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Val Di Sole Downhill World Cup track Photos

Val Di Sole Downhill World Cup track Photos

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Dirt has landed in Val di Sole for the final round of the World Cup, check out the track photos.

Official track walk starts about now in Commezadura, Val Di Sol, but I slogged up the hill at sparrow fart this morning and knocked out a few snaps from the pin hole camera.

The track looks the same as last year but way rougher if that’s possible!

Honestly this track has more crash pads and orange paint than I’ve seen in a long time…oh and lot’s of mushrooms too.

Sun’s shining, teams are setting up in the pits but apart from that everything is progressing at a relaxed Italian pace.

  1. artfagsteve

    good work Billy, nice pictures (ony two cheeky tilt shift images this week?!).
    Now that’s what I call a downhill course – ‘challenging’.

  2. karoliusz

    And what’s the pink paint for? There are only some rocks and roots painted.

  3. Awesome

    That looks brilliant fun. The perfect combination of roots and rocks. Good to see the root-o-meter getting some action. Will it be in use at Champery Billy?

  4. Ask Frank

    Billy, can these photo’s be put on a better viewer than current as its a pain in the butt loading them all. Good work though.

  5. CC

    Where is the pic of the “Sam Hill rock”..?

  6. omp

    Theres some amazing potential in those mtns by the looks of things.

  7. Leon

    Such a sick track man , it’s got every thing a proper DH track should in my opinion , steep , fast ,rocky and with such good dirt , even where the roots are fully exposed it’s still loamy underneath !!
    Best track of the year to me as schladming is gone , even still its just as good as ol’ ming to me .

  8. Mez Eldridge - Tull

    Nice photos Billy! Track looks awesome! The DH finish on the 4X track? The end looks very 4X.

  9. whippless

    Love those tilt-shift images… more please :)

  10. Gaz

    What’s the app on the HTC showing the angle? Been looking for a decent one for a while and that looks ideal.

    Bit geeky I know but. . . . .


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