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Watch the World Champs REPLAY right here on Dirt!

Watch the World Champs REPLAY right here on Dirt!

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

You can watch the Downhill World Champs replay right here.

  1. ClericX


  2. Dexta

    This really cud go to anyone Gwinn?minnar?stevi smith is ripping but our hope has gotta be on mr gee atherton cum on dude av it.gud luck to everyone tho wot a season uv put up this year may the best man win.

  3. dirks

    anyone know if there will be a repeat stream? I’ll be tellyless during the race :(

    1. Dexta

      Shud imagen ther will be dude.think iv missed world cup rounds n caught up in the past

  4. Dh dude

    Ratboy to win :0)

    1. Pumptracktim

      Women’s final starts at noon, so we should see it live. Unless they replay the juniors, of course.

  5. treehuggergraeme

    Is it all free to watch this year?

  6. billy

    Yip, all free this year!

  7. sexyguy

    Billy, Is the whole event being shown? or just the top 30? males and top femals?

    1. billy

      Warner on Twitter: Today it’ll be ALL the elite woman and men, no junior coverage, live show starts at 12.50 pm CET

  8. brian

    so what time will it be on on the west coast U.S.?

  9. Munzy

    FFS DIRT, please stop posting results on FB before we watch them – at least post as a link!!!

    1. billy

      Munzy, THey are not showing JUNIORS on the live feed or replayt, so I posted those results, won’t be posting Elite results. x

  10. TimBud

    How long do they leave it before posting results then?
    How do they know when you’ll be watching or not watching?

    1. Churchie

      Err, they don’t know when you’ve watched it, do they? Bloody selfish redbull and dirt, showing it for free and everything and not stopping for a moment after the race and thinking ‘Cripes, we had better not put the results up yet incase TimBud hasn’t watched it. We’d better wait until he has seen the race…hope he doesn’t decide not to watch the replay ’til next week!’ Why don’t you drop them a line when you’ve watched it and it’s ok by you for the results to be posted?!

  11. Bez

    Did Minnaar say making it 3 at PMB would be a great way to END it?

    1. Adam Hiks

      Yea, I picked up on that too. I’d be gutted if he finished next year, he still seems to have so much to offer


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