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Win Entry And Accommodation For The Åre Maxiavalanche!!!

12:47 21st August 2012 by Ed Haythornthwaite

You and a mate could be heading off to Sweden for the awesome Åre Maxiavalanche, and all you need to do is sort out getting there…this week!

Yeah this is a bit of a last minute one to say the least, as the race is this Friday and Saturday, but if you’re a fan of such last minute shenanigans then all you need to do is tell us in the comments section below why it should be you that wins the prize.

Oh, and to make it clear the prize is two entries to the Maxiavalanche race (basically a shorter Megavalache, but just as much fun) in Åre, two lift passes which will cover you from this Thursday until Sunday, and an apartment that the two of you can share for three nights! That just leaves you with having to sort out getting the pair of you to Åre in time to take up this great offer.

The competition will close at 5pm BST on Tuesday 21st August and we will notify the winner straight after closing in order to give them enough time to arrange travel etc.

Also, please only enter this competition if you’re serious about going as otherwise it might mean that someone who really did want to go misses out.

Full details of the event can be found here.

  1. Hristo Tanev

    Ok, but how to enter?

  2. Foon

    Obviously, as opposed to other contestants, I read what you wrote. Plus, I would ride a hardtail bike, which is awesome. Hardtails rule !

  3. mike ology

    looks great,,but what hristo said,,how do you enter?

  4. Thor

    “all you need to do is tell us in the comments section below why it should be you that wins the prize”

    Btw, for getting to Are the easiest is to fly to Trondheim in Norway and get a rental car there. The drive is less than 2 hrs.

  5. whinger

    not so good at reading you kids eh?

    ‘all you need to do is tell us in the comments section below why it should be you that wins the prize.’

    more importantly, have you looked at getting you and your bikes to the venue??? hmmmm. PRICEY.

  6. Sandra Persson

    Less than 2 months ago I gave birth to my first son. My goal set during pregnancy has been to be back on the bike in time to participate at this race. I’m now in shape and since it’s also my 30th birthday thursday before the race where heading up to Åre for the hole week.
    If DMMs birthday present for me is an entry it would make my week even more awesome!

  7. Foon

    whinger> So true. I checked half an hour ago and I am afraid I won’t be able to make it would I win. You can forget about my reply Mr Dirt Magazine. Sorry for the inconvenience… And good luck to you guys

  8. Toni Bistobias

    Because I’m unemployed since 3 years ago and now I can’t afford to travel and go to bike parks and spend money on funny things.

  9. Ed

    People who can’t read are automatically banned from this competition. I suppose it’s a good way of sorting the wheat from the chaff.

  10. Hristo Tanev

    Ok, sorry, I skimed it few times and, honestly, I didn’t see this sentence, my mistake! Good luck to everyone who want to get there! :)

  11. Tim

    My daughter will be 4 weeks old this weekend and my misses is in full support of me entering the race, what better way to wet the babies head than this11

  12. r mac

    give a ticket to sandra and 1 to tim

  13. Phil Blackford

    The wife’s making me go to a wedding for the weekend and I’d much rather be rubbing elbows in the mountains. . . . Please don’t make me go to this stupid wedding!

  14. Slide n' Die

    I’ve been riding my SX Trail round (and round) the Surrey Hills for far too long. She needs to feel her discs burning, shocks rebounding and gears grinding. If you give her and me this opportunity we will be stoked to be pumped!

  15. Seth Richards

    I should win, as I just spilt tea all over my cat, and feel like a few days away would allow her to forgive me fully otherwise else our relationship could be completely left in tatters…

  16. Jon Miles

    Because if I win I’ll do an awesome video edit of the trip for the Dirt website!

  17. Peter Payne

    I have been working all summer in a office and every time I get out riding, it rains!!

  18. Oz

    …because I just moved to Sweden 3 weeks ago and I haven’t found any riding buddies yet :-(

  19. Simon Lee

    I need to go because I did my first Mega this summer an had a disaster, also need to cheer my mate up this weekend and it would be boss to take him there.

  20. Donald Fraser

    If you pick me I’ll give you a pound. £££

  21. Kurt

    I would like to go to the Are Maxiavalanche because the last time I competed in Sweden was at a World cup (biathlon) in the depths of winter, so I would love to have the chance to go in summer and rip it up on a bike and check out those Swedish girls

  22. Erik Dannenberg

    Just landed a new job last week, tired from work and i have no time to ride anymore with school coming up! this could be my last session of the year until christmas. plus I’ve never been outside canada in 18 years. this would be a trip of a lifetime!

  23. Olier Paton

    Because I need it man… I dont just want it… I freaking Neeed it! aaaahhhhhhhh!

  24. Paul

    Because I´ve not owned a bike for the last 18 months, have had to borrow a friends crapped out DH bike just to be able to trail ride, and my brand spanking new Trek Slash arrives the day before the Comp! It´s destiny.

  25. Simon

    As opposed to all the other raggers I only need 1 ticket so that means you can choose a second comment which will also be a winner!

  26. Simon

    I guess I’m a day late though, lolz…
    I suck at comps :-)

  27. Ed

    If you entered this competition then check your emails cos we’ve picked a winner…

  28. Matt dorgan

    I should win because I destroyed my Santa Cruz heckler, sold what’s left of it on Craigslist and am poorer than the dirt I rode on. In other words…. HELP!


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