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Watch the Mont Sainte Anne World Cup REPLAY here!

Watch the Mont Sainte Anne World Cup REPLAY here!

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Watch all the action from Sunday’s finals today at Mont Sainte Anne right here on Dirt.

  1. dirt dodger

    aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh, why why why why why why why why why why why why – – – come on ! somebody beat him….Gwinn the machine @ the minute, unstoppable.

  2. HBB Lied, again

    Thanks for not posting the winner in the post title. I could tune in and watch hours later, without knowing who won.

    Who is the boring commentator with Rob? This is DH racing, not golf. I wanted to fall asleep every time he started talking.

  3. Dave

    AWESOME RACE, dh is such a fecking awesome sport. Rob Warner, you are a legend, and personally I liked Lopes bringing a bit of balance to the commentary.

  4. jimmy fids

    boring commentator lol. Brian Lopes was laying down the facts and Rob was doing the colour commentary he is so good at. To be fair if you don’t know who Lopes is you should really gtfo 😛

  5. HBB Lied, again

    I tuned in for the last few racers, so I missed the commentator intro. I do know who Lopes is. Has he ever raced DH? He did OK, but seems like a commentator with more DH experience and little less chamomile tea in the system would better serve the event.

    @4:00 – this duo worked well


  6. jasdh

    Brian lopes is so against clips

  7. meow

    Lopes didn’t know how to interrupt himself when the action warranted his voice was annoying and he was horribly repetitive and condescending to the audience … Brian Lopes = Rob Warner Kryptonite


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