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Win a chance to ride with the Athertons!

Win a chance to ride with the Athertons!

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

The fastest family on two wheels, Dan, Gee and Rachel Atherton are giving you lot an amazing chance to join them for an awesome days riding on their home turf in North Wales.

The 15 lucky winners will get to shred the Atherton’s backyard trails and also a pre-season session like no other. The trio will be on hand to give you expert coaching tips and skill training to improve your riding.

Though whether they’ll let you launch the massive Quarry jumps is another matter!

So if you’re free on the 22nd June then hit up getyourwings.redbull.co.uk to enter.

The closing date is 4th April so get a move on!

We sent our old Smith Corona typewriter to meet up with Gee and ask him 11 daft questions.

  1. terrid

    Will the whole thing have to be in slow motion?

    1. Leon

      It will look like slow motion if i win


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