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Watch the Pietermaritzburg World Cup Finals Live Here!

Watch the Pietermaritzburg World Cup Finals Live Here!

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Watch all the excitement, action and drama of UCI World Cup round #1 live at Pietermaritzburg right here on Dirt!

After the excitement of 2011, the RockyRoads UCI Mountain Bike World Cup presented by Shimano is back for a new season, and this year it looks set to be bigger and better than ever.

As official media partners of the UCI, Red Bull Media House will this year be filming and streaming the elite men’s and women’s DHI finals and XCO races LIVE and FREE on redbull.com/bike from all the UCI Mountain Bike World Cup events around the globe.

You can watch the DH finals right here on Dirt on Sunday 18th March starting at 12:15 pm (GMT)

You can even watch the XC finals tomorrow too if you want. Rob Warner is commentating and parts of the track look killer so it could be fun!

  1. ben


  2. Optimus Doddsy

    wetter than an otters pocket!

  3. Ben

    Thats great news, effin awesome.
    Can you tell me what all that crap was about at the end of the last season when we found out the freecaster no longer had the rights to broadcast and that rocky roads would be doing it instead. How come it’s covered by redbull only? Not a rocky road camera insight! I seem to remember that in the RR press release they stated that they would have something refocuses like 15 cameras on every corner!!!

  4. Ben

    Rediculous not refocus

  5. Si Hubbard

    Will be glued to it, but will there also be a replay option for those who cant watch it live.

  6. Jason

    Big shame the ladies DHi event isn’t being shown live. They should run the ladies race right after the mens final if they want to condense it all to a short ‘live stream slot’. Ten to twenty minutes of interviews for the top five men until they are into the top ten ladies

    Oh well, we’ll have to watch the ladies live timing then pretend to be all excited again watching the recorded ladies race an hour or two later while we are trying to watch the live timing for the mens race. It’s going to be tricky watching both on one computer..

    Not very well thought out in my opinion


  7. Brian Teal

    Yeah, exactly what I have been looking for, will there be a reply or a link to watch the recorded version? I won’t be able to watch live and I’ve been looking for an answer for this for the past week. Thanks!

  8. Bedders

    Better cut the local Sunday morning DH tom-foolery early to be back for 1215. Then it’ll be on to the telly to see “the mighty Norwich” take out the Geordies at 4. Life’s good.

  9. BOb

    Replay please, Starts at like 1.30am in New Zealand ang goes until like 3.30am

  10. Oran

    @Bedders actually mate i Think it will be the Geordies thrashing the ‘mighty Norwich’……

  11. Craig B

    Am I just being blind but where are the replays? This does not feel like a step forward compared to freecaster.tv

  12. dirt dodger

    i am with you Craig – i seriously hope red bull do some replays as i cannot watch live, and not just highlights on replay – if you watch red bull tv it’s great and they understand action sports so let’s hope they stay consistent and don’t fuck this up.

  13. dhiobsessed

    I agree there better be replays of the full event. I just watched the RebBull 2011 season recap. I could sure do without the cheesy war movie guy voice over. Has he ever sat on a DH bike. (if so cool) but in my mind his voice does not fit the sport or the bulk of viewers. 2 cents.

  14. TimBud

    Super news, top effort sorting that out guys!

  15. Kelly

    WTF no footage of the ladies??? If this is true I am super pissed. What reason could they possibly have not to show the women? It is very upsetting these women train and work as hard as the men but are not seen as worth the airtime. Insulting.

  16. Steve

    Read the actual information on the page not just the comments.

    …………..this year be filming and streaming the elite men’s and women’s DHI finals and XCO races LIVE and FREE on redbull.com/bike from all the UCI Mountain Bike World Cup events around the globe….

    Yes that is both the Womens and Mens in two events.

  17. Big Al

    I can’t stand Family Fortunes with that lanky wonker Vergil Kaye

  18. Pumptrack Tim

    @Ben, I dont think anyone thought Rocky Roads was going to be filming and broacasting the WC. The point about Rocky Roads was that the title sponsor was a name/website no one had heard of and had pretty shady claims about web traffic. People didnt want the UCI being duped and the title sponsor dropping out mid season. People started reading too much into everything else and we ended up with all this conjecture that helped no one.

  19. Andy

    who’s the rider on the cover shot? kinda looks like gee..

  20. Sue

    Yes, please can we show the women.That way we can encourage more women to get out there.

    By the way,in case you haven’t actually seen a World down hill track wellI have and just to get down is an achievement. I fell over 3 times coming down the track at Fort William ! Yes guys and gals are true stars.

  21. Barrycrankfire...

    Forecast anyone?

  22. Bedders

    You’re probably right Oram but you have to dream.

  23. Jamie

    They are showing the women’s race, but it won’t be live footage, just the top 10.

  24. GeeBee

    So far the coverage looks like a step back in my opinion. I know Rob says in the little recorded interview that it’s what they were aiming for as they couldn’t be arsed commentating on some unknowns, but I can imagine some of the Team managers not being very amused of the little coverage they might get this year! You could say the riders will just have to try harder and earn the right to get in the top 30, but top 80 should be covered as well. There are some great riders outside that top 30!


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