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Vallnord World Cup Guide 2013

Vallnord World Cup Guide 2013

It’s been a while since we’ve had any World Cup Downhill action, but next weekend will see round number 3 of the World Cup Downhill series. This time we’re going to be visiting Vallnord, in Andorra. Here’s your one stop guide of this round of the World Cup.

The happy duo after their Fort William win's.
The happy duo after their Fort William wins.

Are we going to see a continuation of the Atherton domination that we’ve seen in recent months? Or are we going to see someone else step up to the plate? It may seem that the Athertons have this season in the bag, but it’s forcing everyone else to push that much harder, and step up another level, in my mind this round is still very much all to play for.

The Atherton’s have some history here, if you remember back to 2008, it was a full Atherton domination, Gee won the Downhill, Rach won the women’s and Dan won the 4X. Is this going add even more pressure to them? Or will this give them some added confidence to win?

For all of you wondering where Andorra is.

Untitled-2 candorramapopy

Here are a couple of random facts about Andorra:

– Andorra is the 6th smallest nation in Europe
– Their motto is ‘Virtus Unita Fortior’ which translates to ‘United virtue is stronger’
– The official language is ‘Catalan’
– Each year Andorra receives about 300 days of sunshine!

Enjoy the national anthem.

Here’s the schedule of the weekend.


Cedric takes us down this year’s course.

Here’s a preview video for the event.

Gee Atherton is currently at the top of the standings this year followed by Stevie Smith.

And Rachel is leading the women’s.

As some of you have realised we’re going to have a clash of race dates, with this World Cup round and the Enduro World Series in Colorado. Wait don’t DirtTV cover both events!? Well don’t you worry, luckily we have two Parkins, they’re going to split up and cover both races!

And finally who can forget the MASSIVE crash that Sam Hill had here in 2009…

(Dirt Dodger – Ben needs got a serious slap for missing that one out, especially as I even sent him the bloody link to it before he did this post!)

  1. TG333

    a spare Parkin somes in handy now and then

  2. dirt dodger

    how, just how can you have a promo vid for an event showing previous races and not show Sam sending it massive off the huck to flat? come on whoever it was needs a bit of a nudge…. just a gentle nudge.

  3. dirt dodger

    do i ditch mr hart for the chainsaw or Sam? hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  4. Eoin

    Yeooow it’s gonna be a good one. just swapped out Hart for Smith and traded one Sam for another Sam… My team is ranked so low may as well listen to the heart rather than the head… Is there any point in even saying “Gee for the win”?

  5. Leon

    Bloody hell , sam was lucky to miss those rocks on the left on the screen , he would of been wrecked

  6. Willy W

    So many questions waiting to be answered! Will Gee continue on his solid form, actually winning this much back to back is new to Gee! Can Steve Smith pull a much needed 2013 WC win? Minnaar is the definition of Boss! Will Loic Bruni become Nico V Vr.2, Will Brook Mac find a steady pace that allows for consistent finals or crash his brains out? Can Danny Hart let himself do it? Will Aaron Gwin’s mid-season coach change help or hinder? Alot of changes for Gwin in a short time! And sooo many more, Cam Cole, Mick Hannah, Beer, Beaumont. etc..

  7. Packer

    I take it those times are local times. What’s the time difference from the UK? i.e. what time is it on in the UK??

  8. Bedders

    totally different track to the last time in 09?

  9. Bedders

    Barcelona the nearest airport if I was thinking of going?


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