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Video: Jack Reading at Crankworx

Video: Jack Reading at Crankworx

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Great little video of World Cup rookie Jack Reading talking about his Cranky experience where he placed 7th in the Garbanzo Downhill and 13th at the Canadian DH.

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Here’s what filmer Michael Goldstein said:

“ON THE LINE! ON THE LINE!” were the only words we could make out from two Asian riders we met after hiking back to the top of D1. Jack Reading and I had been filming all day, when we met two riders who started talking to Jack, but he couldn’t understand what they were saying. One struggled to say that he couldn’t speak English very well; however the one thing that was clear was that they knew Jack. After a few seconds of thinking, they finally started yelling, “ON THE LINE! ON THE LINE!” Instantly, Jack and I knew they had seen him in the movie, which was released last Spring.


The two riders carried on to tell us that they came from South Korea for a few weeks to ride Whistler. It has been one thing to get some fan mail from people in various countries, but we were blown away to actually meet two people from halfway around the world who, although they could barely speak English, were raving about Jack’s segment in On The Line.


This year, Ellsworth came out to Crankworx with a full trailer and support, making Jack’s visit from the UK even bigger. After three years of racing at Crankworx, Jack has managed to get two stellar results in BOTH the Garbanzo DH, and CND Open, placing seventh, and thirteenth respectively.
So to anyone who enjoyed Jack’s part in On The Line, here’s round two with Jack from Crankworx this year:

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  1. whinger

    Fantstic to see Jack getting some decent coverage. Awesome rider and all round nice guy.

  2. Hampson

    Congrats Jack that was awesome. Hopefully see you sometime on Alphin pike.

  3. pete

    Ilove jack reading

  4. Messy

    wicked vid… really enjoyed that one!

  5. stooky

    big ups to goldstein cracking vid

    and to jack another british rider stepping up this season.

  6. Ben H

    I really don’t know what all the fuss is about. Jack’s clearly not very quick and is the most boring rider to watch. Stick at it though. You might get better at mountain biking.

  7. Hampson

    *Ben H, i’m sorry but i believe that comment to be rather misplaced. Showing support to a british rider who is improving, placing up there with the best should be encouraged, not retracted. He has clearly earned this slot on the dirt page and the comments that followed (excluding your’s).

  8. dave

    Ben H, go blow goats for quarters!


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