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Unofficial Enduro World Series Overall Results

Unofficial Enduro World Series Overall Results

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray


Fabien Barel and Tracy Moseley win the historic opening event of the Enduro World Series!

The racing in Punta Ala for the inaugural 2013 Enduro World Series was as hot as a hot thing. Italian coffee hot! Veramente Caldo!

Last nights rain cleared off and the sunshine began dusting up the Punta Ala trails nicely.

After four gruelling stages (initially five but forecasted bad weather meant stage two got the chop) Fabien Barel emerged as the first ever winner of an Enduro World Series event!

1/ Fabien Barel
2/ Jerome Clementz
3/ Jared Graves
4/ Martin Maes
5/ Dan Atherton

What a top five that is! A right mix of DH/4x/enduro riders. Youth and experience rubbing shoulders, hats off to 16yr old Martin Maes, what a ride!

Sam Blenkinsop is up there in 7th (he won the Dirt Monduro a while back so we new he could do it!)

Joe Dude Barnes getting it done in 9th!

On Twitter: @JaredGraves 3rd in Punta Ala, Enduro world series round #1, and a stage win in the final stage. Really happy! SB66c killed it all day! @YetiCycles

Women’s Top 3:

1/ Tracy Moseley
2/ Emmeline Ragot
3/ Cecile Ravanel

Anne-Caro Chausson crashed out on stage 1.

Stay tuned for full results, more news and a DirtTV highlights video coming soon.

Screen shot 2013-05-19 at 13.55.57


Currently after stages 1, 3, 4 (2 was cancelled) the top five look like:
1/ Barel
2/ Clementz
3/ Maes
4/ Graves
5/ Atherton

LATEST: Vouilloz punctured and Nico Lau crashed.

Top three women after stage 3:

1/ Tracy Moseley
2/ Emmeline Ragot
3/ Cecile Ravanel

LATEST: Anne Caro Chausson had a big crash in PS1 and had to quit the race Also Andrea Bruno is quitting due to his shoulder

Screen shot 2013-05-19 at 12.43.05


Photo: @superenduro

I’ll try and update this after Stage 4 and 5 but your best bet for up to date results is to keep checking the LIVE timing here: www.genovagare.it/2013/SuperenduroPuntaAla13/

Or on Twitter from: @dirtmagazine, @superenduro and @world_enduro

  1. EmilMP

    Great to see my favorite rider Fab back on top and with a pretty clear victory…
    And the DH guys was pretty low on the list, Loic Bruni the best with 22nd , or did i miss someone?

    1. Pager

      What about Sam Blenkinsop EmilMP in 7th?

      1. Toby Williams

        Or Barel @1st
        Or Graves @3rd
        or don’t they count as DH?

      2. EmilMP

        Yeah Pager i probably need new eyes or something! Great result from Blenki…

  2. Toby+Williams

    Graves @ 4th even!

    1. EmilMP

      But Graves and Barel are not riding World Cup any more…

      1. Andrew

        Graves will be at WorldCups this year. So he still counts as a DH guy

  3. fanboy

    Great stuff, happy for Fabien! And a great day for MTB. Too bad about Anne Caro though, would have hoped that she beat a lot of big names on the men side. Next time! :)

    Glad to see that the death of the 26″ wheel has been greatly exaggerated, two 26ers out of the top 3. And Barel would probably have won on his 26 Strive as well.

    Martin Maes impresses the hell out of me! And I can imagine Dan is not too happy about being beaten by his 16 year old teammate, running flats.. The good news for us is that it probably makes him double his efforts and come back even fiercer next time..

    1. matt

      …, more seriousness and with added commitment to avoid smiling

      1. fanboy

        Agreed, Dan could loosen up a little and try to at least once in a while look like he’s having fun.

  4. crabzombie

    pretty sure Graves is doing world cup downhills still, he was last season anyway

  5. fanboy

    What, what of this “the 29er is faster and has taken over” claim? First 29er was Lopes at 15th. All the other top guys seem to think 26 or 27.5 is faster?

    1. fanboy

      ..and in the video, Lopes openly admits he just runs the 29er for marketing reasons.

  6. robbonzo

    What happened to Nico Lau?

  7. Mr+Powermutant

    Where was Leov? I dropped Gravey for him. Obviously the valuers never bothered to look at Blinkys mega results.

  8. Mushy

    man, I don’t think Mark Weir even competed… :( should have kept lopes..


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