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Watch the Val d'Isère World Cup LIVE on Dirt!

Watch the Val d'Isère World Cup LIVE on Dirt!

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

The penultimate round of the UCI World Cup kicks off this week at Val d’Isère in France and you can watch the finals right here today.

Hit up our brand new BIG screen party lounge at http://live.mpora.com on Sunday 29th July at 13:15pm BST.

The Dirt Party lounge, before and after Dave the Electrician rewired it.

For more RedBull bike stuff check out www.redbull.com/en/bike

  1. Tobias Wildebeast

    missed it. Where’s the replay? The link above seems to play some random RedBull program now

  2. Dh dude

    I’m looking for the replay too, can’t find it anywhere :0(

  3. burns

    REd Bull Y U NO REPLAY????

  4. pip
  5. pip

    ok so i should have checked the link first 😛

  6. Dh dude

    Doesn’t work :0(

  7. Sulley

    Just some random “Redbull stuff” on that link…

  8. mark b

    wheres the reply…. come on red bull sort it out….
    i am heading for a monster fueled evening if you don’t…lol

  9. ricky

    The only links I have found for the replay have a live feed of redbull.tv
    Anyone know when the replay will be up? Bummed I already know the winners. I don’t want to accidentally find out any more info searching for the replay. Anyone?

  10. Aurelius

    this is just lame…in every other round we had the replay right away and now the links that people give only show random stuff from redbull?! Glad i didn´t paid!

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