Welsh Uplift news

JT and the WDMBA crew sent over good news about uplift news in Wales.

It’s fair to say we have the uplift bus sorted after TWO years of heartache! Thanks to our mate Mike, we now have busses that have a 50/50 split between bikes and riders and they will hold upto 30 of each. We firmly believe that this is the most efficient method of uplift in the UK (other than Fort Bill’s chair lift maybe) and defiantly has the fastest turn around of anything we have tried.

We currently have two of these and a few more lined up if we need them, we are able to sub contract them if anyone wants to borrow one- they are FC and road compliant so if you fancy a trip to north wales with a group of mates we can arrange it!…

We now have uplifts planned on a 2 or 3 a month basis- Rheola was last weekend and Gethin will be on Oct 9th, which is nearly sold out so if you wanna be on it you’ll need to book ASAP! Visit for more info.

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