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UPDATE:Windham USA World Cup.....on or off?!

UPDATE:Windham USA World Cup.....on or off?!


Update: Agent X recieved an email stating that Windham is ON for 2010, more news soon.

This is not confirmed, but we’ve heard rumours on the grapevine that the USA round of the World Cup at Windham might possibly be cancelled. If the rumours are true, it means we have a fully european World Cup series for 2010, that is unless another venue replaces it. After the 8 round series this year, will it be too drastic a change to go to a 5 round series for next year? The round at Windham was scheduled to be the final round too, so it’s a big story if the rumours are true. It wouldn’t surprise us here in the office if Bromont came in to replace Windham. With the World Championships being at Mont-Sainte-Anne, Bromont would be a logical change.

More news as we hear it. Keep it locked.

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  1. Isaac

    Kinda a shame, but hopefully they’ll replace it with a more worthy venue, what about a return to Vigo or even La Bresse?

    Bromont would be good too.

  2. Jo

    If we can get 100 people to comment saying they want La Bresse will anyone listen?

  3. Isaac

    Doubt it, it’s the UCI. Actually can we get another 100 people saying they want 4X to be held in the day?

  4. Jo

    Why in the day? It looks good under lights and that way I can ride all day, go down the pub for a cheeky pint, come home and then watch the world’s best smash it while necking a meaty Korma. Perfect!!

  5. Tom

    I thought it was just me that did that…

  6. Taylor Williams

    i think its stupid that they might not be holdinga usa event , now i come from usa and i think it would be good to see them more evolved with the world cup scene , having a usa round would change the season comepletely as the tracks over there are a whole different type of course , it gets a bit boring seeing a stupidley technical track such as champery and schladming , you could almost tell what the season will be like next year if the tracks arent that different .

  7. jonny

    i agree…. we need more rounds in the usa. Its not like they are short of mountains over there… Different and new tracks to mix things up a bit.

  8. nathan

    la bresse all the way!

  9. amplus taren

    Brasil 2011???

  10. Chris

    Isn’t that how Bromont got a WC 2 years ago? From a US race pulling out at the last minute.

    I’m not sure what the problem is but USA Cycling and UCI can not get on the same page.

  11. el capitan

    f*ck.. We finally get a round in the USA, of all rounds it’s the last round, and now there’s rumors of them pulling the event.. wtf.. The track looked good(although wet) last season and everybody seemed to think it was a WC worthy track..

  12. SA Springbok

    hey Billy, got any footage of WINDHAM so we can see what we will be potentially missing out on?

    I think the WC could do with a yankee track anything is better than Canberra!

  13. el capitan

    Found this after a quick search..

  14. Olly

    Isnt it about time that someone other than the uci organised a world cup? They really do not seem to give a damn about mountain biking and everybody involved in it. They do really not seem that interested in growing the sport be it downhill, 4x, or xc. Im sure that there would be better people out there who would be able to organise a global series. Who asked for them to run the show in the first place?

  15. el capitan

    Better view of the more tech sections:

  16. Jamiam

    I think UCI has it´s flaws, but when someone else comes in, it´s totally different ballgame. In other parts of the globe it´s not that much about the $ than in the states. That´s why WC´s don´t happen in US… So if you want Downhill to be just another way for people to make money then go ahead. Also I think that x-games style events (which DH would be without UCI) lick monkey´s ….

  17. el capitan

    Might have something to do w/them deciding to pull the event: http://www.cyclingnews.com/news/gravity-east-series-race-in-windham-a-debacle

  18. Tom

    Is this the Windham track?

  19. homepiece

    Replace it with Snowshoe, still on the east coast of the us.

  20. Tom
  21. matt

    from 8 rounds to 5 is a big change. why not go back to south africa or somewhere

  22. Billy

    sunday river, maine USA?

  23. SA Springbok

    doesn’t look that great to be honest, looks a little under developed. I would prefer to see Champery or S.A and as far as I’m concerned I think a full 8 rounds is best no matter where they are held.

  24. ronin

    the “birthplace” of mountainbiking can’t get the int’l scene to come home for one F’n day of DH. don’t know whose at fault but it would be great if these orgs could work together. it’s F’n embarassing.

  25. el capitan

    Nah, it’s Windham, NY couple hours north of Manahattan..

  26. hae ass the mad street fighter

    lets get vigo back. that track looked sick!!!

  27. Sickboy

    This last video looks good!!!Onboard cam of la bresse wasn’t very good but it was a great world cup…I think windham coold be a nice round.The mountains there looks like “les vosges”, the place where la bresse is…best tracks in france are in “les vosges”!!!

  28. Luke

    i think it should be held at either Bromont or La Bresse both are sick world cup tracks and would provide a great race if the race in Windham cant go ahead.

  29. Chuckie

    Oh, great! The one chance I have to go see a World Cup race in the U.S. and they cancel it. WTF!? I was already starting to make plans……

  30. Gaz

    Just watched the last vid posted on ere (the helmet cam!) and i no its stupdly muddy but do some of the sections look uphill or is it just me?? :S Doesn’t look brilliant 2 b honest but then again look at the le bresse headcam, so i guess u can never tell!!! Anyway, my point is that i think the US should av a round of the world cup purely because they invented the sport and if it wasn’t 4 them we’d all b doin some other boring sport. Get them a round, don’t care where!!! (and b4 any1 say’s i’m being patriotic, i’m english!!!)
    Also, the world cup def needs more than 5 rounds!
    Rant over!!! lol.

  31. CURTIS

    That would be terrible if they cancelled the race. There is a huge amount of people in the US geting excited just to see the racers. Can you imagine the massive amount of spectators that will be there.

  32. Winny


  33. uplift

    “The general feeling is that if this World Cup gets screwed up, we can’t expect another World Cup in America for a long, long time.”

    oh well, you’ve always got Dual Slalom lol

  34. Craig


  35. Will


  36. Tobias

    sereosly that track didint look like much of a change from the euorpian tracks, i rekon they need a race over on the west coast, like in the early days of downhill, where its loose and rocky i would love to see some mean drifts on those tracks

  37. James

    Champery’s already in it you tit.

    I think it’s at least partly to do with how badly the Angel Fire World Cup round went in…. 2005, I think?

  38. Jamiam

    Well Tobias, for one, that track looked stupid flat comparing to the usual euro tracks. Sure LaBresse didn´t look exactly like Champery in 2007, but made very good racing. Anyone else think that in those vids that track seems to be very narrow? Also it seems like it doesn´t have very much tech parts.
    Sad if it´s cancelled, although judging it from those vids, you really can´t compare it to the real alpine tracks like Schlad for example…

  39. Ben

    It’s the WORLD Cup though, not the European Cup. We need worldwide events, to attract worldwide interest, if we want any interest atall.
    Swapping it with La Bresse would be a silly move. Bromont, a much better move.

  40. Jamiam

    Yeah it should be WORLD cup, but other parts of the world are not meeting the standards of the discipline. It would be very lame to lower the standards of DH just because it needs to be raced someplace that can´t handle it. Although removing 4x to it´s own series wouldn´t hurt.

  41. Jamiam

    Not saying that noplace else than europe have WC worth tracks, but the facilities are not capable to handle WC`s. Other thing is, that especially in US all comes down to $, so bigger places that could handle it are not interested…

  42. andyb

    I agree, world cup should be 8 tracks as its more interesting. These tracks should be held around the world not just Europe. Also how come Whistler does not hold a UCI race?

  43. Jamiam

    Whistler doesn´t care about world cups, as they make more money with x-games type s**t.

  44. ronin

    is it the reality that the USA doen’t care enough about the sport to bring the world’s best over? it’s funny, the top pros ride USA co. bikes but these pros can’t find a race to ride them on that same soil! ah, the realities of market share.

    I guess it’ll take a while. we just found out it wasn’t called soccer everywhere else!

  45. Charles

    i would love to see it in La Bresse again that track was awsome, imho its way better than vigo. the good thing about vigo is the weather.

  46. CallumM

    I moved to the east coast of the USA from the UK a couple of years ago and I have to say why hasnt Diablo freeride park had a chance to hold a world cup round? Its a great place to ride and would make for a great US east coast style world cup! Come on the USA has a load of great mountains/resorts that could easily host a world cup!

  47. Someguy

    CallumM Diablo is run by some very intelligent people who don’t want to run an event that tends to end in deficit. They’ve looked at holding World Cups in the past but one thing kept turning them off about it, money.

  48. MaC

    I thought that Diablo is not “friends” with USAC, that´s why.
    I also think that biggest issue is money.

  49. CallumM

    Ah it becomes clear now. I guess they must be after making money when they charge over the odds for a half frozen burger with half chewed lettuce! I take it that is why they run their own race series? Hmmm American DH really needs to pull its act together!

  50. EJ

    The Windham WC track was raced for the Yankee Clipper race this past summer. Its not what you see on videos posted. The upper sections are very steep and very fast. The lower sections are wide in the woods and technical at speed.

    Very fun course we raced this year. One of the best I have raced in a long time. Hopefully Windham can get this sorted as the new addtions to the WC track they had talked about would make it even better. If not its a shame as they put in a lot of work to build a quality course.

  51. MaC

    Any vids of that steep´n´fast stuff?
    Someone link a video of the track that wc was supposed to be raced.

  52. Chuck Smith

    From what I’ve heard, the WC at Windham is looking shaky.

    There are not alot of sponsorhip dollars available in this economy, and some friends told me to host a world cup race, especially all disciplines isn’t cheap.

    Plus after the gravity race that went bad, plus a low turn out for the Pro XCT final, things don’t look good.

    Again this is all second hand info…but usually when this stuff gets out to Joe Public…something is up.

  53. Tim

    South Africa — yeah (or ja).
    Was the best venue for 2009 anyway … but money talks and SA rand is not strong enough.

  54. Rui Couto

    Why not Gouveia, Portugal, in the maxxis cup series track???

  55. tomo

    oh and day time 4X
    Somewhere in Britain,

  56. LAUE

    LA BRESSE!!!
    some pictures…http://laue.pinkbike.com/album/La-Bresse/

  57. journo

    pretty sure “agent X” is wrong

  58. Dan

    don’t care much for UCI in the USA, World Champs in Canada Mont st Anne Quebec, now that’s exciting!!!!

  59. stevo

    can’t believe the u s of gay look to be pulling the round. it’d be great to have a round over there

  60. uplift

    i think agent x might be wrong as well, they’ve already bulldozed the 4x course according to one report

  61. Alex

    I would much rather a series that is based in Europe with a reasonable number of rounds. Ridden by the worlds best riders rather then the lottery that is created by a short series. It is also cheaper for the teams. I does seem odd that Australia, New Zealand and Canada can all put together overseas rounds/WC and America cannot. I think that says something about peoples passion and commitment to mountain biking.

  62. MTBcut

    Alex, I’m not sure that that you can make the sweeping statement that people in the US have no passion for mountain bikes… The are loads of people and companies from the US right at the heart of the sport doing good things. Just look at some most of the brands, Mags and websites involved and you’ll see the enthusiasm from the US.

    I have no idea about the governing body of cycling in the US, however I would guess (just a guess mind :)…) that the problems and ‘lack of emphasis’ on mtbing may be more down to them. If British Cycling decided they wouldn’t back our WC bids (Fort Bill & Dalby) then they wouldn’t happen and me, you or most people on here could do nothing about it… we’re fortunate they get behind it.

  63. Morgan

    Could it be perhaps that the USA isn’t that interested in supporting the World Cup DH as they don’t have the rider talent as they did years ago? Ok, they have rider talent, but not much is represented in the World Cup. I mean, the Aussies have loads of good riders racing and they allowed them to hold a race on that molehill.
    Yeah, 4X in the daylight would be a good idea. OK, it looks good for spectators, but isn’t the best conditions to race in.
    How about 4X comes to Redhill Extreme and they learn to ride a real 4X track! Parking may be a problem though….

  64. Jase


  65. jonzo


  66. ronin

    time is money. pull the event. Mtbcut, have to agree with Alex on the “passion”. not enough of it to put their money where their mouth is.

  67. Trevor

    I think it would be sweet if they had a WC in Utah or Colorado perfect venues just need WC level tracks to be built.

  68. RS

    Why not use this mess as an excusse to take a world cup round to the people, like downtown round, apprecitate its not full on DH, but the sight of all the top guys and girls rocking a city centre location could be great for the sport?

    may help grow our sport too?


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