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Vallnord World Cup - Team Videos

Vallnord World Cup - Team Videos

Here comes the tidal wave of world cup team videos, quick find a high spot to observe from afar. To make it easier for you to find the team videos we will be adding each new video to the top of this post.

And here is the Commencal Riding Addiction team’s edit, featuring the winner…Remi Thirion

The next video is this beauty from MS Mondraker, keep an eye out for the crash that nearly went nasty!

Hutchinson UR race team are the next to drop their Vallnord Edit.

The next video through is from the FMD racing team.

Next video in is from Wigwam Holidays Race Team, a bit Ghetto style…but we love it!

Here’s the victory video from Remi Thiron’s Team,  Commencal/Riding Addiction. The scenes of him sat on the podium at the end and rider after rider coming through congratulating him a brilliant. Them come the celebrations!

Specialized are the next to drop their video on us.

Next video through the door is from the Evil CK Racing Evian video.

The first video to batter down our flood defences, is from the Lapierre Gravity Republic.

  1. Dylan Rowley

    Had to stop watching that EVIL CK video because of all the slo-mo. They way over did it on that. Got boring.

  2. gren

    Same hear Dylan lol i got bored about 30 seconds in lol :).

  3. Diarmuid

    yup, that evil video was arty rubbish

  4. Fernando Muska Pereira

    I still don´t understand why anyone would think that a full-slow-motion video is a good thing… It gets really boring. Slow-motion is cool but only for some bits of the action.
    Listen to the people, whoever did the Evil video editing

  5. Bob

    Why can’t I get any of the Dirt mpora videos to go full screen?

  6. gspot

    Film Makers: Yes, we know your fancy cameras can capture footage at crazy frames per second, but dh mtb is not the place to use it :/ These are the fastest riders in the world and we want to see them going flat out please! The only ones these days who seem to have a clue how to capture the essence of racing are the Steel City crew.

  7. bedders

    well either the footage of Remi T was speeded up or he was going insanely quick… well done to him!


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