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Win a pair of Freerider PRO FiveTen shoes!

Win a pair of Freerider PRO FiveTen shoes!

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

We’ve teamed up with Joe Bowman and FiveTen to give one lucky rider a spanking new pair of Freerider PRO daps.

To win, simply tell us why you think you are PRO enough to deserve these posh shoes.

Introducing the Freerider PRO. Our latest addition to the family.

Following in the footsteps from it’s younger sibling, the PRO is based around the classic Freerider model, but with some added key features.

The TPU toecap, and TPR external heel cup are there for additional protection and support, whilst keeping rocks and dirt at bay.

We’ve also added dense foam cushioning under the ankle cuff and of course, they feature our award-winning Stealth® S1 outsoles.

From to flat pedal All-Mountain adventures, to World Cup Downhill this is a shoe that’s up to it all.

Available NOW from any Five Ten UK dealer.
RRP £81.99


  1. James

    I’m pro because I haven’t got a job, and all I do is ride bikes and go on twitter……

  2. john

    im por cuz i pay my sister bills and i need new shoes and im not batman…. im joker >:D

  3. Matt Hunt

    I can’t believe anyone is claiming they are pro, I’m so much more pro than you

  4. Loic

    I’m Pro enough to deserve these posh shoes because I will keep these beauties white and shiny even during mudwars in Morzine next summer !!!

  5. Doc

    I deserve them because im so pro regular 5.10’s dont do my amazing talent justice!

  6. Joris Cools

    I’m pro because when I go on a city trip to Budapest, and I see some guys with downhill bikes in the city I run across a busy street without thinking just to ask where the f#ck they are riding. So I can take my bike next time and disappoint my girlfriend.

  7. Rayz

    Im not pro but would definitely feel like pro with these shoes on 😉

  8. dave

    im pro beacause i just got my custom jump bike all ready and now all i need is kit just havent got the money after doing up my bike …………….. im pro pick me

  9. leadpaint

    Because I destroyed 8 pairs of shoes last season.

  10. Flea

    Because I wear stupid clothes and drink unhealthy caffinated energy drinks

  11. Jerome

    I’m pro because I have a jersey with my name on it.

  12. davide

    I am a pro because I have got gt fury, this year splitting his ass at all..:)

  13. Optics

    Because i do rad skidz

  14. Nelson

    Can only be a PRO after you put your feet into the REERIDER PRO FIVETEN !

  15. cyrilrider

    I’m pro because riding is my life and this what i do best. It’s more a passion is a state of mind.

  16. Ximi

    I´m such a pro, i only own these gay clickies. And these shoes aren´t very comfortable at apres´ biking. So I think these shoes would fit me very well at the club after a hard day of riding.

  17. Ben Stokes

    im a pro because im out on my 2001 kona stinky every weekend and i tear my dad apart on his 2008 224 and its all down to my old 510 freeriders

  18. fernangrath

    i´m pro enough because I dream on it

  19. Rob

    I’m anti-feet slipping off my pedals, but definitely pro-MTB, pro-fun, pro-riding, pro-FiveTen, pro-Dirt, pro-style and pro-winning stuff. Surely that’s enough?

  20. gregb

    I need a new pair because I demolished my old pair while being pro

  21. Sam

    I’m so pro I spoke to Jess Stone at BUCS!

  22. Giles bell

    I am so pro that two pairs of five tens are not enough for me, especially as neither of my pairs are in this beautiful colour scheme that will make me look even more pro matching my yeti!

  23. Sam Osborne

    I’m Pro cause i’m perma riding a 2001 Raleigh no-sus x-country and need something to give me some style to my size 12 canoes!

  24. g

    im pro because i know nothing and have no qualifications or work experience after riding bikes for the last 7 years

  25. Ollie

    i am pro enough as i just like to ride and lay down some stupidly flat tables

  26. Sam Matthews

    Cos you know that scene in Forrest Gump? The bit he first learns to run and he jumps over that fence n shit? Cos That”ll happen to me. Cept on a bike n that…. 0_o

  27. Neil Cooper

    I’m PRO-bably not going to win this

  28. Aurel

    I’m pro because i crash my self each time ! :)

  29. James K

    I’m pro enough to need these because I have destroyed pair after pair of cheap shoes and know that my riding would progress even more if I wasn’t worrying about slipping off the pedals.

  30. Sarah Jane

    I am Imelda Marcos reincarnated and amongst my teensy collection of 120 pairs of shoes there is certainly something missing.
    Being the PRO shoe collector that I am 😉 it upsets me tremendously that my collection fails in such a way. It also upsets me that I keep crashing my bike when riding in high heels. Sticky soles are the missing piece. Please save my wardrobe and riding from this disaster!

  31. Sebastiano Rohleder

    I’m Pro bec i ride my bike every day, and when i’ve finished, I clean my bike every time, every winter i unmount my bike, so that she can relax a couple of months 😀 , i’m Pro, bec my dream is to be the best rider of the world, and i’ll never give up, because that is what makes the difference, beetween me, and a looser, I’m Pro because every push with my legs is an orgasm for me, and my soul! I <3 DH

  32. flozza

    “look pro but go slow” that’s what racing’s all about for me!

  33. Pedro Araújo

    I´m a pro beacause I ride flat pedals and win everything ! And because I study very hard and ride harder than it !

  34. Nicolas

    I deserve these new 5.10 shoes because I’m foolishly THINKING that I’m a PRO but with these shoes I’ll DEFINITELY became a PRO for sure ! … or at least I hope so :)

  35. vege

    Am I the only Pro here?

  36. thien

    P – Putting b****es at bay
    R – Riding till the cows come home
    O – Obviously I put effort into this

    -Modern day poet

    *coz poets need shoes too*

  37. Scott Davenport

    I’m a pro coz I charge £10 for a blowjob & £15 to swallow!!!!!!!

  38. Dennis Katinas

    I’m so pro because the dicktionary states my name when you search Pro.

  39. MuSkA

    I´m not a PRO but would certainly look like one with this shoes!

  40. Dennis Katinas

    I’m so pro because I can take these shoes on barefooted.

  41. Luc Hanna

    I need them because i have a pair of old grey 5-10 freeriders which are now ripped and have turned to the colour brown, the sides are falling apart, but yet i still wear them because i love them

  42. Trompeat

    i’m a pro because I can!!

  43. James

    I’m so PRO I don’t need to even bother telling how Pro I am, just check out my sick lines.

  44. Emma Higgins

    I think I am PRO enough to deserve these awesome shoes because I am trying to get back into riding after having a couple of years off to have my baby girl. I ride trials (featured on trialsqueens) and trail riding on my trek full Susser.

  45. douglas

    because I ride my bike in flip-flops and do things that some people do not with this shoe

  46. manky man

    I am pro and deserve these shoes because I ride a tricycle to work, a unicycle to school and occasionally I even ride a dual cycle down some hills.
    And my old ones have a hole in the sole…

  47. Jamis B

    I’m just PRO, don’t you know who I am? ^_^

  48. Ion Danut Gabriel

    I can’t say I’m PRO. But I realy want these shoes. And also because I don’t have the money to buy them. If I’ll have a pair of this, I’ll probably test them very hard and maybe go PRO in the near future.
    GL everyone!!!

  49. Dennis Katinas

    I’m so pro because I’m walking the streets of Amsterdam every day.

  50. pabloxxl

    Iam going to be pro with these shoes, because I have no fear and extreme energy. Even afret breath taking crash still in one piece and with will to ride more and more…

  51. richard wilford

    Because im a PRO-Stitute and even Pro’s need swag shoes when running from the law…

  52. Julian R

    10 bitches in my hooker stable to swoon hard at me hitting big air says i’m pro motherf**ker. Hit me up with some new pimping shoes.

  53. Jimbo

    the misus says i have nice feet…it would be a shame to but them in anything lesser

  54. Dennis Katinas

    I’m so pro because it doesn’t show. 😛

  55. Malcolm Porter

    I’m Pro’ because my grammar is impeccable and i am generally awesome 😀

    and i will ride in all weather, 100mph gusts, 2ft snow, 38 *C sunshine, lightening and thunder, you name it, done it 😀

  56. John Paul

    Im pro because I sell my bum for money

  57. karsten

    ich bin pro,weil ich euch noch im übersetzen fordere!und ich will diese schuhe!!!!!

  58. Dennis Katinas

    I’m pro enough because i’m a world wide published cycling photographer blowing up his shoes every month because they can’t handle my journey. Wonder if these can….

  59. Jakub

    I just am, what else can I say… It’s simple as spoon.

  60. Steve Robson

    I am Pro, as i spend all my time at work trying to keep my sons bike running and taking him to races (my wife has to Marshal to get MY entry).
    While my son has a job in a petrol station and has more disposable cash than me which he spends on MTB “bling”. Be nice if i had some wicked white daps to ride in for a change.

  61. Josef gladu

    I’m pro because I ride a 09 brodie hardtail as a freeride bike and I ride that thing into the dirt so bad. I huck everyone possible. Quite frankly I think my bike is pro lol.

  62. Jack

    I’m PRO because I build the trails I ride. I also ride bike parks and just have great fun when I am out on my bike SHREDDING the trails!


    I need a new pair of shoes! 😉

  63. Emil

    Im pro because i ride 4 fun not 4 bucks 😀

  64. Laurie

    Riding is my life and cant get enough of shredding tracks, been riding for many years now but i’ve never had a pair of fivetens, im bored of wearing out my nike shoes and i think fivetens would help me out big time with grip and durability whilst tackerling rock gardens etc.

  65. Graeme Bean

    Have you seen the skids I pull, that’s how PRO I am!

  66. Josef gladu

    I huck everything possible* sorry

  67. Lurch

    Because racecar!

  68. russell archer

    im pro because i wore the same pair of 5.10 freerider’s all season. theyre smashed and i really need some new ones for this year :/

  69. Woods

    I’m PRO because on a bike, I do what I say, and say what I can do. Always living up to all – just like the new FiveTen’s…

  70. TEC

    I fractured a bone in my foot last year wearing my specialized TJ Lavins (bought in 1999 for £15.99) I am too poor to buy any other shoes and have had to PROvide more PROtection via some adidas insoles. I need new shoes.

  71. Aljaž

    I’m not a PRO yet but meybe in few years with these shoes 😀

  72. Alex

    I am PRO enough, you can tell because I wrote my name on my frame in permanent marker.

  73. Rob Sweeney

    I’m not pro BUT I know where you live,give me the f**king shoes!!!!!!!!!!!!

  74. Marco Nascimento

    With those shoes… its certain that ill be pro enough! the looks, the intensity, the girls, the style, the performance! What more?

  75. noteebynature

    i am pro coz i like dirt…live to ride…ride live…rock on guys…

  76. Dubrider

    I’m pro because I spend all winter knee deep in mud snow and ice to dig jumps for other people to shred on and enjoy. I’m also pro because I devote every Saturday of my life to run a bike club for kids to shred about and enjoy our amazing sport, then bust myself on a Sunday pushing my limits. And also because I just spent all my money on a new steed but can only afford cheap footwear, I need sticky rubber in my life!!

  77. Christo

    I’m pro because all copied all my suspension settings that pros use. Obviously makes me pro.

  78. Joel

    I am so Pro I need to have sparkly clean shoes or the New Zealand immigration won’t let me in when I move there in June

  79. Marc Ogilvie

    well…. to be honest am not gonna say am a pro , but am pretty sure if i had a pair of 5.10 i would be one step closer to becoming a pro ! ;D

  80. Rich

    I’m so Pro the Army sent me to Afghanistan where there are mountains all around me but I’m not allowed to ride a bike down them!

  81. Danny

    I’m pro because, despite my bikes best efforts I’m still alive and these shoes would pro-tect me next time my bikes decides it wants me gone. Think of my ongoing safety!!

  82. Tal

    I’m PRO enough because I teach others how to ride better and safer, I show them how to simply enjoy riding and appreciate the true values of this great sport, nature, outdoors, and the people that just want to be out there. I treat all riders – beginners and experienced as full companions when we’re out on the trail together. That’s my mtb guiding, and riding philosophy.

    Happy trails!

  83. ollie

    im PRO because i ride in whatever weather wearing vans so i need some proper riding shoes:L

  84. Peter juhasz

    As pro as you need me to be to win me a pair of new pikes.

  85. Sam Matthews

    I’m so pro I charge by the hour.

  86. Nico Fazon

    I am Pro because i love to ride.
    My riding disciplines are Freeride, Downhill, Dirt, Streets, sometimes XC for fitness.
    if i will win this shoes, i will be the very happiest rider :)
    i got a good bike but i don’t have a pair of good shoes, because here in Philippines its very hard to look for a pair of shoes like this FiveTen, and a student like me can’t afford to buy good expensive shoes.

  87. Mike

    Im so pro I have people shit for me!

  88. G

    Hi Guys, pro because riding the bike nearly 20 years and love it(!). These shoes are the only ones who will keep me on my hardtail, when I ride some short DH-Trails with my friends…They all have fullies, but not all of them are faster 😉

  89. I'm Pro

    < See, or is that Poo?

  90. matt

    because of my tattoo

  91. Douglas

    Because I would prefer the meaning of PRO for me to change from “Pedal Retention Occasionally” to “Persistently Riding Outstandingly”. Don’t make me run SPDs at the dirt jumps!

  92. Damian Howe

    I’m pro because i compete in the elite series of british downhill series. *wakes up, rubs sleep from his eyes* just a dream *sighs*

  93. Jorgy

    I’m a PRO ‘coz I only ride with Five Tens!!! \m/

  94. Conradski

    I’m so pro I ride clipped in and therefore these shoes would be useful in making me a little less pro and mean all my mates could keep up!

  95. David Montgomery

    I’m pro coz what the fuck else would I be?

  96. george

    Five Ten has some of the best freeride shoes…

  97. Edgars

    I got a wart on my feet. I have to replace right feet shoe every two months. I ain`t rich. Money is low. Season starts in 5 week`s. How can i prove my self to the elite that i don`t have a pair of shoe?

  98. Stuart Harding

    I’m so PRO that i have to ride in canvas plimsols. Need some TPU toecap protection for those pinkies!!!!

  99. LeonB

    I am Pro enough because, I am not at all pro and have just gone back to some flats after spending money on Spd pedals & shoes. I came of and now have metal plates holding my arm together! My shoe riding choice now is some old Nike Mowabbs with ZERO grip!!!

  100. Joe

    I’m so pro I use statistics to see where I can improve my riding. When I done with riding I slap on a flat beaked cap that covers my ears and hide my face behind oversized oakley’s. Then I post pics of monster energy cans on facebook and twitter….and I call my dog Cedric….and my cat Claw.

  101. Simon James

    I am pro now, after 30 years on a bike, I have finally removed the stabilisers.

  102. Andres

    I’m pro but the enterprises doesn’t know it… shhh… (and i don’t have nice and good shoes yet)

  103. Vincent

    Sorry… im not a Pro :-(

    But i will enjoy with this new 5·10 Freerider Pro shoes in my next bike holidays this summer riding in Deux Alpes :-)

  104. ddmonkey

    Nice shoes, would look good on my feet as I ride my bike. Which I could PRObably do once the shoes arrive as my broken ankle is nearly fixed! Woot!

  105. Bazz Dove

    I’m so pro my current 5-10 Freerides need replacing bad, I rode with my Chuck Taylors yesterday and I had taken for granted just how good 5-10’s are. Sponsor me a pair would be sweet

  106. Kenneth

    Im so un-pro that I managed to go over the bars and smash my fibula and calcaneus! Needless to say if I was wearing these shoes, it wouldn’t have been half as bad……

  107. Howie

    I’m pro cos I run white 5:10s in Scotland! So pro I need a new set to keep ballin!!!!!

  108. Marcus Aurelius

    I believe i am pro enough to win these killer shoes because i am always looking forward to improving my riding skills and habilities and i´m pretty sure that the Freerider PRO would give me the conditions to be the best/ fastest in races just because of it´s grip, style, confort( that i´m needing so much)…

  109. Stifler

    What to write to PROve, that I’m a PROtotype PRO? Well, to begin with…I am a PROud and PROgressive PROcrastinator, and instead of being PROductive, I PROstitute all my time to being a PROper PRO. I’m a PRO all the way down to atomic level because I sacked all my neutrons and electrons and kept only the PROtons. PROsaically speaking, I’m the PROfessor of PRO. Actually, I once got PROsecuted and have been held in PROtective custody, for being PRO too PROminently. Then I had to PROmise to PROhibit my daily PROtein intake in order not to PROduce too much PRO-ness. Instead, it just PROvoked me to break my PRObation and PROpel my PRO-level out of PROportions. I think this PROvides you with a little insight on how PROfanely PRO I am…

    PS: I love PROsciutto too…

  110. Max

    Im pro because I love biking and love throwing down some stunts on my Glory 😉

  111. Matt

    well, I’m pro enough to be doing a couple of races this season…is that pro enough?

  112. Addy

    I’m so pro I ride in SPD’s but after trying to improve my already PRO skills riding flats with trainers I ended up with a hole in my leg from their lack of grip, I therefore need these amazing grippy flat pedal shoes to improve my PRO skills even more. Cheers.

  113. Shaun holbrow

    Im pro because I see winning as winning, loosing as loosing, but the real achievement is completing the challenge.never giving up, Because that won’t make u pro at anything.

  114. mik

    in my dream i’m a pro and i wear these shoes ,i just need these shoes for my dream become reality

  115. tsuful

    Im not PRO just yet but if I will get those…..

  116. Chet

    I’m PRO because I not only ride a lot, I own a bike and outdoors shop. I’m on my feet all day and on-and-off bikes al day, and in the public eye all day so I have to look sharp.

  117. Mark S.

    I may not be pro but my eyes are blue, my hair is grey & my teeth are black & would match these shoes perfectly!

  118. Simon Ross

    I deserve them because when I crash on an easy jump people will look at me and say “Wow at least his shoes are good”

  119. Dan

    …, because my girlfriend spends all my money for shoes. It would be nice to have a new pair for myself!!!

  120. Jake Bunce

    I’m PRO enough for these shoes as I ride bikes how they deserve to be ridden. Biking in it’s purest form, just get on my bike and go!!

  121. Morgan

    I’m pro because I can write a literate and correctly punctauted response, that isn’t perforated by immature emoticons, and confusing colloquialisms (though possibly the odd typo).
    Furthermore, my “pro-ness” is enhanced by the fact that I have a Twitter account, but only use it to remotely update my Facebook status with very little other than progress of digging at my local trails, or how awesome Redhill Extreme is going to be when it opens to the public April 7th (excuse the blatant plug; but then how many people are going to have bothered to read past the 100th comment?).
    My pro status is increased further by the fact that I don’t actually want these shoes. I do need some more riding shoes, yes – my current ones are so tattered and torn that they leak like a prostitute full of seminal fluid – but these would not be my first choice for riding attire. While I do own a pair of FiveTen Impacts for the more serious offroading excursions, the majority of my riding is on groomed trails and 4X tracks; where I prefer a slightly less grippy and more pliable sole. However, thanks to my pro nature, I will graciously accept these FiveTen shoes, and wear them when appropriate, without covering over the logos with stickers or marker pen.
    My pro attitude has led many to believe that I’m a salty old fart, where it couldn’t be further from the truth. I am merely trying to educate those of the younger generation on a few matters: namely that trails don’t grow themselves, wide bars are only of use if you have the stature to match, your saddle choice matters much less than your tyre pressure settings, the latest fad will soon be old news and you’ll have to bend over further and be shafted harder to buy into the newest fad, many of todays fashion choices are extremely questionable, and that ultimately I only care that you’re having fun and not how cool you are.
    Sorry, my mistake. If you’ve just read all that and are now thinking “what an arrogant, self-obsessed, cynical so-and-so” I can only apologise: I mistook the word pro for the word passionate.

  122. luke

    I’ve turned pro only after buying pair of 5.10s two years earlier. But nowadays these old boys need some younger friends. Bring them on cause i’m stepping onto the next level this year!

  123. Matt

    I’m not pro but need pro shoes because my V8’s keep ripping apart all my other shoes!

  124. Tol Hemming

    i’m PRO enough to win these shoes because when i tried to clip in i just fell off, FLATS FOR THE WIN !!!!

  125. Limp

    I’m pro because I need to ride this 5.10 Freerider new color and ride other for trainning only.

  126. James Brown

    This is the PROlogue that will PRObably PROcure me with a PROduct with such a beautiful PROfile. Wearing the PROdicgal shoes I will PROceed on a PROcession of the trail, PROclaiming the PROven PROfound PROwess of 5.10 shoes. After a PROductive season as a PROfessional PROwler, I will settle down with many PROmiscuous women and PROcrastinate.

  127. john allick

    im pro because its not the gear i use its the time effort and determination but the most inportant part of all this is to have fun

  128. G123

    I’m Pro because i can admit i’m not a good pro

  129. Down n Dirty

    im skint not working got 4 kids.pleading poverty.just post them on ffs

  130. Johannboettger

    I’m pro because i want them for free!

  131. Eoin

    Cos I have a pair of 5.10 Karvers for DH, a pair of 5.10 freerunners for XC and now need freeriders for enduro!!!

  132. Fatmat

    I’m pro poor! Left south Africa to pro odd job in Europe to pay for my wanna be pro mtb habit! I’m PROne to using knackered kit, a fresh pair for this summer season would rock! Either way 510 grip can’t be beaten, love it!

  133. hairy

    pro checklist.
    demo 8 as mono brow rides one-check
    carbon cranks as there the big thing for 0-12 checkedy checkedy check
    matching pjs and oversize helmet check yo self
    toilet seat round tha neck as it makes ya look fast check and extra 5 pro points
    not wearing gloves as obviosuly thats what the pros do -check :-)
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JH7bJkG7EEA maximum check yo selfs.
    completly pro.
    but rides in uggs :-(

  134. Nutty Dave

    £82 a pair? If they are going for free I’ll have them, if not I shall stick to my Vans at half the price and twice the looks.

  135. tommyb


  136. Mick Chapman

    I usually wear a pair of old battered trainers so winning these would not only make me look like a Pro but I would also feel like one too.

  137. Der_Rote

    I’m the best^^

  138. Kolby

    Because I’m just awesome! And 5.10 shoes are awesome too! So together we would have square awesomness!

  139. Imo

    I’m pro because i relate everything to bikes or trails

  140. Jay-Jay

    cos i’m the best at skids

  141. Sean Robotz

    I am pro because i could wear these shoes on my hands and still win. BOOM!

  142. Irishdave

    I’m pro enough to wear these 5.10s because my 12 year old son says I’ve inspired him to ride bikes.

  143. Timmy

    as they will look sick with my blue and white bottlerocket 😀

  144. Conor

    I’m enough because I’m the Chuck Norris of the Biking world!

  145. Andrew B

    With these Freerider PRO’s I would look pro on the podium at Combe Sydenham!

  146. Nick Wunderink

    I’m pro because I sneak out during work to ride. So I get paid when I ride my bike!

  147. Svisha

    I’m pro, because I have just some Vans shits, via it I can’t ride in that way I would want to and with pro I could enjoy MTB in a different dimension!

  148. Luiz Felipe Clerici

    I’m pro because between 5 to 10 I’m all in!!!

  149. simon e

    I’m pro because I’m so pro it’s as if the bad ass jaws shark and the T rex from jurassic park for some reason had a kid who was one badass on the bike and needed some wiked shoes to keep his hardcore dinosaur feet on the pedals while doing some awesome stuff.

  150. Michelle

    I’m pro because I just had a baby on got right back on my bike.

  151. sampers

    I’m such a pro, that even when standing still, the earth tries to keep me spinning.

    (and I ride a PROpain rage)….

  152. Chris Waddup

    I`m PRO so I ride clipped.
    That might not be what you want to hear.

  153. Cam Dog

    I’m so pro, I cut my dick off for weight reduction!

  154. mackdawg

    i am so pro my skin suit never comes of.

  155. Ricardo

    I’m pro because i’m addicted to riding a bike

  156. Ben

    Riding your bike flat out all the time, scaring yourself, smashing corners, pulling skids, getting airborne, pushing your limits, and getting wild while still having the biggest smile on your face… That’s what i call “pro”, so in that case i must be “pro”.

  157. Phil

    Im pro because I say ‘stoked’…………….alot!

  158. Mancil

    I’m pro enough to deserve these posh shoes because when the photographer is taken picture of me ripping down the mountain in these pimp shoes everyone will think I really am a pro.

  159. marki3boy

    I’m PRO because after my first generation 5.10 freeriders fell apart, I had a pair of 661 filters resoled with Stealth rubber, my custom shoes are called 666.1 StealthFilters.

  160. kahlil freeridin fatty

    Im so pro, Danny Hart tapes my pic to the back of his bars for inspiration!! ohh snap son!!

  161. Dirk

    I am pro because i ride like a boss.

  162. rob

    these lovely shoes are same colour as my Giant frame……………………

  163. Chris

    I’m a pro just got to the age of 50 and still looking cool will be cooler wi these shoes as they will match my giant

  164. Paul Dodsley

    Anyonr can think they are pro but wearing the 5ten bad boys surely puts you in the pro mood. Today said think not but do…..I don’t think like a pro my aim is to ride like a pro….looking part may help as well

  165. Ollie

    They should be mine, cus you never seen someone go as fast down a hill than me, and thats in sandals, how rad would i be if i had these!

  166. Paul Dodsley

    Dam you iPad suppose to say yoda not today…..pffft

  167. Rhys

    I’m not a pro, I’m pretty shit to be honest. I’d just like some free shoes

  168. Julie

    I have an awesome ‘pro’ spec bed and if i’m not in my bed i’m on my bike so I need pro spec shoes to match 😉

  169. Chris

    Just give me those goddamn shoes already!

  170. tom

    i am incredibly PROne to sweaty feet, after only 15 minutes of riding they are practically as wet as two cacti scuba diving. i am certain that these shoes could wick away some excess moisture and make my feet feel as pro as my riding.

  171. Tony

    i like the colour

  172. Craig

    I deserve them as they colour match directly with my helmet!

  173. Ruben Martins

    Im PRO enough to deserve these shoes, because i work all year to spare some money, to do some world cup DH races (without sponsors) in my remaining holidays left from the other races needed to earn UCI points.
    So im a pro managing time for ride my bike, work, rest….but not to buy shoes!

  174. Chris

    I’m PRO because I’ve managed to convince 5 of my 8 new work colleagues to try mountain biking for the first time and get hooked, and I’m working on the rest…

  175. dughead123

    Some people are pro-life, others are pro-right to work. Im simply pro-free stuff.

  176. Rick Brown

    I live for riding. Enough said!

  177. Joris

    I cnnaot eevn wrtie porpelry but tihs stenecne sitll mkeas mroe snese tahn msot of tohse aovbe

  178. Paddy

    I’m pro because i am out injured and it sucks. Got too stoked in the warm weather while the banter was flowing down the trails

  179. Chris cooper

    I wish i was pro. But those would get me a step closer.

  180. Pete Roebuck

    I’m Pro enough beacause I ride hard and deserve the best and that’s FIVE TEN !!

  181. icecreamjim

    ime pro because i go town every weekend and get wasted and pull slags, i dont train and still win races, if that aint pro then c’mon please tell what is. proLAD

  182. winnerwinner

    ime pro because i use adidas astro turfs to race in, and need sum grippier shoes

  183. Bartas

    I’m pro because I passed my bike before my boss…

  184. Rich Ayres

    I’m pro because I give blood and am going to switch to platelet donation…. this means someone you know could have some of my pro blood help them heal up well!

  185. Merced

    Life is unpredictable game, expect the worst … get ready for the best!!!

  186. Das Bear Juden

    I deserve these as a “pro” who stands on the corner streets of Leithtill 5am in my 6″ heels looking for “business”. my feet are killing me and punters tend not to look at them whilst they are doing the dirty on the wife. so please, as a high class pro of the Edinburgh pro community, let me have these shoes. I promise I wont sell them for crack! :)

  187. kurrefromtungere

    All of my other shoes have holes in them so I need a new pair

  188. Adam

    because I have brought Dh Racing back to the south with the help of Dan and Beany so the three of us deserve these shoes………now!

  189. TroyBrosnan1

    I’m pro because….well…. look at the name I guess! 😉

  190. Logan

    I am pro because I love riding my bike every day and love competing and raceing and I have fun on my bike no matter what! Ride to live live to ride!!

  191. dean sharpe

    Even if i stack it like GEE, i will be lying in bed looking at my shoes thinking SWEET..!!!

  192. Andy

    I need these shoes cos to get down the hill faster my feet need to stay on the pedals PROperly

  193. bartiattila

    I’m pro because I don’t need shoes when I ride

  194. John Gilchrest

    I don’t always need new FiveTen Freerider PRO shoes. But when I do, I am PRO enough to make the baby blue work with my red and silver jersey.

  195. Janoo

    I am PRO because no matter how big my improvements on bike riding are, I know I can always be better !

  196. treehuggergraeme

    I’m PRO enough to only want these to go with my matching blue mirror goggle lenses

  197. excelexpress

    I’m not a pro, but if i dont win this pair i’m going to go out and buy a pair as they look FAB!

  198. Hampson

    I’m PRO. roundabouts!

  199. Dave Walker-Blair

    I’m Pro…Pro…Pro…Pro…Pro…Pro…Pro…Pro…Pro…Pro…Pro…Pro…Pro…Pro…Pro…Pro…Pro…Pro…Pro…Pro…Pro…Pro…Pro…Pro…Pro…Pro…Pro…Pro…Pro…Pro…Pro…Pro…Pro…Pro…Pro…Pro…Pro…Pro…Pro…Pro…Pro…Pro…Pro…Pro…Pro…Pro…Pro…Pro…Pro…Pro…Pro…Pro…Pro…Pro…Pro…Pro…Pro…Pro…Pro…Pro…Pro…Pro…Pro…Pro…Pro…Pro…Pro…Pro…Pro…Pro…Pro…Pro…Pro…Pro…Pro…Pro…Pro…Pro…Pro…Pro…Pro…Pro…Pro…Pro…Pro…Pro…Pro…Pro…Pro…Pro…Pro…Pro…Pro…Pro…Pro…Pro…Pro…Pro…Pro…Pro…Pro…Pro…Pro…Pro…Pro…Pro…Pro…Pro…Pro…Pro…Pro…Pro…Pro…Pro…Pro…Pro…Pro…Pro…Pro…Pro…Proer Than you

  200. Leon

    I’m PRObably not PRO enough for these shoes but I am PROactively trying to abtain the needed level of PROfessionalism needed to PROceed with getting some free shoes.

  201. Andy S

    I think my buddy Tom Pro deserves them most because of his name.

  202. Mathieu S

    I’m so PRO I don’t even need 5.10 sponsorship to get free 5.10!

  203. Dan

    Im pro enough becasue i have worked out a biking to study time for my exams ratio. its currently 1000000000:0

  204. McGroo

    I’m Pro but alas can’t accept these as they will clash with my 2012 colour scheme of orange/black/grey and make me look very amateurish.

  205. jigga man

    I’m a size 10.5


  206. Pete

    I’m not Pro… But I sure would be with these bad boys on!

  207. Mike G

    i’m Pro because my riding style is powerful and noteworthy.

  208. Jon P

    I’m pro as i’ve still got my old Sam Hill edition Five Tens! Pretty damn tatty now though 😉

  209. mathieu

    because I’m doing a backflip after four test
    and I have no shoes to ride

  210. Dan

    im Pro enough because instead of revising for my exams i have been out downhilling,in the snow no less. so if i dont turn PRO its over.these shoes will help me on my way :)

  211. 4xlego

    I’m pro because I simply ride whenever I can and ride everyday if possible this means i go through riding gear very very fast so I deserve them

  212. tim grant

    I may not be a pro. More of a progressive. The older I get the faster i try to be. And this year i knock on the door of the big 40. I’m a hardtail ridin’, dh razzin’, trail zippin, website writin’ (Hardtailnation) kind of fella.

  213. John sharman

    I`m not pro,i`m too old but i still get stuck in and give it my all!

  214. r mac

    normal dirt article 2/3 comms,metion free or win you get upto 300 or more.

  215. wade

    my almost 3 yr old needs them, he watches Roam 3 times a day and rides about 5 k a day at daycare. getting him a new mountain bike with 16″ wheels next week. send two pairs he wears out shoes before he outgrows them.

  216. Per Henrik

    I`m pro enough because i go riding every day at my local track and i will take good care of them and keep them white for years :) I don’t own a proper pair of mtb shoes, SO I NEED THOSE SHOES!!

    Sincerely Per Henrik 😀

  217. OB

    I just want a pair of shoes because it’s cold living on the streets…. But aye I’m pro (think that’s the word?)

  218. Dom

    I’m a God damn POWERHOUSE! These shoes need to ask if they’re pro enough for me.

  219. Chippers

    Id look pro on my new tr450 with these, my current riding shoes look like sandy toskvig ate them & pooed them out.
    Also I have some blue in my eyes so these would work really well etc .
    Much love

  220. Brian Petersen

    I’m not a pro, just love to ride my bike. Always wanting to try new things, this looks really nice.



  221. Scott Ender

    Because I once inhaled a seagull and used a live rattlesnake as a condom.

  222. Hugo2k

    i’m not a pro, but i L O V E riding, even more than a pro, cause even when it’s wet i’m on my bike… riding is an addiction, and keepin my feet well will allow me to ride more and more :) such as a pro :)

  223. PrematurePro

    Im not Pro but I fucking will be , wont die until I am.

    So im a Premature Pro?


  224. Wild Bill

    I’m Pro because I wrestle horses all day long so they can have smart shiny shoes on, so I reckon I should have some when I’m having fun on the bike!!!!

  225. obi

    im pro because I’m simply the ONE !

  226. Andreas

    I´m the bauss

  227. Lee

    Im pro cause my ego is writing cheques my body cant cash oh and the blue would match my eyes!

  228. matthew halley

    i am not a pro but i ride, work, ride, look after grandad and dont like foot ball. i am just the best i can be and i f***ing love it.

  229. Smith

    I’ll be a feckin pro when I win these cause they are so god dam expensive,Ill be like, check out these bad boys, they cost more than my bike lol

  230. Levi Vixie

    I’m pro because I don’t hit jumps that I find, I make those jumps and I define new trails; I’m pro because if there’s a hill with a rock garden on top I haul my bike on top to feel my bike meld with the earth to flow down any rock, trail or hill. I can see potential everywhere, waiting to be carved into a feature that can be shared and used by others. I’m pro because I’m a builder, biker and visionary.
    Since I was little i was hitting jumps, however little they were, but I was the one that made them and it made it so much better. Building takes riding to the next level; people can brag about their trips to whistler, Sun peaks, Schweitzer, etc., but they don’t understand the effort of the trails and the soul poured into them to make them what they are. To really feel a trail you have to have an understanding of building.
    Like I’ve said, I have been biking since I was a little tot and will be biking the rest of my life. Riding is about style, attitude, friends and progression, but the most important factor is the moment of losing yourself into your bike and a trail, the moment where life is so much more than survival, when you can feel yourself being apart of an indescribable force that welcomes you. To be pro you can’t just win medals, you have to be willing to give yourself up to this force, this force of nature and man being connected with so simple a machine as the bike.
    “You spend hours thinking, designing, questioning; all so you can spend a few seconds lost in one moment; no time to think just reaction, focus. All the worry and the want washed away by the rush” (Life cycles Movie). This quote helps me say that I’m not the only one who thinks like this of biking, real bikers and real people know what I feel and will tell you that a bike isn’t just a bike, a trail isn’t just a trail and that only the real riders know this. I’m pro because I know.

  231. RookieMTB

    I am PRO…bably going to crash with this shoes, but it is well worth it to try.

  232. Dom

    I’m so pro these shoes deserve me.

  233. Scott

    Em no a pro so geez thim! teckle!

  234. Zoltan

    Those shoes are PRO-grammed for my feet!!!!

  235. Scott

    5:10 na sorry pal its 5 past 8

  236. stian

    im that pro that for the last 4 months i haven been allowed to ride my bike becuse of a broken rib my doctor says. but for the last 4 months i have been taking 2painkiller pills every morining and by the end of the day ive been crying of pain.

  237. stevo

    I’m pro, just happen to be slo’

  238. Nigel

    PRO = Putting freeRiders On?

  239. Mat

    I’m pro cos I look like a Trek.

  240. dan edwards

    When you put on,slip on or sit on something special [I am refering to our sport] and hit your local trails its pro time all the way ! Five Tens give you the Pro Factor !! Look good, feel good , Ride Better.

  241. Andi

    ICH Bin noch nicht Pro weil ich noch keine so Geile Hammer Super Schuhe habe
    Ps: über setzung auf google nutzen.

    Grüsse aus der Schweiz

  242. Tiago Ridrigues

    i am pro because i ride with heart and with freeride pro

  243. freebie scav chav

    Fuckin keep em

  244. Tony Carr-Baker

    I’m pro because I’ve got all the gear…well nearly…the only thing left and still required is an awesome pair of five tens to complete the look!!!

  245. Rivers

    I am so pro I don’t need to boast…but did you see my most recent edit? If not you should check it out, does not get much more pro than that.

  246. karoliusz

    I’m PRO because my two kids and my loving wife always call me their PRO when I come back after riding. I love them so much.

  247. Russell

    PRO? i put that name to shame!! i defo pin every track.. but could tare it even more if i had these five ten shoes!! :p

  248. marco

    I’m pro in my profeesion

  249. tomlye

    I’m pro because I’m starting to gain confidence to do bigger jumps and am putting 100% into everything I do with aggression and determination. with these I can Boost my jumping confidence until I nail some sick trick !

  250. ilgaton

    i am pro because i am not …pro…

  251. john shrewsbury

    I am a Pro because i would still buy a set of these even tho they cost alot and 5.10 are the best brand of shoes around.

  252. Marian

    I’m not such as a pro rider, I don’t use flat pedals because I ride SPD’s, effectively I could use 5.10 only as casual shoes.

  253. Leo van der Aa

    I am a PROblem because if I win you have to send them to the Netherlands and that has never happend.

    By the way al the real PRO’s have there free shoes via there sponsors already so……

  254. Ben jones

    I deserve these shoes because,

    when riding with my mates it’s always, you go first dude you are the quickest…

    When hitting a new jump, gap, drop or structure it’s always, you go first dude you will make it easy…

    When trying a new trick it’s always, you go first dude you will get it…

    So when I’m out free riding risking it all, I wanna do it in the best shoes out there…

  255. matt

    I just want to ride my bike while having grip on the pedals. I’d just get on and ride (even when I don’t win), which is what pro’s do. They ride, regardless of where they are, and definately not stopping to think about their shoes (just look at Ratboy). Some people need to get out more. See you on the trails, regardless of what you’re/ I’m wearing on that given day.

  256. Tim Williams

    because i am an old foggie that wants to be all hip and down with the kids as I slip and slide down north wales’s downhill courses. I may be slow and spend a lot of time on my backside but I enjoy it and the shoes will make me look good.

  257. Stephen

    Im un-Pro enough to deserve these shoe because I once did a skid that last 6 weeks!

  258. harry

    I’m so pro i have been using bare feet to ride all year and now have a foot that has grip like stealth rubber!!! however my feet are wearing out to quick and i am now only 3 foot 6 tall which means these five ten shoes will do the job well!!

  259. Javi

    I`m pro because I ride flats… thats all

  260. Nick L

    I’m so pro these shoes should have my name on them.

  261. alberto

    I’m not a pro, I’m just a guy who always thinks of his bike, but when I win these shoes I will be something more than that kid who keeps looking his bike …… I’ll be the guy that always ride his bike …… I will be a pro.

  262. jez scott

    skids, wheelies (pedal ones of course), one handers, no handers (occasinally), energy drinks, pasta, once met baracuda bob…………. does it get anymore PRO than that??

  263. Eakj

    I like turtles

  264. Harri

    im PRO because ive been riding downhill for 3 weeks and won 2 races in open..i can do big jumps, wheelies, drops etc.

  265. Chuck Norris

    Because I am Chuck Norris and I could tie those laces with my buttocks.

  266. James

    Because I didnt win a kronolog seatpost as i’m too pro?

  267. Minnaar

    I’m pro because I’m sponsored by 5.10 and don’t need any more shoes.

  268. sam

    pros live out of suitcases just like me with these fivetens id be ripping up every track without slipping the pedals

  269. Yanga

    I’m so pro I ride in jandals.

  270. Brian

    woah there brobeans – i can’t believe you guys are pro – im so much better than all of you – watch me rip the shiznit out of this contest…

  271. chaz

    i’m pro, the name’s bodie. don’t tell doyle or cowley i won these coz they’ll want a pair too

  272. Tomas

    just looking at those shoes I feel like a PRO, I wonder how it would feel when wearing them!

  273. Trevor

    I’m pro cause my feet stick to the pedals cause of my 5’10s.

  274. jerome

    I’m pro because I know being pro is not just getting free swag. it’s about inspiring people to ride and support the sport.

  275. Stpaulinland

    I’m no pro, but damn these would look good with Yeti!

  276. liam

    im not pro yet but maybe these shoes will help me in the road. My life is dedicated to riding bike i dream it, i live it and I breath it. Iv grown up riding bikes i was on trainer wheels for about 20 mins before complaining it was to easy. i then went into bmx racing and got to number two in new Zealand . I moved to downhill and now its my life i come from quite a poor family so i have to buy all my equiptment my self and juggling school work and time to ride at the age of 15 is quite diffuclt. I jusst compeated in the Oceania downhill champs. I crashed out and broke my wrist. this didnt stop my riding over the time i had the cast on i was able to land my first 360 and foot jam 360. one day ill be pro…..

  277. Dan

    I’ve been riding the same old trails everyone else rides on the weekends until recently I found some buddies in my town who like to build trails. Now I’m hiking around and building new trails with them. I wish I would have discovered trail building sooner! Two reasons why I need these shoes:
    1. I can hike, build trail, and ride my bike all with 5.10s, unlike my current set-up where I’m having to swap out shoes constantly.
    2. They look killer and will make my friends jealous (real reason)

  278. Pip

    I’m so PRO I took a gazebo and bike stand to BUCS!

  279. Videofan

    I think these shoes should be donated to Jacob Gibbins, because it’s so inspirational that he has overcome leukemia and now makes the raddest MTB PRO videos.

  280. George

    Iam not pro and i dont have a cash to buy it.

  281. Philip

    I am a PRO already, but i lost the number of the 5.10 guy, so please send me those shoes instead.

  282. Lindsay

    Hi! I think I’m the right person for winning pro, because I’m a woman and it’s cool when women ride MTB, but they need to have a proper equipment, which pro really are! And I’ve got a blue-white bike btw…

  283. Hristo

    I’m PRO, because I’m PROgressive, so I need the best equipment to get faster. 5.10 it’s all I need!

  284. Jesus

    I’m PRO on biblical proportions, it’ll be like the second coming if I get these shoes.

  285. digthedog

    I ain’t no pro, if I was, I would already have loads of free shoes, I’m just a chancer with grabbing hands.

  286. Christiaan Hulleman

    I’m pro because I’ve completely thrashed my pair of Five Ten Freeriders from 2009.

  287. Bob

    I. AM. PRO-TOWN.

  288. Mezys

    Enough said, let shoes decide who’s worth wearing these le chaussures superbes.

  289. Colin

    i am pro- joe bowman if he wears these….http://youtu.be/n7btEEHRza0

  290. Andy

    I’m a member of steezy wombat racing, and co-founder of Steezy Wombat Media and I think thats enough of a reason for my pro-ness

  291. james

    I would be pro if i had these shoes

  292. Dirty Dee

    I am Pro fo sho, but I’m poor fo sho. My current five tens have got less sole than a sock with a hole. I be digging, ridng, feet ain’t sliding and with my new kicks on over rock gardens I be gliding!

  293. alex

    i’m pro because i stand on street corners selling myself to punters to feed my smack habit

  294. gareth

    Christ! A hell of a lot of people trying to blag a free pair of togs!!!!!!!!
    If you need rid, I’ll take them off your hands. Already 3 pairs of 5:10’s taking up space in the hall but, like a true representation on a product tester and Ambassador to a company, I’ll let people continue to know how outstanding these shoes are. I’m not a Pro. I ride my bike because I want to, not because I want to be famous.

  295. marijn

    Im PRO riding safely on a hometrainer in my spaceship. The only way to stick to it is to wear these shoes and spray-on the DIRT! Crazy enough, now hand over the shiny toys or get zapped..

  296. Nige

    Im about as PRO as you…

  297. Habaluza

    Im Pro because I do not have money, I must going to school every day , but although everything I am fighting for my dream and my dream is Riding Downhill. I do not have enough money on the folding bike but I’m trying But I need a good pair of shoes and i think that pair of shoes will help us fulfill the dream.

  298. Florent

    I am pro because i am a french, and in france we don’t care about be ridiculous, for an extra super bien new fiveten shoes ( i have aldready one, that great !!!!) And if you think that french gut is a real pro, i send you a picture ofmy girl friends in bikini, and her two fuckin’s dog!!! but, in real that ‘s my pleasure….
    Mon anglais est pourri je sais…. my english is fuckin bad, yes i know!!!

    Ps : Dany Hart is going down slowly for me….

  299. Ryan Al-Schamma


  300. Haydz

    Because I cannot find the words or the time to tell you why. Too tired from riding up and down everything to explain. Like all the guys after a UCI run fighting for their breath. No time. Need a cup of tea and a big plate of food before I go out again. Are these meant to be better than toe clips yeah? What year is this? Who’s Danny Hart?

  301. James kaye

    I’m pro because:
    1. I’m (P)oor.
    2. I’m (R)ubbish at Riding.
    3. I’m (O)ld.

    But I still turn up and race, because in my head I still feel Iike a pro, regardless of my poor results!

  302. drippihippy

    I’m pro ‘cos I’m cheap, really dirty and I’ll do ANYTHING for a free pair of shoes.

  303. Pat

    I’m pro because I have so many custom mods on my bike

  304. Aidan

    I’m pro because the sport is my what takes up all my free time in-between studying and school, five ten products are all I wish i could use and have for the best grip in wet UK conditions!

  305. joe

    i am a pro, a professional chef that works all day and night to fund my riding! i eat well and train hard for maximum riding enjoyment when i get to run away too loss myself in the hills.

  306. javi

    I am not a Pro…..but wearing a bit of them on my bike, make me feel a bit better. sometimes I wish to ride like a Pro, and then I smack my face.
    Be a Pro, is not what I want but I would like to(somtimes)

  307. Beth

    I’m PRO because i managed do a complete flip over my bars with the bike still attatched…. spd’s no good!

  308. Jeremy

    Too Pro to even comment on this…..

  309. Jackson

    I think I am PRO enough to deserve these awesome shoes because I have cracked two frames in six months and I was 12 at the time.

  310. CAVOS

    i am 50.
    i do motocross
    i do dh
    i have 2 women
    I AM PRO IN LIFE……!!!!!!!!!!


    Hi – im NOT pro — clearly since i would like these shoes — and the pro’s get them for free!


  312. Factory Tom

    I’m so pro I tattoo my sponsors down my shaft and on my lowest hanging testicle.

  313. billy

    @Factory Tom, not many sponsors then?!

  314. Factory Tom

    More than you my friend. 😉

  315. kyle nelson

    I’m so pro I just shred ridiculous lines blind and flat out… Oh wait maybe that’s why im injured again! Well it works 98percent of the time but seriously gonna be out for a long time and been waitin on white bike shoes, these would be great to come back from injury.

  316. Dude

    I wanna be pro but my dad wont buy me any. so have to downhill in a pair of Asda’s inhouse best

  317. john

    If I was pro I wouldn’t want the shoes as I’d allready get some for free.

  318. Alex martin

    I am prop enough because i am young and i cant afford anything as all i do is spend it on bike stuff,so winning a free pair of shoes would really help =)

  319. Dave Farmer

    I need new shoes because my 5:10 Impact shoes that i have had for years are finally falling apart. They have raced Dragon Downhills, Nationals, and been on my feet while building many miles of trails. The sole on the right shoe is just starting to peel away from the upper. I am too lazy to order them online, and no bike shop around me has any.

  320. Skootur

    I’m so pro that I’d make the shoes look better by being on me, rather than the shoes making me look better!!

  321. Jake

    I’m not really anywhere near pro enough, but those soles look like bubble wrap. What can I say, moth to a flame! Pop pop pop…

  322. Pete

    In dog we trust

  323. Toby

    im pro because im only 14 and i have to get up at 4 am every morning to do a paper-round so i can earn some money to buy a half descent, second hand dh bike that ive been saving up for for ages! :)

  324. DRM

    just ‘coz i keep pushing my own limits,thou im gettin kinna old,would look sick on meh

  325. krissboo

    I like sausage and I go hard or go home

  326. chris-m

    Because Five Ten need man size shoes that go bigger than their current choice, i.e. go bigger than size 13! I’m a size 14 shoe and find it an absolute pain in the rear to find good riding footwear. Come on Five Ten… more choice please!!

  327. craig

    im pro because i will look reem in those shoes

  328. the_dragon

    Hi, I’m actor Pro McClure. You might remember me from such TV shows as “Bablyon 5-10″ or movies like “5-10 Things I Hate About You”.

  329. gmc

    I’m in fact not a Pro, but that doesn’t mean I can’t demonstrate the powers of a product and share excitement about something with fellow riders!

  330. n-en

    Im not really a pro, but I have too much style for normal shoes. Plus I shred every type of biking like bmx race, downhill and all mountain and would be mint to have a shoe that works for them all!!! Super stylish!!

  331. Jimbo

    Im pro because i wear a helmet to cover up my gingerness.

  332. Paul

    Because I would spray them fluorescent green, so then I would be the first person ever to own a pair of 5.10’s that require an epilepsy warning label.

  333. Jimmy fids

    Your mum said I was pro!

  334. danny

    i am pro cause mtbing is running in my blood and making me say YES THIS IS THE LIFE.

  335. miguel

    im pro because i ride 5 to 10 with fiveten shoes.

  336. Russell

    After riding with SPD’s and coming off hard trying to learn to manual… I quickly moved to flat pedals, just need a decent pair of shoes and these look like the right thing….

  337. froy

    because of my shoes and clipless pedals I fractured my right leg, so I need some spit and platform pedals

  338. Joel

    I’m pro because I have a jersey with a girls name on it

  339. The real slim fordy

    I’m so pro I took a toothpick to a knife fight and came up

  340. Gregor

    I’m pro ’cause I ate sh** off a jump last week and jacked my leg up, and still bucked up and went riding the next day. I still can’t feel my leg a week later, but fully intend to ride again tonight.

  341. ed

    im so pro my go pro is currently in conseling

  342. Pring

    I ride downhill on an 07 specialized hardrock with cable brakes! That’s Pro.

  343. Stoyan

    I’m PRO because i can ride without fiveten 😀 but the filling with them is like a PRO on a flat pedals !

  344. ol

    pro enough what?

  345. Brett Nicolle

    I’m a “PRO”, ’cause I’ll do anything for bike porn like these….

  346. billy

    Thanks for giving it a go all you Pros! We’ve picked a winner hopefully get a photo of him with his posh daps soon.

  347. Jack Zoers

    I’m pro because i ride like nobodys buisness!

  348. Matt

    Because I’m so pro that my extreme pedalling carries my feet off the front of my pedals…

  349. Tommo

    Im pro because your MUM said so! Boooom!

  350. dave T

    I am pro enough because I am 50 years of age and every time I puff up a hill I smile because I know I will grin going down it…. is that not what mountain biking is all about ..products dwell on the shelves but live on the hills get out and ride people

  351. paolo del bene

    I used my Zebra Five Ten for 2 years, for any type of activity, specially for ALLMOUNTAIN / ENDURO on my bike SCOTT RANSOM 40 of 2008, just few days ago i bought a new pair of Zebra: Black and White, the old were Black and Blue, but in Italy always are expensive: 125 euros.

    I am a PRO because i use then and my foot stay wwith them, why i need one pair ? because like me the brand Five Ten, size 44,5 Eur or 45 Eur

  352. Jo Bambrough

    I would be PRO, with these shoes, right now i’m so close, i reallyl need the shoes! :)

  353. Jon

    I’m so PRO i dont even need shoes, but these look like they’ll look after my feet better than my platforms currently do?

  354. B.Patterson

    I’m pro enough because I have scars up my shins from slipping of the pedals when getting big air

  355. B.M.Paterson

    I am pro enough because i destroyed the rear wheel on my new xc bike in 5 rides on a xc track!

  356. AM

    I’m not PRO, so it’s probably best you give them to some one else.

  357. liam

    im pro because im broke from traveling and biking the Canadian rockys 😉

  358. jan hartman

    I must be a pro cause I’m pro-cycling, pro-downhill, pro-uphill, pro-good footwear!

  359. Alexandra Thomas

    I’m Pro because I spend all my free time on my bike enjoying DH trails! I’m sure I’d look extra Pro throwing my bike abound berms and jumps in those beautiful Five Tens!

  360. darren

    who needs these shoes to be a pro..all i need is me..=D

  361. Chris L

    I am pro as i ride a pink bike.

  362. Oskar Sigurdsson

    I’m pro because I broke my thumb riding and still went riding with two pins holding it together against doctors orders.

  363. tim harrison

    I need some proper PRO kicks to stick me to the dmrs on my first full bounce, gonna kill me otherwise guys!

  364. David Smith

    With tricks so divine… the Freerider’s mine!

  365. David Smith

    With tricks so divine… the Freerider’s mine!

  366. J. Ibarra

    Simply put. Nothing else is good enough for my feet.

  367. yette

    Im pro beacuse I can tell how my husband satisfied with your products coz all he have wish for a gift is the “FiveTen shoes!!” =)

  368. CAVOS

    i deserve these shoes ’cause i am 50 years old pro in everything!!!!!

  369. jake

    I’M a PRO because im 13 years old with marzocchi bombers and when i went to glentress i owned the freeride park!

  370. MaxMax

    I’m so PRO that I prefer to ride barefoot, that without my Freerider PRO FiveTen shoes!

  371. Sam Matthews


  372. Ollie G

    I am pro because I bought my first freeride bike last week and I am busy using skate shoes with it as I have no more money for shoes. I am truly in love with the sport and the Five Ten brand and it’s my dream to have a pair of these epic shoes. I am also one of the founders and editor for BreakLine Media, a new production company dedicated to filming all things bike and I think I would make a good rep for Dirt and Five Ten :)

  373. Jacob Cameron

    I’m pro because I’ve rode street constantly each day and night with having no water with the heatwave in the US lately. There’s three holes in my right shoe and 2 in my left shoe. I am flat broke and my parents are refusing to buy me shoes and I need good riding shoes. I could definitely not afford these at the most. I’ve been following FiveTen ever since I saw Danny Hart on their team and I am love with these shoes. And Next week I head to go ride trails in Pennsylvania and my shoes will not hold up to it.

  374. Andy

    i broke my femur then fell down some stairs on my crutches and broke my hip and then i thought to myself..if only i’d had those FiveTen Pro shoes..

  375. redzuan

    i’m pro enough to deserve these posh shoes because i feel like a pro rider went i using this shoes while riding my bike even though i’m not a really pro…..

  376. redzuan

    i’m pro enough to deserve these posh shoes because i feel like a pro rider went i using this shoes while riding my bike even though i’m not a really pro.

  377. Peter Ashcroft

    Because “I ride like I stole it” and they will look good at the side of my hell cats.!

  378. Mike

    i am pro and the ladies love me !

  379. vebjorn

    im pro because im the boss!

  380. Paul Meheux

    I always come after

  381. Fab

    Cause my feet tell me “Oh, yeah, we lov’it”

  382. Tim Dobson

    Pro? Who cares? Lets talk about REAL biking; I rock a Raleigh Burner and aviators on the trails with bare feet. Wanna gimme shoes? I won’t complain 😉


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