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Val di Sole World Cup timed training results

Val di Sole World Cup timed training results

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Damien Spagnolo goes fastest today with a 3:26.938, followed by Danny Hart and Remi Thirion.

It might not mean much because riders are still working out lines, especially on the new sections at Val di Sole, but it’s always worth a look at the timed training results.

In the women, Emmeline Ragot set the fastest with a 4:00.737, with Manon Carpenter 2nd and Jill Kintner 3rd.



42220 Dhi Me Results Tt

42220 Dhi We Results Tt

  1. Deran Corkhill

    i know its only timed practice but some of the big names like minaar and gwin seem to be struggling with the track, unless they were just cruising

  2. MuSkA

    I guess that they are just saving it for the big day, you don´t want to risk a crash on timed practice, specially on that track…

  3. dasnut

    Looking like CG has broken his hip / pelvis in practice. Healing vibes to the general of the brigade

  4. Dr. Kinto

    He’s gonna smash that time, set by Damien Spagnolo.

  5. Jon

    Am I being blind, is R.Atherton in the ladies?!

  6. Rosco

    This weekend is all about the Danny Hart show, sit back and enjoy!

  7. Brian

    Hey Billy, slightly off theme here. Is the website tailored for Apple users? Trying to navigate is frustrating and watching videos are stuttered. Is it my Android device that’s poop? Cheers


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