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Vallnord helmet 'talkie' cam with Claudio Caluori

Vallnord helmet 'talkie' cam with Claudio Caluori

Gstaadt Scott’s Claudio Caluori talks us down one of the year’s most brutal World Cup tracks…

When are Red Bull going to sort out their video player?

  1. hairy

    oh hell that looks gnarly!!!

  2. Corey

    Awesome job!

  3. jn

    think it is time now for the wind assassin to take his first win in a while. This has sam hill written all over it

  4. AAAHhhhhh!!

    Red bull player is FINE – you just need to select the quality. It defaults on auto which usually ends up being jumpy, but put it on 540 & you’ll be fine

  5. Big+Bird

    It’s weird, the first few videos of the track didn’t look that steep.

  6. Big+Bird

    And good on Claudio for eyeballing the jump first.

  7. Dina Garrett

    This video stream is currently unavailable. =(


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