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Valparaiso 2012 Urban Downhill Race Report/Photos/Video

Valparaiso 2012 Urban Downhill Race Report/Photos/Video

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Photos and results from the insane Valparaiso Cerro Abajo street race in Chile.

Words and photos: Fraser Britton.

After various delays and course holds, the 2012 edition of the Valparaiso Cerro Abajo urban downhill race got underway under a particularly hot Chilean sun on Sunday afternoon. Attrition had taken it’s toll and those who were still left standing on race day took to the streets, slathered in sun block, in front of 10000 plus screaming mad fans.

For the men it was Mauricio Acuna of Chile (Zenith Bikes) who took home the win. He edged out Filip Polc by just about a second, with Cedric Gracia rounding out the medals in 3rd place. Luana Oliviera was the only woman who chose to race, and sent it in style, getting massive air off of all of the drops and jumps on course.

This year’s track was a slightly modified, much more cleanly laid out version of year’s past. Jumps were solid, welded structures complete with big corporate sponsorships. The extra construction time meant that the welders were busting their asses, working late into the night on Saturday. 4am ticked past to the sound of an angle grinder and welder doin’ work. Of particular interest to riders this year was a newly built wallride that was sending riders HIGH up a hundred year old stone wall at full speed, to the delight of the crowd. The rather large gap with no room for error had a few riders stressing pre-race, but once they all had a chance to ride it, everything was good to go.


Valparaíso Cerro Abajo 2012 from VCA on Vimeo.


PRENSA VCA2012 from VCA on Vimeo.

With a 3 year deal being signed with the city of Valparaiso, there’s plenty more excitement to come in the next few years. Expect the course to get bigger and better next February; There’s a few more tricks up organizer Victor Herressman’s sleeve to keep everyone on their toes. With a normal World Cup schedule in the works, we can all look forward to a few more big names showing up and trying to show the Chilean local’s how it’s done.

Valparaiso 2012 results

Filip Polc helmet cam.

  1. Jamie

    That Canon gap looks pretty nuts!

  2. ddmonkey

    Such a shame the live coverage was rubbish, it looks pretty rad from the photos.

  3. billy

    I’ve heard reports that there were cameras all the way up the course and Chris Van Dine ready on the mic, sounds like they must have had technical problems.

  4. Can't tell

    Is that minaar on the picture? Why isn’t he in the ranking?!

  5. Bedders

    I’m with you Jamie on the Canon jump – heart in mouth or what?

  6. Dan

    Nice little vid I stumbled across… http://vimeo.com/37123736

  7. craig

    wall ride looked mint

  8. Dosedmonkey

    That was one hell of a day! Defenetl going again! Beats normal downhill for spectating by a long way! Got some good photos (not many due to girlfriend post surgery), will upload tomorrow, feel free to use.

  9. Dosedmonkey

    Oh Billy, yes one of the technical problems was the cables were laid through the crowd the lower part, and they just had push together connections, which i saw at one point come undone and a camera man come running along to find the problem.

  10. Dosedmonkey

    Ok most my photos came out terrible… 😛

  11. polcster
  12. Olliebongo

    Wallride = “Ooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhh” :-)

  13. Carl

    Looks like the DH race that a certain unnamed Welsh town should have had a couple months ago?!? Is it just me or does the photos make it look like this may be more challenging then Lisbon DH?!? Just my observation, feel free to slag it now……

  14. Gar Gulmanuts

    024 to 030.

  15. MuSkA

    @Carl: The Lisbon Downtown course was slower than this and therefore more technical but I think this Valparaiso looks way cooler!

  16. Rob

    what does it mean ‘With a normal World Cup Schedule in the works…’? your saying we’re going to have that as a world cup DH track? sounds like a sick idea if they can pull it off. Or does it just mean there will be a World Cup close by the weekend before/after so the pros will go to this as well??

  17. Bedders

    top notch helmet cam. i can only admire the riders for having the b’locks to commit to those gap jumps. No sissy ramps allowed!


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