind was almost blown completely apart when Danny threw that massive whip in…
    Gonna be sick to see my home town hero Troy Brosnan take on the big guns next year, I hope he can step it up to Hart and Gwin! If his junior run was any indication he’ll be in with a shout.

  125. Dr Kenneth Noisewater

    The new British cliff diving world champion got a mention on Daybreak this morning at least!…WTF…Respect fair enough but who TF cliff dives!?? How many people in the UK own mountain bikes?!!!! Ignorant Ars*holes!!

  126. iloper

    Warner: “How does Hart sit with balls that big?”


    Are we going to have the dirttv edit?


  127. james

    does this make danny the youngest ever senior world champ?

  128. gTuz

    @Dr Kenneth, we have it exactly the same here in Australia. Rowing gets a mention just because we won Olympic gold in it a over decade ago… yawn.

  129. gert b frobe

    Reply from my email to BBC earlier this week


    Thank you for your e-mail. The BBC only has limited resources and has to
    spread those resources across a great number of sports, including many
    minority sports which other commercial broadcasters do not cover. Along
    with the major sports, we make a priority of covering those to which we
    have broadcast rights, and Olympic sports. This does mean that sports
    such as downhill mountain-biking are likely to miss out.

    We do on occasion cover world titles in sport that fall out of the
    parameters set out above but it’s a case of when staffing allows.
    Unfortunately the downhill mountain biking fell on a massive weekend of
    sport – with Olympic sport including athletics, rowing, basketball – and
    we weren’t made aware of the event beforehand or the results afterwards
    by the body in charge of the event.

    In addition, we’ll be getting in contact with our regional journalists
    to investigate the possibility of doing a piece with Danny Hart.

    Kind regards,

    BBC Sport Interactive


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