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Windham World Cup team videos 2011

Windham World Cup team videos 2011

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

The World Cup teams are starting to release their Windham epics, we’ll have all the videos here in for you to enjoy.

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Team Lapierre at Windham World Cup

CRC/Nukeproof: Once Upon a Time in New York >>

CRC/Nukeproof: Once Upon a Time in New York. The team travel from Canada to the USA to race at Windham, NY for the 5th round of the World Cup.

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Fabien Barel and Damien Spagnolo and Patrick Thome take on Windham World Cup.

  1. cooke

    sounds like the border from canada to the u.s was very challenging 😉

  2. Mike Hunt

    The yanks are petrified of anyone with a foreign accent.

  3. cooke

    @mike hunt if that was towards me im not a yank english through and through just havin a bit of freindly banter gota love fabiean im sure every one does just havin bit of a laugh no effense to fabiean i wouldnt dare affend a dh legand and im sure every one who piks up on challenging is only joking.

  4. sam

    Whats the song??

  5. alex

    flight facilities – crave you (adventure dub remix)

  6. Philby

    Is Fabien running the 5mm stem that Ceaser Rojo has been campaigning??

  7. billy

    Piliby, I need to do a feature on that. Fabien reverted to his old bike for the Windham race. To run the 5mm stem they increased the top tube length and steepened the head angle (to keep the wheel base realistic) but for that race Fabien preferred the original set up.

  8. Brady

    Fabien is a great ambassador to the sport. Always professional, always having a blast. Having gone between the boarder between USA and Canada several times now, it is process going both ways and it doesn’t matter where you are from. Obviously it was complicated for Fabien (and sounds like it was for most of the riders) he didn’t whine and complain like a little girl about it, he was just stoked to get in and get riding.

  9. VonDH

    There are many fantastic riders on the world cup circuit (women and men).
    And it’s always a pleasure to see Fabien Barel with his team’s video edits, would I call him a legend? I’m not sure I rather leave that title retired riders.
    Inspiring, impressive, committed, are but a few words to describe Fabien.
    I think you would be hard pushed too find anyone that could not or would not
    Learn something from this Legend ….Damn shit I said Legend.

  10. Craig McL

    Fabien is a double world champion , nuff said

  11. Rob

    Lappiere video is awesome, those guys look like their having a great time!

  12. Love the pendbox

    I agree, Lapierre video is great, looks a blast.

  13. Pedro

    The Lappierre vid reminds me a bit of how syndicate was a few years back. Not saying they’ve got boring or owt though. Just maybe a bit more serious or something. I dunno.

  14. Jack

    Lapierre/CRC Nukeproof, wow what a contrast. I know which team I’d prefer to be on!

  15. Philby

    I want a T-shirt that says “challenging” :-)

  16. Ben Kenobi

    MTBCut need to cheer up their CRC/Nukeproof videos, losing interest in the team altogether because of how fucking boring the videos are

  17. Ben Kenobi

    That said, I bed the train bit went down a treat on vimeo

  18. Councilhousekid

    As MTB Cut made both the Lapierre and CRC Nukeproof, does it say something about the team members? The music on the CRC video was crap though, power ballad followed by…nothing!


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