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Victorian State DH Series RD1 with the Trailmix-Procon Team

Victorian State DH Series RD1 with the Trailmix-Procon Team

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

It may be dark and wet in the UK but down under in Oz it’s sunshine all the way, well maybe a drop or two.

The Trailmix-Procon Racing crew will be beaming us videos and reports from their endeavours at the Victorian State DH series in Australia which kicked off recently.

Round one was at a place called You Yangs which sounds more like a band to me (Ting Tings mixed with the Wu Tang Clan?)

Anyway here are the race venues:

1. You Yangs
2. Shepparton – Mt Major
3. Mt Beauty
4. Mt Buller
5. Narbethong
6. Maldon – Mt Tarrengower

Here’s the repo from the team:

Trailmix-Procon Racing is an exciting new project in the Australian DH scene. Focussing on developing and identifying young talent, the team aims to provide the riders with the support they need to concentrate solely on their riding. With a dedicated support crew and committed riders, keep an eye out this season for some podium topping performances.

MPORA Action Sports

With Lewis Winton and Ricky Clarke fronting up the team in Elite Men, and Jai Motherwell and Olly Zwar representing the team in U/19s, the team packed up early and headed off to the fun track at You Yangs, the first round of the 2011/2012 Victorian State DH Series sprung into action! With some mechanical and health issues with the team on Saturday, race practice was full of mixed feelings as the rain set in.

This was the first official outing of the team and they were pretty keen to impress the public on board their new bikes and fresh team kit. With full team support behind them including a dedicated team manager, and a race mechanic from Trailmix, all the riders had to do all weekend was concentrate on their riding.

Race day rolled around and the team woke up to cloudy skies, which quickly gave way to 28 degrees and sunshine, resulting in a warm day on the track. High tyre pressures and some serious power in the legs were the requirements of the track as it’s not the steepest in the series, although super fun and well built.
Qualifying rolled around and all four riders in the team qualified comfortably and starting preparing for their races runs.

With Jai and Olly leaving the pits warmed up and with their groomed bikes, they made their way to the top of the track for their final race run against some of Australia’s best junior riders. Crossing the line in 10th place was Jai, with Olly taking out 7th in his first ever race in U/19s. With a whole season of riding and training ahead of them, their aims are set on making the Australian Junior Worlds DH team for 2012.

With the track drying up and becoming super slippery, Ricky and Lewis came down in 17th and 21st place respectively, impressive results considering the competition and the fact that the top 15 all finished within 4 seconds of each other.

The team is looking forward to the tracks getting steeper and more technical over the next few races, with Shepparton hosting the next race of the Victorian DH Series on the weekend of 5/6 November, followed by Mt Beauty (3/4 December).

Click for full You Yangs Round 1 – FINAL Results

We would like to thank our generous sponsors, Trailmix, Procon Group, Specialized Australia, SRAM Australia, Anthem Industries, Narimba Fitness, Natural Swim Ponds Australia, Adidas Eyewear, and Alpinestars. Without your support we couldn’t be doing this.

For more information on the team visit Anthem Industries (www.anthemindustries.com.au) or the Trailmix-Procon Racing Facebook page (www.facebook.com/trailmixproconracing)

  1. PhutPhutEnd

    Ahh, I remember the You Yangs. Brilliant track with loads of really interesting shaped rocks worked beautifully intpo the trail.

  2. holler

    damn…. whats up with those spaz whips. not everybody has as much style as hart or fairclough.

  3. Big Bird

    I’m sorry, should all of us spazes stop doing whips because we’re not Hart or Fairclough? Whips are fun. Do whips. The track does look fun with all the rocks and rollers.

  4. the golden kid

    Looks like some one or some ones dad has to much money

  5. RaceFever

    Youies sucks
    It’s near my house and there is a way to big of a focus on XC there.

    There was potential to build better DH trails there but they spent all their money on XC trails. There are 2 DH trails and about 14 XC. Because the hill isn’t very big, they make it as windy as possible to make the track longer resulting in more peddely DH tracks. (Not to mention you have to hike back up which makes you too nackered to do another lap)

    And if you don’t hit everything well, it ruins your whole lap. I don’t really recommend riding it unless your desperate for a ride. I’d rather travel the hours to other trails around Victoria tbh.

  6. ch-ch-chea

    Was anyone else thinking;


  7. Gar Gulmanuts

    High quality edit, Robert. Filmers take notes.
    Somebody needs to race it on a trailbike… Cartpath if you can catch the transitions.

  8. Messy

    Holler mate, I seriously doubt you could get any more sideways than these spaz’s…


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