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Watch the Fort William World Cup LIVE on Dirt

Watch the Fort William World Cup LIVE on Dirt

Yeah that’s right, you can catch all the LIVE action from the 3rd round of the World Cup at Fort William right here on Dirt.

The video stream starts at 14:15 BST on Sunday June 10th.

Hit up: live.mpora.com/uci-downhill-world-cup-fort-william and join us in the Dirt party lounge where you can chat, drink, vote, eat and watch all the World Cup action LIVE!!!

Will you be watching? Let us know on our Facebooker Fort William event page.

Check out www.redbull.com/en/bike for more info.

  1. hurundi

    any chance of getting a live stream of the 4x as well? worldcups are just not the same without it..

  2. Morgan

    I second the above comment! NEED to watch the 4X live, especially given the massive number of UK riders entering

  3. joe cantello

    Is there going to be a replay for all the ex-pats in NZ?

  4. Part Time

    I thought the 4x was being streamed live on freecaster still?

  5. Polygon-DHX

    i’ve made up my mind, and it’s gunna be
    1. Danny Hart
    2. Greg Minnaar
    3. Gee-Man
    4. Gwin
    5. Steve Smith

  6. Craig B

    Nope. I will get a Wild Card entry and smash it up! Watch this space.

  7. Ed

    Good to see that at least someone reckons Gwin can be beaten this weekend.

  8. Ed

    Oh, and Joe, yeah don’t worry there will be a replay, but isn’t it worth staying up for?

  9. flo

    have googled when it is and still cant figure out what BST (bullshit time????) is?
    anyone help me out when can i watch live in NZ?

  10. Eoin

    Is brosnan still out?
    Gwin for the win by about 2s despite a crash in his race run. Would love to see Smith in the top 3.

  11. Ronin

    For myself, the only thing as puzzling as gwin’s speed is brosnan’s.

  12. g

    havent missed the 4x whatsoever, with it not being at world cup rounds i dont have to skip past it on edits either! win win.

  13. Jonty

    Totally agree g, really enjoying the absence of 4X. In my opinion it’s generally for people that are too old for BMX or too bad for downhill.

  14. Harry/Dave

    flo, BST is British Summer Time, GMT +1


  15. Aaron

    I didn’t know Britain had a summer!

  16. RegularCaller

    Will the live feed work on iPad’s?

  17. Carl

    Aaron- They don’t, that’s just what they call a collective group of months this the time of year when it isn’t as dark as it is the other 9 months……

  18. Down n Dirty

    Aaron with a 9.8 second lead . or there abouts

  19. CarlG

    @Carl – no, the feed uses flash.

  20. Chris

    Saturday nights are boring without a live 4x stream!

  21. Jonty

    Not if you’re in the pub Chris.

  22. LemonadeMoney

    @reg caller. Use the red bull tv app

  23. ace

    first time i have had a constant feed with no breaks or freezing, sound was out of synch a bit, but got to watch the whole thing…..FUCKINGBRILLIANT hope it works like this for MSA. Good job.

  24. ace

    oh yeah forgot to add “GWINNER” :)

  25. Down n Dirty

    9.6 on his run over the current hot seat rider .200 out not a bad guess

  26. matizz

    Must say that brodcasts now that Red Bull are doing are boring, nothing like when Freecaster had them!! Worner seems like he’s crippled, probably because he cant comment as he wants. And just top 30 riders.. Really not good!


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