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Who was fastest on the hills of Port Angeles, Innerleithen and Bringewood this weekend?

Who was fastest on the hills of Port Angeles, Innerleithen and Bringewood this weekend?

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Monday morning race results straight from the Dirt fax machine…


Photo: GabeFox/Instagram.

Steve Smith and Jill Kintner win the stacked Underworld Cup at Port Angeles

1/ Steve Smith 2:22.44
2/ Josh Bryceland 2:24.09
3/ Connor Fearon 2:25.15
4/ Aaron Gwin 2:25.17
5/ Brook MacDonald 2:26.32

1/ Jill Kintner 2:41.32
2/ Miranda Miller 2:43.84
3/ Casey Brown 2:48.52

Steve Smith: “Boo yaa bike racing. What a week end!”


Photo: Duncan Philpott/Tracy Moseley

Mark Scott and Tracy Moseley are top of the time sheets at Rd2 of the UK Gravity Enduro at a rain hit Innerleithen.

Duncan Philpott said :”…loads of mechanicals and crashes for the top boys. Gary Forrest was tearing everyone apart but his cassette blew up on him. Donny crashed a few times and had a few punctures. Witnessed loads of punctures across the categories.”

T-Mo tweets: “Happy to keep bike and body intact and take the win. Tough conditions.”

Screen shot 2013-04-29 at 10.40.02

Gee Atherton wins at a sunny Pearce Cycles Round 1, Bringewood.

Gee tweets: “Amazing few days on a flat out dry track!! Racing was tight today, good battle with the boys, stoked to take the win!!”

Full results on Roots and Rain.

  1. dirt dodger

    Bringewood was damn fast this weekend !!! For fun in the morning before 1st runs started Gee put in a timed chainless run of 2.05, OUCH and WTF

  2. Chris

    Lots of racing happening everywhere. Steel City next weekend. Edit coming shortly after.

    Billy! When does fantasy DH 2013 open, so much choice this year. Can’t wait.

  3. Eoin

    While we are asking questions, where is finally 4?!?! You said it would be released soon when the teaser came out over a month ago, which in internet time is like 5 years ago. Let me give you my money.

  4. billy

    Sorry guys, when I said “soon” I meant ‘soon’ as in “Bassoon” which I think was the answer to an entirely different question altogether. I should of course have said “shortly”, hope that helps!

    (Actually the team are working really hard behind the scenes to get Finally and the Fantasy DH off the launch pad, hopefully more news this week!)

    1. Eoin

      Awesome “distract and confuse with a pun” strategy Billy! Right so, will continue refreshing the site every 5 minutes until I get this news you speak of, but refuse to divulge.

  5. KENNY

    Winning time for the Gravity Enduro 30 minutes, Winning time for the Dh 2m 22! Got to love Gravity Enduro.


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