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Watch the Val di Sole World Cup LIVE on Dirt today!

Watch the Val di Sole World Cup LIVE on Dirt today!

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Yes that’s right. You can watch all the LIVE action from World Cup round #2, Val di Sole, Italy right here on Dirt.

The video stream starts at 13:15 BST today, Sunday June 3rd.

Hit up: live.mpora.com/uci-downhill-world-cup-val-di-sole and join us in the Dirt party lounge where you can chat, drink, vote, eat and watch all the World Cup action LIVE!!!

Check out www.redbull.com/en/bike for more info.

  1. ronin

    finally! SA seems like a year ago it’s been so long.

  2. sharpy182

    Brendog has it in the bag!!

  3. optimus doddsy

    Harts having this round trust, after SA hes guna be chompin at the bit

  4. Down n Dirty

    Cant wait

  5. jesus

    sam hill ftw. has gee stopped wearing a neck brace? judging by the look of that pic

  6. ben

    My moneys on Hill

  7. brian

    what time does it start for pacific standard time? im in california

  8. booboo

    Get ready for probably the worse streaming of all times, considering how jumpy the replays are..

  9. Big Dawg

    I’m not home all day tomorrow, am I able to watch the stream somewhere later without seeing the result? Thanks.

  10. DHZ

    BST is British Summer time, so its 8 hours ahead for west coast USA. Yup, 3am boys! I think it’s easier to stay up than get up personally, but I’m sure the replay will be on shortly after if you miss it live.

  11. Ned

    Can’t wait, it’s been a long time coming!!

  12. stephen winslade

    so long as no one mentions the jubilee I’ll be happy…

  13. Wheelerman

    Not working for me, anyone else?

  14. Wheelerman

    Why did I think it started at 11.15am? Hope the feed is good :-)

  15. Munzy

    Sloppy guys….. I had my day planned around an 11.30 start >(

  16. karatechris

    I get an error trying to view the live stream!! Noooo

  17. CAVOS

    moto gp on tv, world cup downhill on laptop
    what a great day!!!!!!!

  18. dhiobsessed

    What a crock of shyte. Wake up at 4:15am to watch the race only to see a blank screen and then find out that the woman are running the course but we are all looking at blank screens. WTF. This sucks and is completely unaceptable. Get your shit together RB media house. Freecaster although not perfect nevery pulled this shit. IE told the whole world the wrong time that they would start to broadcast. IEE never thought of airing the woman after the fact. Why would they it’s suppose to be a live web cast. Aghast!

  19. Bedders

    What time does it actually start for someone watching in the UK? So far I’ve seen an 1100 start, 1300 start and now 1315 start, and the screen is blank. I’m confused.

  20. dhiobsessed

    AHH what now hightlights of past events and shit. We’ve all seen this by now. RBMH just air the event. Worry about doing all the made for TV crap later. This is the age of Internet TV that by it’s nature does not have to come with all of the traditional time limitations that that “TV” does

  21. Bedders

    still a blank screen for me. is it my computer or is there something wrong elsewhere?

  22. unleash

    just finished watching it.whole thing was shit hot love it


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