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Victor's 7-a-day: Champery World Champs Practice

Victor's 7-a-day: Champery World Champs Practice

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Shooting for Team Ireland, Victor Lucas comes out fighting with seven Champery World Champs photo bangers!

“Here we are in Champery for the World Champs, the atmosphere is building for the biggest race of the year and we have been welcomed by a whole decathlon of red tape hoops to jump through and 5 million miles of crowd barriers to negotiate before getting within telescope range of the action, indeed it is very ‘challengeeng’ but here at Dirt we don’t give up easily…fight the power.”

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  1. José

    Way to go guys! Never spot fighting to deliver us with the marvels of gravity mountain biking :)

    Just tell us what you need to help getting things right and we’re here to happily give a hand!

  2. enri

    agree!ff*ck,i really want to be there!

  3. Bren

    Nice one Victor. Enjoyed that.
    All those days of practice and not one video clip anywhere.
    Just ridiculous really.
    Any chance the travelling fans can load stuff up youtube for the rest of us mug at home ?

  4. Jamie



  5. Craigy

    Dirt need something similar to the VitalMtb slideshows. *Hint hint

  6. Richie

    Loving Tracey Mosely pinning it on an XC bike :)

  7. nub

    Sweet. Thanks Vic :)

  8. Carl

    Thanks Dirt and Vic for the killer pics and sound bits:)

  9. cool hand luke

    Brendog looks like jimmy hill

  10. matt

    Fairclough also looks a lot like this guy on the left (http://www.studentsoftheworld.info/sites/music/img/23613_mcfly_369987a.jpg) Anyone ever heard him sing?

  11. r_mac

    can anyone shed some light here. is brook or gee out or injured after there offs?


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