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Val Di Sole World Cup Track shots

Val Di Sole World Cup Track shots

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

World Cup round #5 travels to Val Di Sole in Northern Italy to the track that hosted the Worlds in 2008.

The course is steep, fast, rocky and rooty as you like. There are a few small changes from the Worlds track but nothing major.

Weather is dry at the moment, we had a shower last night but the track is still deep in loamy dust.

Here are a heap of random images that should give you an idea of what Val Di Sole is all about.

(Anyone know how to by pass the Italian hotel internet card upload block?)

  1. Uplift

    if I could dream up a track, that would be it. wish I was there riding, watching, whatever.

  2. Aaron

    Looks amazing. Billy just ask the hotel staff how to bypass it…in italian “Vuoi dormire con me?”

  3. Gaz

    Looks like my local. lol. That is one sick track, gonna be a wicked race, can’t wait.

  4. Gav

    Can some please teach billy how to take the fisheye off his camera!

  5. Tenyearsafter

    Billy don’t fall for it; that Italian phrase actually means “Can you call me a prostitute”

  6. VPS

    Is this a track where Brendog could win? He had an amazing run in Champery, I’d like to see brendan on top of the podium this year, hopefully this will be the race for it.

  7. billy

    @Gav, soz, it’s stuck on with glue, won’t get that off in a hurry!
    @tenyearsafter, shit, too late, an old man is leading a goat up to the hotel as I speak!

  8. AC

    Not convinced – it’s tech as hell but not steep enough to be a Brendan track. Minnaar or Gee will take this one – there’s a reason why they’re both killing it in the overall!

  9. Nick

    Woehoew, can’t wait!


  10. ed@dirt

    Not sure you got quite enough photos there Billy.

  11. Phil

    you could also take some photos of the 4x Track and show it here

  12. billy

    @phil got 4x track shots (same as the worlds track) but can’t upload because of weird Italian internet! Hopefully I’ll get them up tomoz.

  13. Phil

    very good! thanks

  14. Isaac

    It’s bitterly unfair that Sam isn’t racing. Although possibly it would get me too nervous to watch when he came down to the end.

    Looks pretty sick, pretty un-ridden since 08.

  15. RufusP

    What’s wrong with being called a prostitute?

  16. luca

    Think somesones translation is well off. Track looks amazing, come on GEE, 2 in 2 take the jersey from Minaar

  17. rusty

    so many lines ……so little time

  18. Philipp

    Now we just have to pray that it stays dry.

  19. Rick

    Great photos Billy, looks a fantastic course. Come on Gee!

  20. Darren

    brayton for the win !!!


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