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Val di Sole World Cup guide 2012

Val di Sole World Cup guide 2012

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

UCI World Cup round #2 kicks off in Val di Sole, Italy this Thursday. Here’s all you need to know about Val di Sole!

Sounds like the ground has been shaking in anticipation of this weekends World Cup in Val di Sole!

From CRC/Nukeproof team boss Nige Page: “Hotel just wobbled in Val Di Sole! Earthquake – mint”

CDM MTB 2012 – Program – VDSO

How things will pan out at Val di Sole.

Weather forecast for Val di Sole. Uh, oh…could be in for a splash on race day.

The race is at a place called Commezzadura in Val di Sole, Trentino, northern Italy.


Dirt Norco team rider Dan Stanbridge doing a Val di Sole “Talkie Cam” last year.


The DirtTV Val di Sole finals form 2011.

How the points look coming into Val di Sole after round one PMB.

  1. Jack

    Don’t think Nigel Page should be sounding quite so enthusiastic about something thats known to have killed at least 8 people so far…

  2. Fred

    Looks awesome! Would love to try that track in the dry. In the wet it must be ridiculous! Proper DH track! Hardest of the year or does that honour go to Champery?

  3. dan w

    When will there be a complete rider list for this event posted? and will we have time to make changes once its up?

  4. ronin

    gwin,hannah,hill,minaar and stir

  5. James

    What Dan W said! need to make sure ALL of my team is racing this round unlike in PMB!

  6. jonnyb

    Rain on Sunday – what a surprise!

    Next time there is drought in Africa they should just hold a World Cup there.

  7. Leon

    uhh 4x ? Is it a non UCI event for the 4X guys ?

  8. dirt dodger

    Jack get a grip, the comment is clearly sarcasm and probably made before he knew there was death on the cards you muppet.


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