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Unfortunately we couldn’t get hold of any of the kit that Minnaar’s super fan Ivan was rocking in PMB but we have teamed up with a few better known companies to offer you a pretty amazing prize bundle! Wait, two prize bundles!

As you will see it’s a pretty straight forward competition, simply give us a click and you are in! We will fire up the Dirt random entry selector and pick two winners who will each walk away with the following kit:

Signed Oneal Greg Minnaar race kit.

Kabuto Carbon Greg Minnaar Signature helmet.

Oakley Airbrake MX Goggles.

Five Ten Minnaar shoes.

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Competition Terms can be found here. The Greg Minnaar shoes from 5.10 are not yet available and should the winner chose they can have the current model rather than waiting for the 2014 version.

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  1. Johann

    I first thought it would be what Minnaar wore during his winning run. It’s a tiny bit disappointing, the helmet was particularly sick! Never mind, it’s a nice and easy contest :)

  2. Aubrey

    I’d be happy to win this as all of my kit got cut off me after my horrific crash at Masters World Champs…

  3. paul warren

    in it to win it.. good luck all ..

  4. tomo

    can foreigners participate in it?

  5. Chris

    In the not-so-distant past everyone was complaining about skin suits and hailing the future in baggy moto gear. Idiots at the UCI gave in and banned skin suits. Now Gee and Minnaar are wearing fitted shirts as trim as they can get away with. Time to lift the ban and let people wear whatever they like!

    1. Christy

      Agreed. This must be the only against-the-clock sport (not motorized)where skin suits aren’t worn. It makes us look unprofessional to outsiders.

  6. scott

    I agree with Chris. Skin Suits may look wrong but surely the idea is to go as FAST as you can. Not nearly as fast as you can. You can have different bike setups, tyres, suspension and drivetrains etc all to help you go faster than everyone else but must conform when it comes to clothing! Makes no sense and as Chris points out baggy clothing is getting rather tailored these days. Not so Moto as it could be.

  7. Terrid

    I second that emotion.

  8. Tom Vickers

    I’m sure it was the riders that decided against the skin suits anyway? and what does it matter that we look “un-professional” to other sports? why do we want to make it like other sports?

  9. Hobo

    I’m with the reverend on this, if you want to wear Lycra and look like a fruitcake then go ride road bikes! We are different, there is no other sport in the world that replicate DH, it’s about style and speed and being different to all the robots that society says we should be like!

  10. James de Villiers

    Is there a limit on the times you can enter?

  11. James de Villiers

    And I agree with the decision to ban skin suits. Not only does it look ridiculous but it’s dangerous.

  12. Richard Lamyman

    Give it a go :-)

  13. tomo

    did I won? or anyone? :)


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