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Watch the Festina 4x ProTour race live here tonight!

Watch the Festina 4x ProTour race live here tonight!

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Round #2 of the 4x ProTour kicks off in, Poland tonight and you can watch it all right here on Dirt.

Dave the Electrician has rigged up an amazing new interactive way for you to chat, watch, eat, chat, drink, vote, chat some more and generally feel like you’re right there at the 4x party!

Click live.mpora.com/4x-festina-night-race then log in with Facebook.

There will be a hot and cold buffet available and a fully licensed bar. DJ Ken Easy will be on the Wheels of Steel. Oh and no dress code either. See you there!

*Dave says that this is a new system so may well have a few small teething problems, but if it’s a success then you’ll be able to watch loads more events like this.

It’ll be a bit like this but a bit more rowdy, more cider, lots more drinking, more sausage rolls and more fighting.

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  1. billy

    I’ll be there. Who else is coming then?

  2. Pumptrack Tim

    Fo’ sho. Who is on the mic?

  3. billy

    Good question! Who knows? A random Polish dude?!

    We just tested out the live chat thing and it looks bloody good!

  4. nub
  5. matt

    is there an option to log in with an mpora account?

  6. billy

    @Matt, not yet, you need to log in with Facebook at the moment.

  7. matt

    I haven’t got the option to log in through facebook, so I went to create an mpora account, in the hope that would automatically conect me as I entered the live page, however when connecting to mpora with facebook I have been given half a page of CSS.

    Just thought you’d be interested

  8. Carl

    matt, there should be a button just below the chat log – if not can you send a few details via http://mpora.tenderapp.com/discussion/new so we can fix it.

  9. pumptracktim

    I’ve tried firefox and IE and cant see a log in option anywhere?

  10. 123456

    Shocking coverage – stayed in to watch this, but I’m sacking it off now. Terrible cameramen/production/commentator.

    *whinge whinge whinge whinge* :)

  11. billy

    Let us know any problems you had and we’ll sort them out for next time.

  12. Mr B

    Commentator is not the best ever but he was easily good enough for me, especially when Scott joined in. It was just great to be able to watch live 4X again, thanks to 4X pro-tour. I have high hopes for the future!

  13. Down n Dirty

    Cheers for the feed.the chat setup worked a treat .

  14. Michael Franz

    Thx dirt mag for the stream! And cheers to the 4X pro-tour for making it happen!

  15. billy

    I thought Scotty and the Polish chap did a great job.

  16. Down n Dirty

    Agree Billy Scotty commentating was smack on didnt hear him faulter at all,the guy knew his x4


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