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Video: A Summer in Whistler

Video: A Summer in Whistler

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

A group of guys, one summer in Whistler, a road trip to Mt Washington, Silverstar + Sun Peaks, Crank Worx, Canadian open and a last day of the summer in Squamish, this video has it all.

Nick Woods sent over this great story of the epic summer he spent in Whistler last year. It just makes you want to book the plane tickets right here and now, watch and enjoy!!!

So in January of last year, I decided that following from going to Whistler in August 2009, it was time to do a full summer out there. So going back through the guys at Ticket2Ride, I decided to book a three month stay at their EP lodge.
Between then and leaving it would also come about that a large number of local guys and various others I had met from around the country were heading out too – guys/ girls who would tuns into housemates and neighbours.


With so many people in the house and next door, bikes were everywhere, from small xc bikes to top spec dh bikes it’s great to be somewhere where everyone has that one major bond. Thrown in with that the crazy house parties and crazy Whistler nightlife – it is fair to say that it beats Manzine as an all rounder any day.

The scene in Whistler is massive as everyone knows and it’s easy to get involved in events such as Fast Wednesdays, CrankWorx and Canadian Open. We also managed to fit in a Ticket2Ride bike park tour out to Mt Washington, Silverstar and Sun Peaks for a week. Sun Peaks is amazing and well worth the few hours trip from Whistler, some super steep and tech riding. You have to make the effort to see beyond the bike park as there is so much more to see. Even those without cars… I remember our first hikes of the season back to trails like Billy Epic and Ride Don’t Slide, the hike feels like it’s killing you but some of the best trails in the world and reason why they stay in such great shape – respect counts for a lot in Canada and it’s clear to see why.


For those that haven’t been I can’t recommend Whistler enough, unlike some other well known places, Whistler is the all round package, with loads to do on your off days and places to just hang out and watch the mountain with a beer. For those wanting to venture a little further, the number of parks accessible within a day or two drive make for some epic road trips – and a 2/3 day trip down to Vancouver will give you that small sense of normality back.


Whistler Summer >>

  1. CHris

    Wicked video ! Whistler does look fun

  2. mr b

    God I miss Whistler :(

  3. Benny

    Best days of my life so far have been spent in that village! miss it so much.

  4. Sean

    Whistler for me this summer, i cant wait to do the bike park tour with T2R.

  5. Tom grundy

    Such a great place, just something about it friendly people and great riding, nice little write up there nick, glad I could grace a few photos

  6. nickyb

    whos that moron on the yellow transition? 😉

  7. old bastard

    nice post fellas, brought a tear to the eye, did 2003 season, need to go back before the walking frame comes out, best time of my life. Just wish you had some footage of partying hard at garfs :))

  8. alarmclock

    you need to add a little mega train footage

  9. popsy

    nick aka whitewood how did you get such a fat head. I loved whisther freight train in to dirt merchant lower a-line= perfect day!


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