Jason from the Canoe & Kayak UK Magazine sent me an ebeam this morning with this picture. I don’t know what to think, is this where the freeriding scene is heading? Will the next Rampage be at Niagra Falls? Does this guy canoe down Fort William? Shall I buy a canoe? What tyres was he running? Did he ride it out? How did he ride it in?

This is what Jason said:

The drop is Right Angle Falls on the River Etive near Glencoe. I’ve run that fall many a time in a kayak and you go pretty deep, even with a large amount of plastic and air around you, so this guy must have spent a fair while in the ‘Green Room’ before he saw air again. I tried to convince Crawford Carrick Anderson, The Don and Johnny Cheetham to jump off this a few years ago after a boat/bike race thing, but they were having none of it.

Don’t try this at home.

A mountain bike rides over a waterfall

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I spent a lot of today cycling under a waterfall getting soaking wet, now I’m drinking a hot cup of tea listening to the Roses.