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Video: British Downhill Champs 2010 UPDATED

Video: British Downhill Champs 2010 UPDATED

James Renwick James Renwick

The first of the 2010 British Downhill Champs edits have started to flow. First up we’ve got the wideopenmag edit courtesy of Paul Roberts, followed by Tim Lake’s southsideproductions edit, both of which capture the comedy of riding in the mud.

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2010 National Champs – AE Forest >>

Sam Oaks. Nice to see Danny Hart’s whip getting more air time
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  1. Christo

    was such a fun weekend despite the weather

  2. Isaac

    Yeah nice vid Tim :)

  3. Richard park

    Wideopen- THE best vid of the year! Can’t go wrong with Delphic, brilliant with the crowd audio in too and Joe Smith caning it at the start- though hats off to Rich Thomas as he was motoring in that torrential rain! Great rock garden lines!

  4. Jamie

    Another B.A.N.G.E.R. Paul – tidy work!

    Cheers for the post up Dirrrrt!

  5. Jack

    Sam oaks= Epic

  6. olly

    Mad thing here, there are 3 world champs on that podium (past and present) and pretty much most of the pro elite in those vids are top finishing WC riders. The UK is fast right now!


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