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Tuesday Video Banger

Tuesday Video Banger

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

I’m going to build a step up over Christmas. Looking at this video step-up’s look ‘mazing fun, it’s where it’s at over Winter.

Actually I might just use a wooden booter, that means less digging…I’m on it like swim wear, let you know how I get on.

Check out the Riverhead Step Up session.

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  1. rob

    1st tune?

  2. Sideways Sid

    Just looks like a great session.
    I’m lovin the snow, but haning for that summer dust

  3. chris

    how much fun?!?!?

  4. jamie

    Thanks for the postive feedback guys :) step ups are fun x100 😀 and the fist song is second chapter by Blue Scholars


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