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Win a dead posh 2010 Yeti Catalogue

Win a dead posh 2010 Yeti Catalogue

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Yeti have produced a superbly posh, glossy, classy coffee table magazine that is way above and beyond what you might call “a catalogue”
With a cover that is reminiscent of the great Spinal Tap Black album, that prompts the question “How much more black can it get?” this is a real collectors item and something to treasure.
We have four of these beauties to give away to Yeti fans, if you want one simply pop over to the Dirt Forum and do what it says.


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  1. Tom Ward

    Is there any other way of getting hold of one? I don’t have a yeti!

  2. Big Mike

    This thing is a work of art. If you are a Yeti fan then you have to try and get one.

  3. Big Mike

    Hey Tom, any funny Yeti related shot will do.

  4. billy

    yes, any abominable snowman related photo will do…

  5. bazzo

    Great yeti i love those frames!

  6. Rob Peacock

    i would buy one if you could

  7. Shao

    i live in China, and is totally crazy about Yeti! I’m wondering how could I get more information about your products, activities, and the like. It’s not so easy to have one in China.

  8. bardolph kerr

    haha i won it…someone entered me and i didnt know until it arrived today 😀


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