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Win A Chance To Ride With The Athertons!

Win A Chance To Ride With The Athertons!

That’s right, you could win the chance to spend a day riding with all three of the Athertons. There are 15 places up for grabs and all you have to do is pop over to the Red Bull website and register to be in with a chance of winning.

It’ll happen on the 22nd of June and as if riding with them wasn’t enough it’ll also be taking place on their local trails. Basically you’ll have an amazing day so if I was you I’d get registered now.




  1. Antlees

    Hi, tried to apply for the atherton day but will not allow your email in lower case, anyone else having a problem

  2. Messy

    I had the same confusion with it saying ‘fields to not match’. The problem was I’d written one in lower case and the other in caps, but they looked identical. It’s just the font mate, It always looks like its in capitals even if you write it in lower case.

  3. David

    They must get bored with saying the same exact thing in every video they do.

  4. Ally

    ^^^ haha,,every sentence Gee says has to by law contain “stoked” , “rad” , “for sure” lol. Plus do red bull require him to have a can superglued to his hand at all times

  5. Deano

    Just signed up before watching the video. I guess the 400 character narrative will get you noticed.

    Should have just put: “You know”.

  6. Hank Stamper

    Would have to get showered in yellow powder? Would prefer not to. But this is the big leagues. What must be done, will be done. Yellow pow pow.


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