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Troy Brosnan wins Aussie National rd 3

Troy Brosnan wins Aussie National rd 3

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Troy Brosnan and Tracey Hannah dominate Australian National round 3 at Mount Stromlo.

Brosnan is on fire at the Aussie Nationals, that’s three from three isn’t it? Sam Hill won’t be happy playing second fiddle to his team mate.

Stay tuned for the DirtTV video coming soon.

Photo: Josh Mcdonald- Four Hills Photography

Elite men.

Elite women.

Under 19 men.

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  1. xcgeekdotcom

    pinin’ it to win it. his confidence level is going to be sky high when he gets to the circuit. exciting exciting

  2. VonDH

    2.45 gap up on Sam .Troy preformed well last year in the world cup and without a doubt is another ripper thats going to shine this year.
    and look at Conner Fearon’s time would slot in nicely 3rd with the Elite’s.

  3. Jimmy Fids

    Holy crap Tracey Hannah smoked em again.
    Troy would seem untouchable

  4. enri

    I don’t understand how in the world none of you has seen that Joe Vejvoda,2nd place junior,is sponsored by ” Red Ass “. Worth mentioning it.

  5. B.utters

    Red Ass is a major race sponsor in Aus

  6. Notso

    Yeah.. Red Ass is a Mexican restaurant that supports a bunch of kids

  7. Messy

    3 rounds so far, Troy beats Sam Hill in all 3 rounds on pace. This kid is ridiculous.

  8. comment posting troll

    Pretty sure troys time is 2 secs quicker than Peatys world champ run!

  9. adude

    Times can’t be compared , different track than the one Peaty won on. New top section.

  10. Damian

    Wait till Connor Fearon gets on a decent bike kids going to blow up.

  11. dirt dodger

    main thing here is TB is taking SH again which is brilliant but in my heart of hearts I doubt on WC tracks it will play out like this…..although TB will be up there every race no doubt – lets hope he stays on the bike.

  12. dirt dodger


  13. bozo

    On world cup tracks?
    Brosnan was second at the world champs overall,
    first junior but second overall,
    He’s going to kill it this year on all tracks.

  14. cookie

    Troy is ripping for sure and will have a great WC season he,s getting stronger each race, but I think when Sam hits the WC tracks fit, we might see that raw speed again from a few years ago.

  15. mellon

    We will see a different Hill once WC season starts

  16. Dave

    We better had or he’ll be left at the bottom of the top 10 the way everyone else is riding!


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