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Vallnord 2013 World Cup track helmet cam

Vallnord 2013 World Cup track helmet cam

Last weekend saw a round of the Catalan Cup take place on the new track that is set to be used for the forthcoming round of the World Cup in Vallnord, Andorra. Greg Minnaar and Manon Carpenter took the wins in what was also a UCI test event to check that everything ticked the boxes as far as they are concerned. Apparently there will be a couple of small changes made to the track in time for the World Cup, but in essence this is the track that riders will face…

Obviously that wasn’t ridden at World Cup speeds (Greg’s winning time at the weekend was four and a half minutes) but it gives you a good idea of the track, and we reckon it looks like it has the potential to be one of the best on the circuit. It looks to be full of technical sections from top to bottom, super natural, fast as hell in places, steep as anything in others, and widely taped with loads of line options. It certainly looks like a true DH track that will test a riders skill to the limit, and hopefully it should make for some great racing.

What do you lot reckon? Potential to be a classic track?

Update…just found this other video of the track, this time with Bernat Guardia of the GoPro-Intense Team taking it on before it was taped for the race…

And if you want to know the full results of the Catalan Cup race you can find them here.

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  1. hopper

    What sort of potato was that helmet cam filmed on?

    1. Ed

      I think it was a king Edward.

      As you might have seen though I have just added a better quality helmet cam video of the track, although this one was shot before the track was taped…or beaten to hell during the race.

      We’ve hopefully got some high quality helmet cam footage coming in from some of the top riders who were there for the race so stay tuned…

      1. dirt dodger

        CAN YOU SAY SAM HILL? Track looks mint and so many options :-) Oh and thank god for the Guardia vid, sorry to be a dick Gerard but i nearly killed myself watching yours, i had to turn it off :-(

  2. Gerard Martínez

    That video is mine (thanks for posting!) and I have to say the track is steep as hell, definately one of the trickiest I have ever ridden. It is extremely physical (I did 7 minutes on the race heat, not being able to push hard provided that I almost didn’t feel my arms on the bottom, where it’s not easy the stay on your bike). So it will be a great WC round for sure, and if it rains it can be hell!

  3. Matt

    I wonder if it was really necessary to use such a limp wristed soundtrack?

  4. spacehopper

    that bridge over the road looks interesting… wouldnt like to make a mistake on that!

  5. gor

    Not available in Germany :/
    Is there a version of the video in Vimeo?
    I can’t find anything!

  6. Willy W

    Riders who where at the event said the only thing the course lacked was line choice! Otherwise a great track, racing should be stomping

  7. Jimmy

    does anyone know if theres any dirt jumps in vallnord? wondering if i should bring my dj bike as well as dh bike


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