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Win a Trek Slash 8 with the Dirt Fantasy League

Win a Trek Slash 8 with the Dirt Fantasy League

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

The 2012 Dirt Fantasy League will be blasting off very soon. Here’s what one lucky winner will be riding home with!

The 2012 World Cup kicks off soon and with that come the mighty Dirt Fantasy League (sponsored by Trek) and your chance to become a virtual team boss.

Stay tuned for the all-singing-all-dancing-all-smooching grand opening next week.

But for now here’s a look at the great prize that the super nice people at Trek will give to the winner at the end of the season.

A super swanky Trek Slash 8!

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    Guess i’m in love at first sight!

  2. eduardo

    deff will do…i realy need a bike…

  3. ceeisgood

    Go big or go home!

  4. ceeisgood

    Go big or go home!!

  5. 4xlego

    Cant wait ! sweet bike

  6. Josh

    I wonder who everyone’s going to pick…

  7. billy

    We’ll be launching next week so keep em peeled!

  8. Paul@Dirt

    What a particularly awesome prize!

  9. Renners

    Glad you think so Paul, it’s actually your bike. I saw it on the rack earlier looking too clean and unused for its own good!

  10. Christna

    I need it now!!!

  11. Leon

    If last year was anything to go by then as long as you have gwin you have got a new bike 😛

  12. Eric

    Very sweet. It would look even better in my garage

  13. Eric

    Very Nice !!!

  14. Eric

    I need to win this for my fiancee !!!

  15. john

    That’s come round quick!

  16. VonDH

    Another top prize

  17. Steve

    note to self: must read small print this year!!!

  18. Patrick Swayze

    Looks like a Trek….

  19. Paddy

    is that a dropper post?

  20. VonDH

    if i win this year i will give my old bike away free to a dirt read :-)

  21. Carl

    Gotta be in it to win it:)
    Im happy with my canyon strive but that trek looks very nice.
    Two heads(ets) is better then 1!!!! Bad bad joke.

  22. gorsense

    awww yeah
    I can’t wait for it. last year I lost against my mates teams big time, this year I watched every worldcup race, listened to every interview and read all the news, so I feel ready for a rematch!

  23. 4xlego

    how many teams can u have ?

  24. DIRT HQ

    I think it s just one team per email address. So you could be sneaky if you really wanted to, but you never heard it from me…right?

  25. chris dodd

    im wetter than an otters pocket. fact.

  26. Drover

    Will Troy Brosnan be 50? grand again?

  27. 4xlego

    I doubt it Troy is gonna b on everybodys list

  28. Eric

    I would love to add this with my other trek fuel ex 9 !!!!!

  29. Eric

    I would love to do the trails here in Colorado with this awesome bike

  30. Eric

    I hope I win this awesome ride


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