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Welsh Uplift news

Welsh Uplift news

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

JT and the WDMBA crew sent over good news about uplift news in Wales.

It’s fair to say we have the uplift bus sorted after TWO years of heartache! Thanks to our mate Mike, we now have busses that have a 50/50 split between bikes and riders and they will hold upto 30 of each. We firmly believe that this is the most efficient method of uplift in the UK (other than Fort Bill’s chair lift maybe) and defiantly has the fastest turn around of anything we have tried.



We currently have two of these and a few more lined up if we need them, we are able to sub contract them if anyone wants to borrow one- they are FC and road compliant so if you fancy a trip to north wales with a group of mates we can arrange it!… jt@wdmba.co.uk




We now have uplifts planned on a 2 or 3 a month basis- Rheola was last weekend and Gethin will be on Oct 9th, which is nearly sold out so if you wanna be on it you’ll need to book ASAP! Visit www.wdmba.co.uk for more info.

  1. Bikeactive

    Nice one JT, see you at Gethin.

  2. one-T

    good work mate, see if you can get foam mats for between the bikes as well, then you’ve got it all!

  3. olly

    Looks cheap to me. Van and specific trailer are the way to go. Bikes don’t get damaged and you sit comfortably in the van. Not for me, but I’m sure loads will disagree!

  4. mcroy

    looks cheap? care to elaborate buddy? Van and specific trailer eh? and where are the riders supposed to sit then?

    we may well look into the foam thing though…

  5. Messy

    Decent system! Plenty of space for everyone, although some might be worried about the bikes getting scratched and falling over. Luckily mine is already scratched… So Ill be coming to one of these uplifts real soon! Nice one organising it.

  6. VonDH

    Massive coach designed for road use going up a wet slippery fire road(is that a good idea).

  7. Derry

    there is no way i’m putting a bike in that bike mashing uplift, i dont mind scratching my bike myself in a crash or something but i’m not paying someone for the privilage of wrecking a bike that’s worth more than that bus on a uplift like that, i wish other uplift organisers take note how cwmdown and pearce cycles run there uplifts,

  8. Mike

    Dirt should switch the comments off, the constant bitchfest is very tiring.

    This IMO is a very good idea, hats off to the guys at WDMBA for thinking outside the box and sorting there own transport! The bikes will be far better off in the back of these busses than a cattle/tipper truck.

  9. Mike

    Oh and it’s great news for Welsh DH considering the problems they have faced with the FC.

  10. JT

    VonDH…. FYI there isn’t ANY other way than a PSV regulated bus, thats allowed to uplift on FC land! …We don’t make the rules i’m afraid! Thats why it’s been such a struggle! As for van and trailer… yea if you wanna pay for it sure! Bikes don’t get destroyed if stacked properly and we are looking for ways to improve that!

  11. Tallpaul

    I cannot believe that some people moan about other folks efforts!!!
    Its a good job there a people out there willing to put the time and effort into this sport of ours!!
    Hats off to you guys if I lived a little closer I would use your service any day.
    To those that don’t want to scratch there bikes go ride road bikes pussies!! lol

  12. ironde

    your bike must be a right pile of crap if you don,t care about it Tallpaul, fairplay the effort is there on the uplift side, all they need is some good padding like caursws uses to put inbetween the bikes, not as if dh bikes are cheap, the more it gets wrecked the less its worth, uk bikes are in the worst condition in the world due to bad uplift systems, no wonder they are worth peunuts when you sell them.

    Good work on the uplift.

  13. olly

    Other folks efforts? Are they doing this for free? Hell no, its a business! Yeah there no doubt passionate about this but they want to make money too, they’ve got too and no doubt turn a profit after a while. I’m just not willing to pay for a service that will devalue my bike more than I can myself! Fly Up, Pearce, Cwmdown. Thats how its done! Simple. Back of a bus, come on! And comments, this is a public space, put anything out there and you’ll get criticism, only thing is a good business will read this and take it in using it to there own ends. Improving and looking at these issues!

  14. Eddy

    I got shit loads of marks from Pearce uplifts. That said, I ride my bike for enjoyment not to worry about its paintjob


    I’m sure the uplift will be mint!
    for all you suckers thinking the bikes will get destroyed, I think using a bus is an amazing idea, we used a 7.5 tonne truck for a uplift recently with no padding and no bike damage, so the buses will be fine. these kinds of vehichles have suspension set up for road use so run super soft especially in comparison to quarry trucks or cattle trucks which are either super firm or dont have any at all.
    Nice one WDMBA good job! nice to see someone making the effort.

  16. Fruity

    If you dont like the idea, dont use it. Simple eh? :)

  17. jimmytimbers

    brilliant idea. can’t believe people would worry about scratching a bike thats away to be hurled down the side of a hill of mud, rocks and trees!!

  18. dasnut

    nice one, dudes.
    don’t listen to the Internet nerds

    as for downhill bikes being worth anything second hand, I’ve seen how you idiots ride.

    feel free to keep pushing up the hills, your bikes will be in great condition

    me, I’ll use the uplift and get lots of riding in

    Bikes are for thrashing

  19. Lythy

    nice idea, might have to move to wales i think.

  20. ed

    hate to be negative about other peoples efforts, as I think the basics are there for welsh uplift. BUT I do think generally it puts off a lot of people just because they dont want their pride and joy looking scratched up. After all, we are conditioned by companies to get excited about new shiny things, and to get your expensive rig buggered up kinda goes against the grain.

    I would still like to do a private uplift day with some mates, see for myself but at the moment I’ll only be booking if there is some carpet/ foam even cardboard to put my mind at ease.

    Really hope its works out for you, wales is amazing.

  21. billy

    If you moaners don’t like it then don’t use it, let’s have some positive constructive comments on here please.

    I say good on WDMBA for doing something beneficial for the sport and as JT says they are looking into protection for bikes.

  22. VonDH

    JT calm down, i was making a remark on saftey.i know you have worked hard to get a uplift going, im am not trying to put you down.
    but i do stand by what i said there is now way in hell a coach should be used on a regular basis to uplift riders they are not simply built to do it.

  23. mcroy

    VonDH, regarding safety.. the FC have stipulated that, in order for any uplifting to take place on its land, the organiser must use a psv licensed vehicle. ie a bus operator. Don’t you think that the FC with all of its legal might, would have researched/risk assessed this stipulation before enforcing it? I think they would have…

  24. Alex

    Good work guys, this looks a great set-up. I cant wait to come along and ride these amazing trails again. I do more damage to my bike riding it than an uplift has ever done, and that includes the quarry trucks and cattle wagons. A little bit of protective tape and uplifts are a breeze.

    Does anyone know how to stop muddy waterproofs and my shoes from scouring all the paint off my frame?

  25. Zero Cool

    Looks alright to me. I used to be a bus driver for several years before I became a paramedic and they’ve got some of the most comfortable suspension I’ve ever driven with. I’m sure they’ll be fine for the job,and if they have any problems with uplift damage then I’m sure they’ll modify the loading methods accordingly.

  26. Jon

    Good luck guys!! All this moaning is irritating. I used to provide a free jet washing service at the NPS but all I got was earache. So instead of spending £££’s and working my butt off, I now enjoy my family at the weekends instead. Oh and get to ride my bike! Keep up the good work!

  27. hippyrich

    HOLD ON ONE MIN.Carnt you bike loving people take your own bit carpet blanket or foam after all when you and your mate turn up in your car how do you protected the bikes then. GET A GRIP!

  28. Mrs C

    Hello, I actualy did the uplift at Rheola t’other weekend and had a spankingly great time – I would encourage everyone to support the uplift movement – wherever there’s one.
    FYI: the suspension in the bus means that the bikes don’t get bounced about and rub each others paint off like they did in the quarry trucks. Any damage to my bike (and me!) occurred in the concentration-inducing greasy off-camber middle section of the trail. The whole trail was riding a treat btw.
    Bring a cushion to nestle your precious things, if you must, but please can we support the people who want to help us get out and ride?

  29. James

    Slightly off track but I went to Gethin 2 weeks ago and the middle part of the track, on the exposed mountain side, was completely fooked by eight 4×4’s driving all over the mountain! Has it been repaired? I was furious, spoke to the a-holes wrecking the track and they couldn’t care less.
    I did report it to the police and FC.
    Curious if it’s been fixed yet? It was ruined!

  30. Jason

    James, we are having a dig day on the 25 Sept to try and undo what the 4x4s have done. Hope you can help.

  31. mcroy

    Hi Guys, thanks for all the encouraging comments amid the criticism received… were doing our best and are constantly looking at improving an already great uplift service.

    Regarding Gethin, we would really appreciate as much help as possible to repair the track after the damage caused by the 4x4s over the last 2 weeks… the event is relying on it being fixed

    Free uplifts to those who help us out too!!!!!!! GET YOUR SHOVELS FOLKS…. :-)

  32. @olly

    @ olly
    i heard all profits will be going towards track maintanance – hiring a digger for mt ash being one investment … not pockets

  33. F**k o*f

    How about about a roof rack of some sort,just an idea im no engineer but if possible it could be a fit and forget option unlike a trailer.

  34. Gary

    rip the seats out, remove the buses’ suspension dampers, fill the back of the bus with builders waste, stick sharpened Hope bleed bolts on the walls and hang an incontinent sheep from the ceiling to let the whinging posers experience how uplift was in the good old days. 😉

  35. Jason

    Further mods to the back of the bus are planned.


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